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Hi. Perhaps the SimpliSafe employee(s) who monitor and answer here can help me. I have sent 3 emails and 1 phone call message (after being on hold for 56 minutes) just to find out how to return my system. I have had no response. Is there a link on the web site where I can get a RMA and return information to send the system back.

Many Thanx in advance

@ApartmentDweller Your return


Your return postage will be e-mailed out shortly; I apologize for the delay in responding to the e-mails from over the weekend; they all get answered according to when they were received the following business day.

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I also would like to know

I also would like to know where the return information is on your homepage.
You should (compare Amazon) have a link where your customers can initiate this process without spending time on the phone, waiting in lines.

(Reason I am returning is not missing satisfaction, but no need - I did not purchase the home this was meant for)


@ henning.karbstein Thanks

@ henning.karbstein

Thanks for posting! You can request a return shipping label by email if you prefer by emailing! However, we will need to speak with you on the phone to cancel your service or we can cancel it when we receive your system!

Ryan K.
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I am totally frustrated and

I am totally frustrated and inconvenienced!!! I received my third recent false alarm this morning as I arrived at work.. I have been given every explanation in the book as if the false alrms are my fault. The most recent excuse was that sunlight must have shined on one of the sensors. I simply cannot continue with the false alrms. I am willing to sign a dozen long term contracts to not have the stress and inconvenience of a malfunctioning alarm system. Would someone at Simplisafe, please accept responsibility for the flaws in your system!!!

@ kabroa1105 Thanks for

@ kabroa1105

Thanks for posting the issue! I will attempt to call you and try and resolve the issue over the phone!

Ryan K.
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Hello, I also would like to


I also would like to know where the return information is on your website.

Reason I am returning is lack of satisfaction.

Thank you.

You have to call SS to

You have to call SS to arrange for return (within 60 days of it being shipped to you).

@tsimpsonerau It looks like a


It looks like a return label was sent out to you. If you need any further help, please let us know!

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