Why you need more than a deadbolt - Burglars caused $8000 in damage

A customer called us recently with a need for security quick. Here's his story.

My mom was just robbed. A gang of about 7-9 burglars broke in . My mom wasn't there, but I do like that Panic button feature for her. They used sledge hammers and axes and busted down 7 doors and smashed 2 huge double paned windows. They broke through the deadbolts and had some kind of square punch that they broke down a door with. I mean they had an assortment of tools.

They flipped over the beds, bureaus, and turned the entire house upside down. Just the damage alone to the house is $8,000. Just wild people. So I got SimpliSafe cause of it's simplicity. I've installed it for my mom and I'll be in charge of it for her, but I really liked that panic button for her and the Keychain Remote, so she doesn't have to worry about punching in and remembering too many codes. She can just use the remote.

Without an alarm, burglars are free to spend as long as they want damaging your property, ferreting out valuables and reeking general havoc. Most burglars run at the sound of an alarm. With this wild bunch, lingering would have caused them incarceration if a SimpliSafe Home Security System had been installed.

Thankfully- this dutiful son has now installed SimpliSafe and he and his mom can feel the peace of mind knowing she's protected with 4 layers of protection and 24/7 Emergency Dispatch Service.