SimpliSafe Wireless Security Systems: Live. Safely.
Winner of CNET's Editors' Choice Award

“SimpliSafe protects your home in a way that’s comprehensive and yet also remarkably user-friendly. It’s thoughtfully designed for better, smarter home security. You can count on SimpliSafe—an outstanding value. You’ll have a hard time finding a better option at a better price.” —Ry Crist, CNET 2014

“All the bells and whistles for a lot less money.”

“No installation, no annual contracts, very smart.”

“SimpliSafe aims to upstage their larger rivals by giving consumers what they really want.”

SimpliSafe Ultimate Home Security System

(16 pieces) Comprehensive protection against every threat your home faces

Free Shipping, Money Back Guarantee, and 3 Year Warranty
  • Free Shipping
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 3 Year Full Product Warranty
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  • warranty
  • monitoring
  • specs
All Accessories are included: Yard sign, security decals, batteries, adhesive strips for easy mounting, and optional screws for screw-in mounting.

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We are 100% committed to making your life safer and easier. That’s why your SimpliSafe system comes backed by three guarantees:


60 Day, Complete Money Back Guarantee: If you don’t completely love your SimpliSafe system, return it for a FULL refund within 60 days—we pay shipping both ways.


3 Year Full Warranty: Even after 60 days, we are still 100% committed to helping you. If you ever have a problem, we do whatever it takes to fix it—including sending you new equipment for FREE.


No Annual Contracts: if you choose our optional 24/7 monitoring, you are never locked in. Start, stop, pause or change plans at any time.

SimpliSafe has a 60-day money back guarantee

SimpliSafe offers 24/7 professional monitoring for less than ½ what traditional companies charge. Monitoring is completely optional—there are no annual contracts (start, stop, change plans anytime!):

Standard: Monitoring specialists guard your home around-the-clock from our award-winning monitoring centers. In an emergency, we send the police to your home. Free cellular connection built-in.

$14.99per month

Interactive: Standard + advanced mobile app control of your system from anywhere in the world. Get text + email alerts, monitor home activity, arm/disarm your system, control settings right on your smartphone or laptop. Bonus: Secret! Alerts—get secretly notified when anyone accesses private rooms, drawers, safes and more.

$24.99per month
  • 900-1800 MHz Cellular GSM Connection (6 seconds faster than landline)
  • 300-400 MHz Wireless Sensors — 400 ft. Range
  • Temperature-rated for 45°-115° Fahrenheit
  • Supports up to 41 sensors
  • Base Station input: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz output: 7.5V
  • CR-123A Lithium Batteries (lasts five years)
  • 3M Adhesive (long-lasting and easy to remove)
SimpliSafe has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

SimpliSafe 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Try it in your home!

Try this system out in your home. After you’ve received your system, we’ll call you to see if you need to return, exchange, or add any sensors – we’ll even provide free shipping back and forth. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your alarm, call us within 60 days for a FULL refund with free return shipping.

Need Extra Sensors? Add them here.

