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Been switched to C.O.P.S. Monitoring

Looks like I was transitioned to COPS monitoring today from Amcest. For those of us that have been transitioned this way I imagine it might be necessary to update the alarm permits we have on file with our cities. Can someone from SS post the full details of COPS here for that purpose? Thanks.

@ian_4 Thank you for posting!


Thank you for posting! You do not need to switch this information on your permit, however, if you'd like to give us a call and we can do it for you!

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My permit application asked

My permit application asked for the monitoring company and phone number which has now changed. I'll just send them a message to update their details.

@ian_4 If you'd like, give us


If you'd like, give us a call and we can help you out with this!

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I just got switched too. Is

I just got switched too. Is everyone being switched; if not what is the selection criteria?

Was switched from Amcest to

Was switched from Amcest to C.O.P.S. and have had NO MONITORING for 3 days. I contacted C.O.P.S. and they told me to call SimpleSafe during their regular business hours even though they had my account number in front of them!. I encountered rudeness and the first rep hung up on me. I wasn't upset when I called for help but I AM NOW.

@chdrcj Thank you for


Thank you for posting! I am sorry for your experience. Please note that C.O.P.S. is not able to help you troubleshoot or provide technical support. They are just the monitoring service. Our customer service team is always happy to help you troubleshoot and make sure you're up and connected. If you're not able to reach us during our business hours, you can shoot us an email and we can help you this way. Alternatively, the forums as well as our frequently asked questions and troubleshooting guides (both on the website and Easy Setup Wizard) are helpful to guide you through troubleshooting on your own. I'm sure we can get you up and connected with the strongest cellular connection!

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I live in Denver, CO and I

I live in Denver, CO and I need the BFN# for COPS Monitoring. Can someone from Simplisafe please provide this info? Thank you.


@bob.wilson.44 In case you


In case you haven't seen my response in the other forum thread yet, I have emailed this information to you! If there's anything else we can help you with, please let us know!

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I too live in Denver and just

I too live in Denver and just moved to an area I will be needing a permit . could I get the bfn as well please?

@tmspyder Thanks for writing


Thanks for writing in! I have emailed you the requested information. If there is anything else we can help with, please let us know.

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