Adhesive Tape for Sensors (6 pieces)

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wireless alarm sensor adhesive tape

SimpliSafe uses 3M Command Strip adhesive tapes to adhere each sensor and the wireless keypad to your windows, doors, and walls. These adhesives are quite strong, so the components will stay in place, but won't cause any wall damage if you need to move a sensor. Just slide the sensor up to expose the adhesive tab, then pull down until the tape stretches and pops off the wall, as shown below.

sensor sliding up revealing adhesive tape

Installation tip: moving components

SimpliSafe components are designed to be easily moved:

  1. Push up on the front of the sensor, revealing the back panel. Then slowly pull the exposed tab straight down against the wall until the panel is released.
  2. Apply new tape to the back of your sensor, making sure the tab is tucked through the slot for easy future removal.