One Sneaky Clause to Look for in Your Alarm Monitoring Contract

When buying a home security system, it’s important to know exactly what you’re signing up for.

If you’ve been researching your options for getting a home security system, you’ve likely found a striking similarity between what most companies offer…In exchange for a “free system” they’ll offer you a 3-year alarm monitoring contract.

We’re all used to signing contracts for cell phones, gym memberships, and now even for cool devices like the iPad…

So it’s no big deal right?

Wrong: You have to be careful when signing up for an alarm monitoring contract. Alarm contracts are notorious for having gotcha’s, gimmes, and sneaky clauses. Companies find ways to sneak things into the fine print that could end up costing you some serious cash.

Customers often feel they got a great deal on their home security system. Customers like Dennis and Alicia from Seattle.

Dennis and Alicia bought their alarm system for “almost nothing”, and in return they had to buy the monitoring service for three years. They too thought a contract was no big deal, but unfortunately they learned the hard way just how big a deal it was. They assumed that after three years their commitment would be over, and they could renew if they wanted to. When they called to cancel their monitoring service the company told him, “Sorry, the contract was automatically renewed for another three years at the original price.” The couple was stuck paying the companies expensive fees for another three years, or risk the consequences of terminating their contract early.

Unfortunately, the alarm industry is rife with examples like this one (just google “alarm system complaints” to get revealing personal stories that will make you seriously wonder if you’d ever want to do business with a contract alarm company). Companies want you to stay with their system as long as possible, and they’ll do anything to get you to keep paying their fees. An automatic renewal clause in your contract allows them to extend your service without asking or informing you.

Canceling contracts early can result in some serious termination fees, which are impossible to avoid. When you sign a contract, you’re entering a binding agreement with that company, and not reading the fine print is a common error many busy working families make.

Why go through the hassle? SimpliSafe offers monthly alarm monitoring. There are no contracts to sign, so there’s no fear of getting tricked by fine print and hidden fees.

To read Dennis and Alicia's story in full click here.

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