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7 Anti-Grinch Home Security Holiday Gifts for Santa, Frosty and You

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Break-ins increase during the holiday season, and it only takes a quick look through the bookshelf to see that even fictional characters aren’t safe from this trend. Here at SimpliSafe Home Security, we can’t help but feel that if the victims had only consulted us, some of these crimes could have been prevented. Read on to find home security stocking stuffers for everyone from Dr. Seuss’s Whos to Ebenezer Scrooge, and maybe get some gift ideas of your own.

  1. Secret Safes in Whoville Cindy Lou Who and her family were victims of the meanest, greenest serial burglar in all of cartoon history. Sure, their experience helped teach us that Christmas doesn’t come from a store, but the loss of a whole present stash and Roast Beast feast holds other lessons, too: all the Whos down in Whoville need diversion safes from buyasafe.com. These safes look like ordinary household objects, but have hidden compartments for valuables, throwing would-be Grinches off the scent and protecting your jewelry, cash, and last can of Who Hash.
  2. Intruders get Scrooged over. After experiencing three spirited break-ins in one night, you can bet Ebenezer Scrooge was ready to re-fortify his home. Someone should hook him up with a door brace from Security Pro USA. These simple devices strengthen your home’s entry points, frustrating the Dickens out of would-be intruders, protecting you from unwanted ghosts -- I mean guests -- and making sure nothing interrupts your holidays Past, Present, and Yet to Come.
  3. Gizmos that won't shoot your eye out. Sure, Ralphie really wanted a Rough Rider BB Gun, but he and his friends from A Christmas Story would have been better off with Child Guard Wireless Alarms from the Resist Attack Foundation. This nifty gizmo starts to beep if your child has wandered too far away from you, so you can catch up before he runs into a neighborhood bully or frozen flagpole. And there’s no danger of shooting your eye out.
  4. Don't let pests nibble your Sugar Plum Fairies. The family from The Nutcracker had a downright magical setup -- homemade toys, dancing sweets, armies of gingerbread soldiers -- until a rodent problem reared its ugly, crowned head. This year, they’ll sleep easier if they put out mouse control products from Victor. These traps and repellents are sure to drive out all mice, kings and infantry alike. Unless you’ve got deadly aim with a ballet slipper, you might want to invest in some, too.
  5. Prevent nightmares before Christmas and after. Jack Skellington, the claymation hero of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, just wanted to bring joy to the world’s children. But when it turned out his idea of joy involved shrunken heads and possessed jack-in-the-boxes, military units ran his sleigh out of the sky. Jack could have avoided his fate with a mini travel alarm from Defend Thyself. Its motion sensor lets you see trouble coming even better than Zero’s glowing nose.
  6. Keep Frosty from melting. Frosty the Snowman is a jolly, happy soul -- until he gets too close to a heat source, and then he’s a top hat floating in a puddle. A stoked stove, colorful lights, and wrapping paper are the signs of a successful holiday, but they’re also pretty serious fire hazards. Frosty can protect himself with a residential fire extinguisher from Kidde. It’s good to have around, just in case that corncob pipe gets too close to those eyes made out of coal.
  7. Good Santas only. One night a year, people all over the world go to sleep hoping a large man will slide down their chimney, tiptoe around their house, eat their cookies, and leave a pile of unidentified packages on the floor. This Christmas Eve, rest easier knowing that Santa Claus is the only one comin’ to town. Deck your halls with a wireless home security system from SimpliSafe - it’s customizable, with no annual contract, and easier to put together than any of your kid’s new toys.
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