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C.O.P.S. Monitoring - Phone Number and Important Info

Hi all,

As always, thanks so much for choosing SimpliSafe. We wanted to take the opportunity to let you know of a slight change in the dispatch procedure that will affect you.

Our Monitoring Company partner, C.O.P.S. Monitoring, is transitioning to a new phone number, which is:


If you have their number saved on your phone, it would be a good idea to change it now, so you'll know who's calling! Of course, the previous number 1-800-633-2677 will still work for the time being. But all future emergency calls will now go through the new number.

If you have found this post while looking for C.O.P.S. Monitoring's information for permits/registering with your local authorities, that remains the same:

C.O.P.S. Monitoring
1041 Glassboro Rd. F2
Williamstown, NJ 08094

Let us know if you have any further questions!

Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

Well I appreciate your

Well I appreciate your efforts to post the new number in the forms, I am sure you realize it will be lost in the forms within days, if not within hours.

Another strong case for a customer Resource Center.

I received an email about the

I received an email about the new number - but they attached a contact card to the email which immediately makes the email suspect - I use outlook without a preview pane and will not open an email which has an attachment unless I am expecting an attachment from someone I know. Being as it is so easy to spoof who the email is from I did not open it until I saw this post.

A good / bad idea SimpliSafe to attach the contact card.

My antivirus/ malware

My antivirus/ malware software said it was safe so I opened it but you do make a good point

I too thought it might have

I too thought it might have been a phish e-mail. Then I sat on hold to Tech support for 20 minutes with no answer (glad I didn't have a real issue) and then sat on hold another 10 minutes trying to get a hold of the setup team (glad I didn't really need help setting it up)...

Then I thought, Hey, lets check the forums...

And after 40 minutes of trying to find out if it was real or not I found it here.

I also thought the email

I also thought the email might be fraudulent, so ignored. I don't click on email links, but will research the email. It would be nice if SS had a notice of the change when logging onto you account via computer.

They did have a notice when logging on with the SS updated app.

God, I hope someone from

God, I hope someone from Simplisafe reads this thread; its too funny. See, no need for a Customer Resource Center. LOL

I rejected a call at 4:30

I rejected a call at 4:30 this morning from that number because I didn't hear the alarm. I was in a distant part of my house and didn't have my hearing aid in. I didn't get the email until 8:00 pm yesterday long after I stopped checking my email.

@glenbarrington, my

@glenbarrington, my apologies. Now this thread does not seem so funny, but is an example how important this information is.

I thought it was a scam too!

I thought it was a scam too!

Well, these things happen.

Well, these things happen. Hopefully, SimpliSafe will get these sorts of messages out earlier. I'm just glad tomorrow's newspaper's headlines won't read, "Naked, hearing impaired, veteran shot by cops in own home."

A quick Follow-up. A

A quick Follow-up.

A Simplisafe representative called me this morning and apologized for this mix-up. I'm sorry, I didn't catch his name, my hearing aid wasn't in when he gave me his name!

But we had an informative, friendly, and polite conversation about how we could address my hearing problems, and I am completely satisfied with SimpliSafe's response.

One thing that I think everyone needs to know, is to not get rid of the original monitoring number, it will remain as a secondary number and could, theoretically at least, be used for call monitoring.

I will cross post this in one other thread where my problem was discussed.

@glenbarrington, great

@glenbarrington, great information and thanks for the posting, but even with you putting it in the other thread.... yeah, you guessed it, will be lost in days, if not in hours since Simplisafe continues not to have a Customer Resource Center. (Sorry SS, but it is worth repeating...lives could depend on it.

Dear SS,...the consensus is

Dear SS,...the consensus is that the email from "Dave" was suspicious to 99% of your customers, because gosh, "Dave" hasn't really written or sent an email in months, yes, months. And, no attachments, never send attachments to your customers. Ever.
And since you refuse to implement 2FA, there's another weak link to access any link you might have or plan to include in any future emails.

Oh, there's an account for every customer. There's a place on the accounts to POST A NOTICE, or an ALERT, or a NEWSFLASH or what ever, post it there! Or, your main site index page! Or hey, there's this thing called a base station, with OTA firmware update capability- or a phone app msg, or text message. Or a forum STICKY, with a red icon next to it, yes, it's possible to do that.

Sorry, please do better next time, that's all we ask (well, for this issue anyway).

I agree with the criticism in

I agree with the criticism in here. I installed some new devices today and put it in test mode. It's 10 PM now and they called me 7 minutes ago from the new number to tell me they got the signal. I almost ignored it until I looked it up really quick to find out who it was. I thought I screwed something up and the police were being sent or something.

