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Drip Drip Drip: Defend Your Home From Unwanted Leaks with SimpliSafe’s All New Water Sensor

Wireless Water Sensor

We are pleased to announce to newest member of our wireless sensor family here at SimpliSafe Home Security Systems.

Introducing the Wireless Water Sensor

What Can SimpliSafe’s Water Sensor Protect You From?

  • Spending thousands of dollars to get rid of hazardous mold and mildew infestations in your floors and walls
  • The devastation of finding your favorite carpets destroyed.
  • The hassle of finding a contractor to replace your warped wooden floors.
  • The unhappy conclusion to the large investment you made for your kitchen cabinetry.

Common leaks from plumbing, appliances and water heaters can inflict serious damage to your home, personal possessions and the overall health of the environment inside your home. High- value items can get destroyed by slow leaks, the damage happening right under your nose, but that you never realized was happening. For instance: furniture, carpeting, wallboard and appliances.

How Does the Water Sensor Work?

It’s simple, really. Anytime the water sensor comes into contact with water, the sensor will transmit a wireless signal to the SimpliSafe base station, which will audibly announce the water trigger to you. If you are subscribed to our alarm monitoring, you’ll also get a call from our alarm monitoring service to inform you.

Where Should I Place My Water Sensors?

Given its sleek design, you can place this 3-inch wireless water sensor essentially anywhere! Here are some the best locations:

  • The drip pan of your water heater and washing machine
  • Near bathroom and kitchen plumbing
  • Basement floor
  • Under your roof
  • Under the dishwasher

How Much Does it Cost?

Water Sensors are being offered for $19.99/each. To order yours visit
(Please keep in mind: Wireless Water Sensors are only available for the SimpliSafe2 Home Security System)

Did You Know?

The most common reason homeowners make claims on their home insurance is for water damage. Flooded basements, ruptured pipes and leaky appliances regularly lead people to discover the details of their home insurance policies.


Many homeowner insurance providers will offer you an extra discount for having water sensors installed. Contact your insurance agent for details.

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