Main alarm is far too quiet... ???

I just rec'd my SimpliSafe which I am hoping to replace my current (non-professionally-monitored) system with.

But there's one concern... the alarm (I didn't buy the extra siren) is *FAR* too quiet... not even sure I'd hear it upstairs while sleeping if there was a break-in... and I don't live in a huge home, 1500sq ft.

My current alarm is so loud that we're running around in a panic to disable it whenever it goes off.
This one is so mild we can literally sit and have a conversation only 10-15 ft. from it.

I have logged into the system and configured the alarm volume to be 'high'.
But it's just too weak.

What gives... defect or weak design???

Is the extra siren going to be *SUBSTANTIALLY* and *INCREDIBLY* more loud??? Or is it going to cost me $60 and still be lacking???
All in all, the system is great -- but this speaker is lame. May as well not even have it.

@Bane Thanks for posting!


Thanks for posting! The speaker in the Base Station was designed as indoor only so all of our systems can comply with local noise regulations. The auxiliary sirens are nearly three times as loud, so it'll work much better for your situation than the Base Station siren.

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Bane, Hi. I just got my

Hi. I just got my system a few days ago and by chance I ordered the extra siren and yes, it is
much, much louder. I think you will be very pleased by it.

I just received my system and

I just received my system and have the same concern. The siren is so soft it doesn't even bother my dog! This siren wouldn't scare off a burglar. He'd probably laugh! My neighbor's alarm is very loud and annoying. When my dog heard it he wanted outside immediately! My neighbor says his siren complies with noise regulations.

Why would you be allowed to make an outdoor siren louder than an indoor siren? The indoor siren wouldn't bother your neighbors, only you. Why not put a louder siren in the new base station instead of making it necessary to add on the louder siren at additional cost?

Same complaint here the base

Same complaint here the base station alarm is so quiet that I could talk loudly while it is going off and have a conversation, notice I said talk loudly not yell loudly !

Base alarm serves no purpose and the extra siren I ordered so far has not worked.
Giving simplysafe the benefit of doubt for now though maybee I just happened to have received the one faulty unit out of several thousand that they sell?

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Thank you for posting! It sounds like we'll want to troubleshoot with you over the phone to make sure everything's up and running the way it should be. Give us a call at 888 957 4675 anytime Monday - Friday from 9AM to 6PM Eastern and we'll take care of it!

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i just receive my new system

i just receive my new system and agree the base siren isn't very loud . According to other comments the aux siren is much louder. My question is can the aux siren be used indoors? Thanks for your time.

@ rvd912 Thanks for posting!

@ rvd912

Thanks for posting! The auxiliary siren can be used indoors! Optimal position for the siren is between the Base Station and keypad. It is not necessary, but if you don't position it in this way, make sure to test it to be able to pick up the alarm on/off signals!

Ryan K.
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We live in the country,and I

We live in the country,and I find the sirens are not loud enough also.We had a magnet fall off due to 30 degree temp change last night.The siren outside and inside barely woke us up.Glad we are not on monitoring yet.I would pay extra for an optional loud siren.

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Thanks for posting! We are sorry to hear that the sirens are not loud enough. Unfortunately we do not have a louder siren at this time but is something that we could always suggest to our engineers.

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Just got 2 aux sirens. They

Just got 2 aux sirens. They are louder, but they are still weaker than "real" alarm horns. My oldest daughter accidentally set it off the other night- it didn't even wake up my youngest daughter!

I looked up the spec for a "real" alarm system horn and it said 119dB. That would make it more than TWICE as loud as these aux units.

Perhaps the limitation is the battery power?

I would be willing to have one that plugged into an outlet (or needed to be wired) to have a seriously loud alarm.

So we'll likely need one of each floor AND one outside.... but I cant tell you how disappointing not to be loud enough to wake a sleeping kid! Lame.

The siren is not loud enough.

The siren is not loud enough. Seriously. It's a joke. It is not going to wake me up during the night if an intruder breaks in. Also, the base station does not beep loud enough to alert someone walking into your home in away mode that they have even set off an alarm system. Our old alarm system LOUDLY said "DISARM SYSTEM NOW!!" followed by very loud beeps. This system is almost completely silent. I have to walk up to it and put my ear on it to hear little tiny beeps. This could be as easy as a software upgrade that everyone could benefit from - use the base station to say "disarm system now" followed by beeps that are as loud as the siren. Please. Other than that, great system, easy to use and set up.

Is there any way we can boost

Is there any way we can boost the base siren? My previous security system siren woke the entire neighborhood ;-) SS1 base siren would do just the opposite - its so soothing ;-) I am not sure buying an extra siren is going to solve the problem - because that too is going to be battery based. Do we have a powered siren option?

@ avknaik Thanks for posting!

@ avknaik

Thanks for posting! Unfortunately, the Base siren is as loud as it can be. However, the extra sirens are 4 times louder than the Base and I'm sure it will create the substantial volume you are looking for!

Ryan K.
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