Entry Sensor
Entry Sensor (protection for doors & windows) Learn More
We recommend you purchase an Entry Sensor for your front and back doors and any windows you want to protect on the FIRST floor of your home.
$14.99 ea
Motion Sensor
Motion Sensor (detects the heat emanating from a burglar's body) Learn More
Its field of vision detects motion within 30 feet and spreads a 90° blanket of protection across a room. It's engineered not to detect pets under 50lbs.
$29.99 ea
Keep watch over your home 24/7. See what’s happening at home anytime from your phone or laptop. Get alerts whenever your camera detects motion.
$99 ea
Glassbreak Sensor
Glassbreak Sensor (detects the unique sound of shattering glass) Learn More
Adds an extra layer of security by detecting the sound of shattering glass—from 30 feet away! Use in combination with a motion detector in rooms with many windows or sliding glass door.
$34.99 ea
SimpliSafe Smoke Detector
Smoke Detector (firefighters straight to your door) Learn More
Triggers when a fire is still smoldering, before it blocks exits and does large-scale damage. Loud system-wide sirens jolt everyone awake and out of the house.
$29.99 ea
SimpliSafe Carbon Monoxide Detector
Carbon Monoxide Detector (sniff out deadly gas leaks) Learn More
Detects poisonous CO long before it endangers your family. Experts recommend CO detectors be placed outside sleeping areas and on every floor of your home.
$49.99 ea
Panic Button (press it to instantly trigger an alarm) Learn More
If you're at home during an intrusion, press this to instantly trigger your alarm—we'll send the police to the rescue.
$19.99 ea
Keychain Remote (a handy keyfob for arming your system) Learn More
Makes arming and disarming your security system as easy as locking your car. It also has a panic button to instantly trigger your alarm.
$24.99 ea
Extra 105dB Siren (the burglar blaster) Learn More
At 4X louder than your Base Station's built-in siren, this Extra Siren will scare the pants off any burglar—he'll think a freight train just landed in your living room.
$59.99 ea
Extra Wireless Keypad (SimpliSafe Works Even If the Keypad is Destroyed) Learn More
Arm/disarm your system using up to 5 PIN codes. Place it by your door and it'll beep to trick burglars, while your Base Station secretly sends the alarm signal.
$69.99 ea
Wireless Freeze Sensor (prevent costly damage from bursting pipes) Learn More
Will trigger an alarm whenever your home temperature falls below 41°F, giving you early warning of potential bursting pipes.
$29.99 ea
Wireless Water Sensor (prevent costly damage from leaks and floods) Learn More
Undetected floods and leaks can lead to nasty mold infestations, ruined carpets, warped wood floors, damaged cabinetry and more.
$19.99 ea
Yard Sign
Homes without burglar alarms are 3 times more likely to be robbed. Your yard sign tells burglars to avoid your home and move on to easier prey.
$3.99 ea
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Questions? Call 1-888-957-4675
SimpliSafe Ultimate Package:
Your Home Security System:

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SimpliSafe 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

You must love it to keep it, OR return it within 60 days for a full
refund. No commitments. No hard feelings. No questions asked.

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SimpliSafe Features at a Glance

Lightning Fast Cellular Connection

No Phoneline Needed. Independent cellular connection that can't be cut by intruders. Learn more

24/7 Professional Monitoring and Police Dispatch

In an emergency, every second counts. Learn more about our instant intrusion response.

On-the-Go Mobile Control

You’ll have access to advanced system control from your smartphone or laptop. Learn more

Secret! Alerts (your eyes and ears at home)

Keep track of liquor cabinets, gun safes, medicine cabinets, file drawers & closets and more. Learn more

SMS Text & Email Alerts

With alarm and activity alerts sent directly to your phone, you’ll know what’s happening, when it happens. Learn more

Smash-Proof Protection

SimpliSafe will alert the police even if a burglar smashes the keypad. Learn more

Free and Easy to Install—in under an hour!

Wireless & installs in under an hour. Your system arrives pre- programmed to work instantly. Save Hundreds! Learn more

Best-in-Industry Professional Monitoring

We offer the highest caliber monitoring available for three times less. Learn more

Power Outage Protection

SimpliSafe runs on powerful lithium batteries that last 5 years so you stay secure when the electricity fails. Learn more

Save up to 20% on your Homeowners Insurance

Monitoring gets you discounts of up to 20% on your home insurance. Trusted by all major insurance companies.
Learn more

No Annual Contracts

Customers stay with us because of our exceptional security and legendary customer support, not because of contracts.
Learn more

Advanced Smoke and Fire Detection

Faster smoke and CO sensors ensure your safety in the event of a fire or gas leak emergency.Learn more

Wireless Sensors with Extreme Range

Sensors have a 400ft range and protect homes of any size. Systems are customizable to fit your needs. Learn more

Some alarms have huge commitments of over $1,000. Ours Don't.

