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This Keypad is Brilliant… But It Doesn’t Have a Brain

SimpliSafe Keypad

SimpliSafe was created to be different from the industry giants. Part of that meant overcoming a basic threat that has plagued the security industry: crash and smash burglary tactics. Crash and smash is when the burglar breaks in and immediately tries to take out the security system before an emergency signal can be sent out. Typically this means destroying the Keypad, which is conveniently located by the front door (which also happens to be the most common entry point for burglars). But with SimpliSafe, destroying the Keypad won’t do much. The brains of our system are located in the Base Station.

If a burglar thinks he can outsmart your system with a bat, here’s what he doesn’t expect. We designed the Keypad to emit beeping sounds in order to draw attention to itself. At the same time, the Base Station will go dark to disguise itself. This way a burglar is busy with the Keypad while the Base Station is stealthily sending a signal to the Monitoring Center!

burglar destroying keypad

Keypad Installation:

The Keypad is super easy to install, just like the rest of our sensors. All you need to do is pull the battery activation tab, peel the backings off the adhesive stickers, and stick it to the wall! Not sure where to keep the Keypad? Here are some tips:

  • Keep a Keypad at any frequently used entrance in your home (e.g. front door, back door, or garage entrance).
  • Consider having a Keypad in the bedroom, for easy arming and disarming without needing to go downstairs.
  • Keep the Keypad at eye level. Make sure, if you have children who will be arming/disarming the system, that they can reach the Keypad comfortably. Remember, the adhesives on the back make the Keypad easy to move around as the kids get bigger.
  • For the best wireless connection, place the Keypad within 10-100 feet of the Base Station.

Your Keypad also has a mounting bracket, which you can slide the Keypad off of. This will be useful for testing your system, or if you ever need to troubleshoot.

placing simplisafe keypad

What You Can Do With It:

Let’s start with the basics. The Keypad allows you to arm and disarm your system, both in Home Mode and Away Mode. You have a Master PIN, which controls your account, but you can also have up to four additional PINs for the babysitter, the kids, or grandma. It also has a panic button, which will set off your alarm and dispatch police to your home.

The Keypad will comes with the default PIN 1234, but you’ll want to change that right away (option 1 in the Menu). Your Master PIN will then allow you access to the Menu. Using the Keypad Menu you will be able to:

  • Change Master PIN
  • Set a Dialing Prefix
  • Add Components
  • Remove Components
  • Test your System

The Keypad can also have a Duress PIN, which you can set up through the the Easy Setup Wizard or your Online Account if you have Interactive Monitoring. This PIN will turn off the alarm, but also silently dispatch police.

If you ever have any questions about the Keypad, or need any help, you can always give us a call!