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Room By Room Safety: The Garage

Garage Safety

Garages tend to hold a lot more than just your car. From tools to lumber to extra storage, there’s a lot in there you want to protect. That’s why in our next Room by Room safety series we’ve compiled a few things to watch out for in the garage.

Car Safety:

Probably the most obvious valuable in your garage is your car (and the things in your car). Even though it’s in an enclosed space, you’ll want to lock the doors and keep windows up. If someone does get into the garage, you don’t want to leave your car vulnerable to hot-wiring and theft. This also means don’t leave your keys in the ignition, on the seat or anywhere in the garage. Particularly since those keys likely have access to the rest of your home.

Your car can also be a risk in your garage. Never leave your car on in a closed garage - not even to heat it up in the winter. Not only is the carbon monoxide emitted extremely dangerous to breathe in, but it can seep into the rest of your house. Make sure you have Carbon Monoxide Detectors placed in your home to minimize this risk, but take care to not place these detectors in the garage itself.

organized garage

Storage Safety:

Aside from your car, the most likely thing you use the garage for is storage. The biggest risk factor with storage is accidents. It’s easy to overlook how many things are piling up. And a pile of clutter can easily become unstable and fall. A 10 pound object falling from above 4 feet can carry up to thousands of pounds of force! That’s why it’s extremely important to keep things organized. Keep heavy or dangerous objects stored lower, and store items in labeled boxes where they won’t get pushed or pulled around.

The other danger with cluttered storage is fire, particularly if you are storing flammable items like old clothing or lumber. These items sitting under piles of dust just need one spark to get started. The same goes for chemicals. If you’re storing cleaning supplies or other chemicals in the garage instead of the kitchen, make sure to follow proper care instructions. Take note of temperature requirements and expiration dates.

garage burglary theft

Keeping Burglars Out:

Your garage can be an easy target for burglars, especially if it provides an easy access point. That’s why, to start, you should make sure your garage has a secure lock on it. If there’s a PIN to get in, don’t share it with anyone outside of the family. Also, keep the garage door closed whenever possible. You don’t want to be showing off what you have in your garage.

Let’s say someone does get into your garage. It’s not a pleasant thought, but it’s important to think through. What can someone access from inside your garage? Can they cut your power or phone line? What about access to the rest of your home? Attached garages have doors that lead into the house, but many families leave this door unlocked. It would be best to lock that door, and place an Entry Sensor on it to monitor when it is opened. That’s why it’s important to invest in a home security system that will keep you protected no matter what.

If you ever have questions about protecting your garage, please give us a call!