36 Months at $42.99/month
Total Lock-In

Portable—Take it With You When You Move

Pack up your SimpliSafe and re-install it at your next home. And it grows with you: you can always add more sensors.
Learn more

Pet Friendly

From Tom and Jerry to Clifford and Fido, SimpliSafe gets along with pets of all shapes and sizes. Learn more

“By switching to SimpliSafe, I ended up saving a ton of money”

See why actual customers love their SimpliSafe security system.
Watch this 2 minute video!

The New York Times Recommends SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Systems describes SimpliSafe alarms as

The New York Times Recommends SimpliSafe Wireless Security Systems

Many alarm companies have absolutely huge sneaky hidden fees. They advertise their alarms as being “from $99”, then they get you to sign a contract for over $1,000—and you can’t leave them for at least 3 years. But SimpliSafe alarms have no hidden charges.

We’re so confident you’ll love your SimpliSafe alarm that we’ll let you try it RISK-FREE with an incredible no-risk 60-day money back guarantee. SimpliSafe alarms are reliable, easy to use, have no annual contracts and no hidden costs.

SimpliSafe has you covered anywhere in the U.S.A with with the Verizon and T-Moble networks
Simplisafe is Safer and More Secure than most alarm systems

SimpliSafe won CNET's Editors Choice Award. Here's Why:

  • 24/7 Live Monitoring by expert specialists
  • We use COPS monitoring–named Best Monitoring 2014 by the Central Station Alarm Association. It's UL Listed, 5 Diamond Certified and FM Approved.
  • 100% Cellular: Faster than a Landline (and can't be cut!).
  • SimpliSafe works even if the keypad is destroyed or if you lose power.

9 Things to Avoid When Choosing A
Traditional Alarm Company

We listened to all the things you dislike about traditional burglar alarm companies... then fixed them.

Traditional Alarm Company SimpliSafe: a Better Way

Old wired technology. Traditional alarm companies
want to put wires in your walls, because they know
that ripping their wires out is hard and expensive.

State-of-the-art 100% wireless technology. We
took micro-chip technology and
developed smarter software to offer you a robust
and reliable security system. With wireless, there
are no holes in your walls.

SimpliSafe Security Is 100% Wireless

Monitoring is $42.99 a month.

Ours is just $14.99 a month. SimpliSafe protects your home
with COPS Monitoring - named BEST MONITORING in the
Industry by the Central Station Alarm Association.

The moment you let them put a system into your home, you’re
typically locked into a $1,547 contract with no way out.

No annual contracts! Our customers stay with us because of
our excellent product quality and helpful customer support.

Auto-renewal clauses grab another $1,547 from you if you don’t
cancel them within 90 days of the end of your three-year term.
Forget to cancel? You’re legally trapped—there’s no way out.

No Contract With Simplisafe

No hidden charges, no
commitments, no sneaky tricks.

Many frustrated customers (just google “alarm system
complaints” or “alarm contract complaints” and see
for yourself).

Growing by word of mouth. See our Facebook fan page.

Uses a phone line to connect to the monitoring center.
Burglars sometimes cut phone lines.

Uses its built-in and independent cellular connection, which is
5-10 seconds faster, and is uncuttable. No phone line required.

Prices are kept high because there are so many
middlemen and salespeople involved.

We don’t have expensive salespeople or middlemen. That’s
how we can afford to keep our prices so low.

Installation typically costs between $99 and $500. You’ll
need to take a day off of work, while the installer drills
holes in your walls.

Set-up is easier than you could ever imagine. No tools
needed, just adhesive pads. The unit actually talks to you
while you’re setting it up. One of our customers purchased a
second system for his daughter’s home and was “looking
forward to the joy of installing it for her.” Watch our
easy installation video to see what he means.

