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Burglars Tools

When it comes to burglarizing a home, a burglar employs many tricks and methods to get inside. In order for a thief to gain access into your home, he will use an arsenal of tools to rob you of your valuables. Here are some of the common tools you’ll find in a burglars toolbox, provided by SimpliSafe Home Security.

What are Burglary Tools?

Burglary tools are any tools or gadgets that can assist burglars. Some of the items that you will see listed below are common, everyday items that most people own or use on regular basis. However, they are illegal to possess with the intent to commit a burglary.

A Burglar's Tool Box

Here is a list of some of the common tools found in a burglar’s tool box:

Crowbars, Slim Jims, and other Prying Devices

A crowbar or any other type of prying device can be used to break into a residence or a vehicle. A burglar never leaves home without this trusty tool. The crowbar can be used to pry open doors or windows. This is the most common tool used by burglars because it’s so simple, but yet effective.
Lock Pick

Lock Pick

Lock-picking is not particularly common among the average burglars, mainly because there are so many simpler ways of breaking into a home (throwing a brick through a back window, for example). However, it is still a technique used amongst professional career burglars.
Hand Tools

Hammer, Screwdrivers, and other Common Hand Tools

Hand tools can be used for a number of applications when it comes to a burglary. A hammer can be used to break a window. A screwdriver can be used to unfasten an exposed screw. Let’s not forget the infamous wire cutter which can easily snip the phone line of your traditional home security system, making it useless in the event of a break-in. The possibilities are endless with these everyday items.
Spark Plug

Center Hole Punch and Porcelain Chips

These two items are ones that are rarely noticed or talked about. A center hole punch is a hand tool used to produce in a dimple in a workpiece without the need of a hammer. When pressed against a surface, energy is stored in a spring, eventually releasing and producing a “punch.” When used against a car or home window, it instantly shatters the window with minimal noise.

Porcelain is another tool in a burglar’s tool box. More commonly used in car burglaries but definitely worth mentioning. Porcelain, which is commonly found in spark plugs can be used to shatter a car window. It takes just a tiny piece!

So what's in Your Tool Box?

There are many other tools that burglars use in their bag of tricks, but the items listed above are the common tools used to break into your home. It pretty safe to say that a burglar alarm is the only tool you have in your arsenal to defend your home from a burglar. However, if you’re using a traditional hard-lined alarm system that connects to a monitoring station via a phone line, then you can consider a burglar using his $3 dollar wire-cutter to disable your alarm system.

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