Everything You Need to Know About Home Mode

Posted September 25th, 2015 by SimpliSafe

keypad (cloud) placed on a wall

When people think about home security, they often think about protecting their home when they’re away, keeping prying hands off their valuables. But home security is more than that. With multiple modes, a security alarm can keep your possessions protected when you’re on the go, but also keep you safe when you and your loved ones are home.

What’s Armed in Home Mode?

Home Mode is one of the most important features of a home security alarm. The key feature to this mode is what sensors are armed. Home Mode arms all your sensors with the exception of Motion Sensors. Yup, that’s right! Your Entry SensorsPanic ButtonsGlassbreak Sensors, and environmental sensors, like Smoke Detectors and Water Sensors, are all armed. This lets you walk around your house and be protected, without worrying about false alarms.

But what if you want to have a specific Motion Sensor armed in Home Mode? Say you never use your basement, and you want to make sure it’s protected. You put a Motion Sensor in there, but don’t want it to be vulnerable while you’re in the house. You can customize your system and set that sensor to be on in both modes! It’s easy to do and you can change this setting any time. Simply adjust the setting through your Easy Setup Wizard Software, or if you have the Interactive Monitoring plan, you can do so right through your customer account online.

How Do You Arm Your System in Home Mode?

There are several ways to arm your system in Home Mode. The easiest is right through the keypad. Simply press the "Home" button on the keypad and you’re all set. There is no entry delay in Home Mode.

But what if you’re leaving the house, and there are family members still home? You can still arm your system in home mode! There are a few ways to do this.

You can arm your system through the keypad like before. All you need to do first is open the door you intend to leave through. Once the door is open, press “Home” on the keypad, and exit through the door, shutting it behind you. Your system is now completely armed in home mode.

You can also arm your system in home mode via your keychain remote. Press and hold the “Off” button on your keychain remote. While doing so, press the “Away” button. This will arm the system in Home Mode. You can do this outside your home when you leave, or arm it in home mode from your bedroom as you go to sleep!

Last, but not least, if you have the Interactive Monitoring plan, you can arm your system in Home Mode through your Smart Phone app. When you leave your house, simply load the app and press the Home button. This too can be done anywhere, from your couch to Timbuktu. If you have Internet access, your system can be armed remotely!

Home Mode is an essential mode of a security alarm. When your system is armed in home mode, you’ll sleep easy and never worry about what goes bump in the night again.