Does easy set-up mean the system is flimsy or less secure?
No! Quite the opposite. No wires means there’s nothing for
burglars to cut.

As soon as you sign up, there’s no going back:
you cannot cancel even if you try.

We put our money where our mouth is: you can try us
completely risk free, with three amazing guarantees.
SimpliSafe comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

SimpliSafe is not for you if...


You have a HUGE home: If your home is larger than 20,000 square feet (about the size of a football field)—or if it has more than 50 windows on the first floor—you would probably benefit from a system that can handle a huge number of sensors. Our advice would be to go to a traditional contract security company —and keep in mind the things we’ve warned you about.


You run a large commercial property such as a shopping mall—you would probably benefit from a system that has CCTV or security guards, in which case you should probably go to one of the traditional contract security companies—and keep in mind the things we’ve warned you about.

However, if you’re one of the 95% of people who don’t run a large commercial property, then SimpliSafe is probably the best choice for you. If you’re in any doubt, contact one of our security consultants at 1-888-957-4675 for free friendly advice.

Protect Your Whole House in Under An Hour

This Secret to Easy Installation Will Save You Hundreds—See How!

SimpliSafe’s wireless sensors are so easy to install, even your kids could do it! Why spend hundreds when installation is this easy? Do it with the kids and save—in under an hour!

Rave Reviews from Experts Everywhere

“No installation, no contracts, very smart.”
“All the bells and whistles for a lot less money”
David vs Goliath, SimpliSafe vs ADT: SimpliSafe aims to upstage their larger rivals by giving consumers what they really want. Even without fancy marketing, word is spreading.”
“Ideal for people who may not want to wire up their security systems or poke holes in wallboard…SimpliSafe makes it easier to build an intelligent living space.”
A deserving winner of our Editors’ Choice Award: SimpliSafe protects your home in a way that’s comprehensive and yet also remarkably user-friendly. It’s thoughtfully designed for better, smarter home security. You can count on outstanding value.”
“SimpliSafe shuns the long-term service contracts often required by alarm companies.”
“Wireless Wonders: SimpliSafe is an affordable, but full-featured, wireless security system similar to the expensive, professionally installed ones.”
Rating: Strong Recommend (the highest rating): “This is a system anyone could setup in under 30 minutes...If you’ve got a car alarm, using the SimpliSafe system will come as naturally and easily. All sensor units come prepared with removable adhesive backs (the 3M variety that adheres well, but removes easily).”
“Some things can keep you tethered to landline service, such as your home’s security system. Not so with SimpliSafe Inc.”
SimpliSafe was featured in Elle Decor’s top punchlist.
“There’s no minimum contract, it’s totally wireless, and it arrives at your doorstep pre-programmed.”
“SimpliSafe offers wireless, plug-and-play security for urban dwellers—increasingly being used in the era of disappearing land lines.”
If a burglar enters while you're at home...Here's what you must do
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“This ingenious security system uses wireless technology...”
“Security Doesn’t Get Any Easier. Setup took less than 15 minutes from start to finish and drastically improved my peace of mind.”
“SimpliSafe is our idea of not getting robbed.”
“I really like the SimpliSafe security system for its easy setup, expandability, custom setup options and ability to move with you if you relocate. I think the price for the system is really affordable when you compare it to other security systems on the market. It gets a thumbs up from me.”
“SimpliSafe is an affordable, full-featured wireless alarm system you can take with you whenever you move. It’s linked to an emergency dispatch center, and there is no minimum contract. The product arrives pre-programmed and setup takes only 15 minutes.”

Protect Your Whole House in Under an Hour

SimpliSafe is completely wireless and installs in under an hour. Our system arrives pre-programmed to work instantly. No wires, no strangers drilling holes in your walls—
No Install Fee!

(dimensions: 3 x 8 in.)

Keychain Remote

(arming your system is as easy as
locking your car)

Control Your Alarm with the Keychain Remote

Arm and disarm your alarm with a push of a button. Set your alarm to
away after you leave to protect your home. Simply press off to disarm
your system as you approach your front door.

