Height of Motion Sensor

How high can I place the motion sensor? From what I've read, it seems the most efficient height is around 5 feet off the ground? Can I place it any higher? Would it not be as effective if I placed it higher than 5 feet?

I spent some time testing my

I spent some time testing my motion sensor in a few locations and talking with customer support about it, and it seems that placing it about 4.5 to 5 feet off of the ground will give it the maximum range. Placing it higher definitely decreases the sensitivity, though it will still work.

In my case, I tried it about 7 feet off of the ground and the range seemed to drop to about 10 feet. I was told that this is because the part of the motion sensor that "looks down" is less sensitive so that it will not detect small pets. This works fine in my case, because I have it in a small room, but you may want to test it out in your case first to make sure that a sensor at that height would cover what you need to protect.

Hope that helps!


It would be good to see some

It would be good to see some test results on this, maybe in the form of a graph (height of device placement x range of detection) so one would know what to expect. Would also like to know the "angle" of motion detection, assuming it is significantly less than 180 degrees. Additionally, I wonder how positioning a sensor so it is something other than flat against a wall (e.g., aimed downwards at an angle) might affect detection of motion. (I only just purchased Simplisafe, and have not installed it yet, but with six cats running around have concerns about accidental alarms).

I'm afraid we don't have any

I'm afraid we don't have any graphs readily available, but I can describe the Motion Sensor's detection pattern in a little more detail.

Horizontal:The sensor can detect motion 45 degrees left and right of center, for a total of 90 degrees horizontally. This means that if you put the sensor in the corner of a room, it can generally cover the whole room, left-to-right.

Vertical:The sensor looks straight ahead and down towards the ground. As @mgal12 said, it is most sensitive looking straight ahead (the exact range depends on a lot of factors, but is generally about 20-30 feet). It is progressively less sensitive the further you are below the sensor.

In terms of avoiding false alarms with cats, usually the most important thing to do is to make sure to place the sensor in a location where the cats cannot get too close to it. For example, it's a good idea to adhere the sensor to a wall, where there are no bookshelves, stairs, banisters, or other furniture that the cats could climb on and get within a few feet of the sensor. If the sensor is 4-5 feet off of the ground, it shouldn't detect a cat on the ground; however, it could detect a cat straight in front of it, within about 5 feet of the sensor.

I hope that helps. Please let us know if you need more information.


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That definitely helps, thank

That definitely helps, thank you. I'm about ready to fire up the system, and expect some trial and error, but the more I can cut out the "error" the sooner it'll be up and running.

By the way, I saw a comment somewhere stating that the keypad looks "cheap," or something like that. Nothing could be further from the truth. The entire system oozes quality, and I think it will meet my needs beautifully.

Now, if I can keep those cats at bay . . . .

Thanks for this reply! It

Thanks for this reply! It was a tremendous help. We are trying to mount our sensor in a way that will not detect our large dog. Decided to go with 5 ft high and upside down....we'll see how that works.