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Extra Sirens Temperature Range for Attic

What is the temperature range of the sirens? Plan to install in attic by gable vent. Live in the south and attic gets pretty hot.

@peewee19_1 Thank you for


Thank you for posting! The siren is designed to work between 45 and 114 degrees Fahrenheit. Let us know if there's anything else we can help you out with!

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I live in New York, and we

I live in New York, and we get cold winters. Are you saying the siren is useless outside if the temperature is below 45?

Kind of related, heat can

Kind of related, heat can greatly diminish battery life, such as in a phone or anything else, so i wonder how these do in 110+ degrees.

@nch479 and @hal1 Typically,

@nch479 and @hal1

Typically, colder temperatures simply reduce the battery life of the component. Higher temperatures, however, may damage the hardware itself. I would not recommend placing a sensor in an area that may get above 114 degrees.

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Kelley, I'm going to politely

Kelley, I'm going to politely disagree, and you can check with your engineers. Heat is by far the largest factor when it comes to reducing lithium-ion battery life. (not to say that extreme cold is good either) While still one of the best battery options, anything approaching 90 degrees or more is going to take it's toll on lithium-ion batteries. It's not a design fault, or an SS problem, it's just the way it is.

@hal1 Thanks for posting!


Thanks for posting! Heat may also reduce the battery life, however we have seen higher temperatures more often damage our equipment than lower temperatures.

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peewee, did you ever install

peewee, did you ever install this by your gable in the attic? curious how it's operated for you ... I'm looking to do something similar ... not positive yet what my summers on the east coast up the temperature to ... I was reading something about using tin-foil to deflect heat from the unit.

@ycss1 I tried a 105db siren

I tried a 105db siren in my attic, set just above the vent at the eve, and it still wasn't loud enough for me. finally ended up mounting it outside on the front porch, up under the ceiling (fully covered porch). You don't see it unless you are really looking for it. Being in the attic just seemed to muffle the sound too much. If you do put it there, I'd have it directly at a vent pointing outside to get the most of the sound. And the foil would help with the radiant heat up there, but the ambient temp would still affect it.

@hondaman88 Thanks for


Thanks for sharing!

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Be careful. The tin foil may

Be careful. The tin foil may reduce the signal the siren receives, meaning it may not turn on or off when it is supposed to.