Panic Button

We hope you never need it, but just in case, we made sure to put a Panic
Button on your Keychain Remote. Pressing this button alerts our
Emergency Monitoring Center that you need help fast.

Flash Drive Software

Customizing your alarm settings is made simple with our Easy Set-up
Wizard. The wizard is programmed into your Keychain’s built-in USB Drive,
so you can customize your settings from any computer.

Swivel Keychain Ring

Rotate the key ring for easy loading onto your keychain.

Our competitor’s model sells for $56.00. Ours is $24.99. How do we sell the
highest quality sensors at half the price? No middlemen.

(dimensions: 3 x 2.25 in.)

Motion Sensor

(always on the lookout)

Full Room Coverage

Detects motion within 30 feet. The sensor has a “field of vision” of 90
degrees, giving you a full range of coverage when placed in a corner.

Flexible Install

The sensor is shaped to stand on a shelf, adhere to a wall, or fit in a
corner for maximum room coverage. Set the sensor to be active
only in “away” mode (so that you won’t trigger it when you’re at
home) or both “home” and “away” modes (for rooms that you want
covered with a motion sensor while you’re home).

Pet Friendly

Your dogs and cats under 50 lbs won’t trigger the alarm. We’ve
designed the sensor to be less sensitive to motion close to the ground.

Our competitor’s model sells for $93.50. Ours is $29.99. How do we sell the highest quality sensors at half the price? No middlemen.

SimpliSafe Works Even If the Keypad is Destroyed

Away mode:

When you go out,
this activates all

Home mode:

When you come home,
this deactivates motion
detectors but protects
windows and doors


(dimensions: 6.5 x 3.5 in.)

Problem: Most wireless alarm systems have an Achilles
heel—if a burglar smashes the keypad quickly enough, the
police don’t get alerted.

Solution: SimpliSafe took the “brains” out of the
Keypad and put them into a separate Base Station, which is
hidden somewhere in your home or office building. When an
alarm is triggered, the Keypad beeps to distract burglars.

Meanwhile, the Base Station stays quiet while it
alerts the monitoring service (which takes just a
few seconds). Once the alert has been safely sent,
the Base Station will blast its sirens.

Unlike other wireless security systems, if a SimpliSafe
keypad is smashed, the alarm continues to function.

Nest Thermostat

Works with Nest requires our
Interactive Monitoring Plan

Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat programs itself, automatically saves energy when you’re away, and can be controlled using your phone. In independent studies, Nest Thermostat saved an average of 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills. That means it can pay for itself in under two years.

SimpliSafe helps your Nest Thermostat know when you’re home or away. When you arm SimpliSafe to leave home, SimpliSafe tells Nest Thermosat, so Nest Thermostat knows it’s time to lower your energy use. When you come home and disarm SimpliSafe, Nest Thermostat knows you’re back and makes home cozy.

(dimensions: 3 x 1.25 in.)

Closed: Less than 2 in.
between the magnet and
the grooves of the

Open: More than 2 in. between the magnet
and the grooves on the sensor.

Entry Sensors

(defend your windows and doors)

Easy to install on every type of door or window

The magnet goes on the door or window, and the sensor goes on the
frame (or vice versa). Magnet can be placed up to 2 inches from the
sensor, so sensors fit on all types of doors and windows. SimpliSafe
sensors come with the battery pre-installed and adhesive tape
pre-applied, making installation a snap.

Door Chime

When your system is OFF and a door or window opens, the
Base Station will sound a door-chime so you’ll know if
someone is entering.

How does it work?

The sensor detects whenever the magnet moves more than
two inches away from it- so it knows whenever the door or
window opens.

Our competitor’s model sells for $34.00. Ours is $14.99. How do we
sell the highest quality sensors at half the price? No middlemen.

