Don’t Miss Out on SimpliSafe2's All New Features

We’ve already covered the cool new remote control features of the new SimpliSafe2 here. So what else is new?

Massive 41 Sensor Capacity

The original SimpliSafe has a maximum capacity of 26 wireless sensors that it can support. We heard from many of you that you wanted more, more, more! You told us that you wanted to get more Entry Sensors for all your first floor windows. The new SimpliSafe2 gives you the room to add all the sensors you could ever want.

Get multiple Keypads

Many of you told us that you wanted additional Keypads to install in your garages, back doors, and on upper levels of your home. The new SimpliSafe2 has no limit on the number of Keypads that you can add to it. Get as many as you like. Extra SimpliSafe2 Wireless Keypads cost $69.99.

New Instant Trigger Setting for Entry and Motion Sensors

In addition to customizing if a sensor is on in “Away mode only” or “Home & Away mode” you can set individual sensors to “Instant Trigger.” These sensors will instantly trigger an alarm, whenever your system is armed.

“Secret Alert!” Setting for Entry and Motion Sensors

Now you can designate specific sensors to “no alarm - sms/email alert only” setting. Whenever that sensor is triggered, the new Base Station will send you a Secret Alert! to notify you, if you are subscribed to our new Total Monitoring + Online Command plan. Upgrading to this new plan is entirely optional. If you choose to keep your current plan, after upgrading to SimpliSafe2, you will still see the Secret Alert! in your event log, which you can always access from your account online.

It’s the platform for future sensors

Currently SimpliSafe is developing: Glassbreak Sensors, Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Sensors, Water Sensors, and Freeze Sensors. These new sensors will only be compatible with the new SimpliSafe2.

Because we value our customers, current owners of the original SimpliSafe system have exclusive access to the new SimpliSafe2.

Upgrade Offer for Current Customers

For a limited time, SimpliSafe customers have exclusive access to the new SimpliSafe2. All customers interested in upgrading to the new SimpliSafe2 Base Station platform can redeem their $100 upgrade offer online. Upgrading is completely optional. We will still be selling, supporting and servicing our original system.

When we launch the new system to the general public we will offer two models: the original SimpliSafe starting at $199.99 and the SimpliSafe2 starting at $299.99. This SimpliSafe2 is a new product line, and the Base Station is $100 more expensive. This is the cost of the $100 upgrade. We are replacing your Keypad and a USB Keychain Remote free of charge.

We are offering this upgrade path for current customers so that you won't be purchasing the new system outright, just paying the price difference. The new system is a new set of hardware with much greater functionality. The upgrade offer is to make sure we are not penalizing our current customers who would have purchased the more fully featured $299.99 version if it was available at the time of their purchase. You do not need to upgrade your system, as we will continue to sell and support both. If you would like this new product, you can upgrade simply by paying the price difference between the product you have already purchased, and the new product we're making available.

All of your original sensors will work with the SimpliSafe2 Base Station including any: Extra Keychain Remotes, Panic Buttons, Entry & Motion Sensors. Learn more about this offer on our Upgrade offer post here.