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Home Security.

Done Right.

Better teamed up with SimpliSafe to provide award-winning home security to its members. SimpliSafe is the fastest growing home security company—protecting over three million Americans. Here’s why:

We got rid of all the hassles of home security. There are no hidden fees, no middlemen and absolutely no long-term contracts. We earn your business every day with exceptional security and outstanding customer service.

Meet the system

Meet SimpliSafe

A smart home security system with innovative technology, it’s professionally monitored 24/7 for an affordable monthly fee.

No contracts. No commitments. Just total peace of mind.

Find your perfect system.

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Protecting over



Over 40,000

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growing home security

"We use it to catch criminals."*

“My force used SimpliSafe to stop a serial burglary ring. It still helps us catch other criminals in the act today.”

Chief Balogg

Enoa City Police

*SimpliSafe sent free systems which helped Genoa City police and community to stop a local crime spree.

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Protects Everything

4 ways to stop intruders

Entry and motion sensors. Glassbreak detection. Video security. Intruders, start running.

Industry-leading professional monitoring

It’s like having your own personal security guard.

Control from your phone

Arm and disarm your system and check-in on home from anywhere.

Watch over your home from anywhere

See what happens whenever your system detects trouble.

Easy to use

Arm and disarm SimpliSafe with just a single touch.

Covers homes of all sizes

Unless your home is as large as a football pitch, we’ve got you covered.

Detects fires

The best in smoke detection alerts you before fires break out.

Water damage protection

Freeze and flood sensors alert you to trouble before it starts.

Indoor Camera (Popup)

Criminals. Captured.

Cops love when an alarm is visually verified. It means the alarm is a) the real deal and b) in progress. And that means they are way more likely to catch the criminal.

  • See what happens in an emergency

  • Capture crucial evidence

  • Watch free anytime

"This is one I'm hearing a lot about now. You don't have to drill anything. No wiring needed."

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