The Base Station

(the brains of your system)

The base is Plug-and-Play: Plug it in and it will locate
and control all of your sensors, making SimpliSafe
the easiest security system in the world to install.

It’s also responsible for sending all your alarm signals
to our 24/7 alarm monitoring center. Your Base Station
will arrive equipped with the same cellular technology
that’s in your cellphone: Inside there is a SIM card that
gets activated when you subscribe to our alarm
monitoring service. If you’re subscribed to our
Interactive Monitoring Plan, it will also send you SMS
text Smart Alerts & Secret Alerts.

(height: 11in.)

Built-in 85 Decibel Siren

Voice Prompts guide you
through installation.

Cellular Technology: No
Phoneline needed for 24/7 alarm
monitoring! However, if you want
redundancy, you can also plug in
your phoneline or use an internet

41 Sensor Capacity: Get all the
sensors you need to protect any
home, large or small.

Backup Battery lasts up to 24 hours
during a power outage. Base Station
will recharge them once the power
is restored to your home.

(height: 6.5in.)

105dB Extra Siren

(the burglar blaster)

This 105 decibel siren will feel like sitting in the front row of an
ear-piercing rock concert. Get two or more and your entire
neighborhood will peek out of their windows. This siren will
ensure any foolish burglar knows you’re protected. Look out,
burglar - the sheriff’s in town.

  • Weather resistant for outdoor use
  • Easily mounts under an eave outside or adhere to a wall inside

Our competitor’s model sells for $99.95. Ours
is $59.99. How do we sell the highest quality
sensors at half the price? No middlemen.

(dimensions: 3 x 2 in.)

Our competitor’s model sells for $39.99. Ours
is $19.99. How do we sell the highest quality
sensors at half the price? No middlemen.

Panic Button

(instantly trigger your alarm)

Emergency Alert

Pressing the panic button will instantly trigger the alarm and
our monitoring center will call to check if you’re okay. If you
don’t answer the phone or don’t give your “safe word” when
you answer, we’ll alert the police that you’re in danger.

Silent Panic

If you are a retail or business customer, we can program your
system to activate a “silent panic” feature for you, allowing
you to signal for help without alerting the intruder.

(dimensions: 3 x 1.6 in.)

Water Sensors

(stop damage from leaks & floods)

Your Water Sensor will trigger an audible alarm whenever it comes into
contact with water. Our alarm monitoring plans offer additional options to
get an phone call and SMS/email alert of any water alarms.

Why do I need this?

Flood damage is the most common Home Insurance claim, and it’s
certainly one of the most expensive. Place it near major plumbing to
detect breaks or in the attic to detect a leaky roof. Undetected floods and
leaks can lead to nasty mold infestations, ruined carpets, warped
wood floors, and damaged cabinetry and more.

Our competitor’s model sells for $44.99. Ours is $19.99. How do we sell the
highest quality sensors at half the price? No middlemen.

(dimensions: 3 x 1.6 in.)

Our competitor’s model sells for $44.99. Ours
is $29.99. How do we sell the highest quality
sensors at half the price? No middlemen.

Freeze Sensors

(Prevents burst pipes)

The freeze sensor will trigger an alarm if the temperature in your
home falls below 41°. Our alarm monitoring plans also give you the
options to get:

  • A phone call and SMS/Email in the even of a freeze alarm.
  • Access to hourly readings of your home’s temperature in the Online
    Command Center.

Why do I need this?

If you have a vacation home, this sensor is worth it’s weight in gold if it
saves you from repairing expensive burst pipes. It’s also a perfect device
for protecting precious objects like instruments, paintings and plants in a
climate controlled room.

(height: 3 in.)

Glassbreak Sensor

(Detects the sound of smashing glass)

If a burglar breaks a window in order to enter your home,
this Glassbreak Sensor will detect the sound and trigger your
burglar alarm. Pair it with a Motion Detector in any rooms on
the first floor that have multiple windows.

