Meet 11 Low Life Criminals and Their Surprisingly Famous Twins

Russell Brand Criminal Doppelganger

It's always weird when mugshots look like they were ripped straight from the tabloids. Are these celebrity doppelgangers jealous of their counterparts' fame and fortune? Have they been driven criminally insane by strangers mistakenly asking for autographs? Are they clones gone wrong?!? We'll never know. All we know is that the pictures are pretty hilarious. Check out twelve of our favorites, and see if you can tell the celebrities from the wannabes.

  1. BEAVISBeavis lookalike This guy learned that 3-dimensional people don't get off quite as easy as cartoons do. Settle down, Beavis!

  2. KRISTEN STEWARTKristen Stewart lookalike Looks like KStew steals more than just husbands.

  3. BILL MURRAYBill Murray lookalikeWho ya gonna call? NOSE BUSTERS.

  4. RUSSELL BRAND Russell Brand lookalikeYou can’t see it in the mugshot, but he’s wearing really tight pants and small boots.

  5. RIHANNA Rihanna lookalike Looks like she's not the only girl in the world.

  6. GEICO CAVEMAN Geico Caveman lookalikeAfter failing to save enough money on car insurance, this Geico Caveman imitator was forced to turn to a life of crime.

  7. PORTIA DE ROSSI Lindsay Bluth lookalikeTalk about arrested development... looks like Lindsay Bluth is finally getting locked up.

  8. NICK OFFERMAN Ron Swanson lookalikeThis mobster killed nearly two dozen people. He also looks a heck of a lot like Parks and Recreation's Ron Swanson. Coincidence?

  9. JOHNNY DEPP Johnny Depp lookalikeThis is what happens when you're not actually Johnny Depp and you try to act out Blow anyway.

  10. MICHELLE OBAMA Michelle Obama lookalikeFrom the White House to the Big House.

  11. MICKEY MOUSE Mickey Mouse lookalikeMeet the newest Mouseketeer.

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Did any of these fool you? Tell us in the comments!

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