Our competitor’s model sells for $78.99. Ours is $34.99. How do we
sell the highest quality sensors at half the price? No middlemen.

(height: 5in.)

Our competitor’s model sells for $79.00. Ours
is $29.99. How do we sell the highest quality
sensors at half the price? No middlemen.

Smoke Detector

(firefighters straight to your door)

When a fire is quickening in your home every second
counts. SimpliSafe Smoke detectors are built with
photoelectric sensors for increased safety over Ionization
sensors. Photoelectric smoke detectors respond faster
(typically 30 minutes or more) to fire in its early,
smouldering stage before it breaks into flame, giving you
and your family more time to get up and out of your home.
Photoelectric sensors are also less likely to trigger
annoying false alarms.

Never worry about sleeping through a fire alarm. This
monitored smoke detector will sound its own internal siren
as well as trigger a full-blown security system alarm.

In addition alarm monitoring plans give you the
options to receive:

  • A call to alert you and firefighters sent to your
    home to ensure you and your family are safe.
  • SMS & Email Notifications automatically
    sent to your phone and to the phones of
    loved ones.
(height: 5in.)

Carbon Monoxide Detector

(sniff out deadly gas leaks)

Carbon Monoxide is a gas that you cannot see, smell or taste.
Deaths due to CO poisoning most often occur at night, when
everyone is sleeping. SimpliSafe’s CO detector uses
electrochemical sensing technology for highly accurate and early
detection of this invisible but deadly gas.

Dangerous levels of CO will trigger both the sensor’s internal
audible alarm and the siren in your SimpliSafe security system.

Our alarm monitoring plans give you the option to receive:

  • A call to alert you and emergency responders sent to
    your home to ensure you and your family are safe.
  • SMS & Email notifications automatically sent to your
    phone and to the phones of loved ones.
Our competitor’s model sells for $89.99. Ours is $49.99. How do we sell the highest quality sensors at half the price? No middlemen.
Take Control from Anywhere in the World
Take command of your alarm system
right from your Smartphone:
Arm & Disarm instantly with the push of a button
Use the Event Log to check when children arrive home from
school - see when the alarm was armed & disarmed by your
child's personal PIN.
Monitor your home temperatures while on vacation to prevent
frozen pipes and expensive damage
See the status of Burglar, Fire, Carbon Monoxide, and Flood
alarms whenever you want

Free App available for iPhone, Android & Windows
Smartphones Only Available with interactive alarm
monitoring plan.

Love it... Or return it for a full refund

Test any one of our alarm system packages
below. If you aren't 100% delighted, call us
within 60 days for a FULL REFUND and let
us pay for return shipping.

SimpliSafe guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We at Simplisafe are committed to providing you with
only the best products and services. Our goal is to
make your life safer and easier. If you are in any way
unsatisfied with your SimpliSafe product or service,
please contact us and we’ll do our best to make it right.

SimpliSafe guarantee

3 Year Product Warranty

Even after 60 days has passed, you still benefit from our
three-year product warranty. If anything goes wrong with
your system, just call us (1-888-957-4675) and we’ll do
whatever it takes to sort things out usually, we’ll just send you
a replacement part, completely free of charge. We can afford
to offer this because our components are so reliable.

SimpliSafe guarantee

What is an “auto-renewal clause” anyway?

Most alarm companies have an automatic renewal clause in their monitoring and service contract (and use teeny tiny font). This means that your contract will be renewed for anywhere from 12 months to three years, unless you cancel by mail within 30 days before the end of your contract. Many of the nationwide and local alarm companies use this tactic. Cancelling early usually involves a penalty of 75% to 100% of the value of the contract.

Sneaky auto-renewal clause

SimpliSafe offers monthly alarm monitoring. There are no contracts to sign, so there’s no fear of getting tricked by fine print and hidden fees. You can cancel your SimpliSafe alarm monitoring anytime by simply giving us a call.