These notices need to be more obvious. Why not have them posted within your mobile application? I eventually found the "notice" e-mail buried along with all of your marketing crap from "Dave". No wonder I ignored it.

When the change was made,

When the change was made, there was a pop-up in the app that indicated that the change was being made. If I remember correctly, it showed up multiple times.
The information is also listed under the Help & Support tab in the app.

Comments removed after

Comments removed after Customer Service took care of my issue-good job by them!!
Dave in Reno

Call SS (ask for a

Call SS (ask for a supervisor) and ask for each available number they have for COPS monitoring, and add them to your phone. I have both the old and the new in my phone, just in case the transition is going to take awhile (or if it even transitions at all) - haven't had to have them call me in some time, but either way, keep both numbers for now.

Yesterday I ran a test on my

Yesterday I ran a test on my system, and got a call from the monitoring company (which I didn't expect but OK.) I have Hiya on my phone and it identified the caller as 'Bob's Security'. My phone itself identified the call as Integra Custom Systems.

I just set this system up and was instructed to put the old phone number in my contacts. I ended up here trying to find the correct number. Now I have both in my contacts.


This morning I received a c

This morning I received a c all from 800-633-2677 as I set off the alarm.
According to the Feb 26, 2019 note at the top of this thread, this number was to be temporary and the new COPS number was to be 855-693-4911. What gives?

Called from the new number

Called from the new number yesterday.

My friend accidentally set off my alarm yesterday and I got a call from the 693-4911 number. Got it less than a minute after the alarm was tripped!

Is it possible you have both numbers on one entry in your contacts? I have seen some phones display the contact name and the first number on the contact no matter which of the numbers in the contact is calling.

Scared the crap out of my friend, but I was happy since he effectively tested the alarm and proved it works!

I just received a call from

I just received a call from the monitoring service because I was messing with a flood sensor, and they apparently started blocking caller ID! Not only does this cause a delay in them reaching me (to prevent spam, my phone intercepts the call and requires them to identify themselves before connecting.)

I believe some of my phones are set up to simply reject private callers. I also had previously set up Simplisafe dispatch's (apparently former) phone number to ring my phone even when it was set to quiet. Now the call won't get through in that scenario.

This is totally unacceptable. Is this how the dispatch center is operating now for everyone under all circumstances?

No it is not.            

No it is not.            

As asked in the other thread you posted: Did you ask them if they were blocking CID, or just observe it? I had an alarm a couple of days ago and the CID showed the 693-4911 number.

Tested my system last night

Tested my system last night (also accidentally set off a water alarm), and the call came from the 693-4911. It showed as "Out of Area", but the number was not blocked.

Happened to me yesterday

Happened to me yesterday (posted in another thread about this).

Hey, Johnny M, (if you're still at Simplisafe?) this needs to be addressed ASAP. Completely unacceptable - no other description for it - that the monitoring service has "Unknown number" when calling.

I got a call this morning

I got a call this morning from the original 800 number (which was not stored in my phone) and the caller ID said "Bob's Security." I thought it was another robocall ('tis the season). Well, it seems my cat actually set off the alarm, and because I ignored the call, Central Dispatch was already on the phone with local police dispatch by the time I figured out the alarm had indeed been activated. Fortunately, officers were not actually dispatched and all is well. Long story short...keep both numbers in your phone as either one could be used to contact you. I also learned that the system is very efficient. Now, I just need to find a better location for my motion sensors.

I received a call this week

I received a call this week from the Central station from 855-693-4911. It appears that there are at least three numbers from which these calls can come, per my telephone call with the central station today. They are: 800-633-2677, which is the one they told me at first on the call. I then asked if there were any others, and the person asked her supervisor and then came back with 800-548-9508. When I told her the number I had received the call from this week was 855-693-4911, she checked again and said that this also is a number they could call from. At that point I asked if she could confirm that there were no other numbers, and she put me on hold again and then came back to say that her supervisor said that those were the only ones. I have separately submitted a technical support request to confirm all possible numbers. By my not recognizing this week's call, I was not able to check my camera and confirm that the cause was a guest who had arrived earlier than expected. So, it ended up resulting in a police visit.

I mis-typed that second

I mis-typed that second number given to me today by the central station - it wasn't 800-548-9508 - rather it was 800-548-9508. I'm seeing too many numbers this morning for my own good!

800-548-9508 is Simplisafe's

800-548-9508 is Simplisafe's number, NOT Cops Monitoring.

I received a call from the

I received a call from the 800-633-2677 number at 1:27 pm last Friday. I didn't recognize the number so I didn't answer it. I did a search for the number and saw it was associated with COPS. I went to the location where the alarm is installed and found there had been an attempted burglary. So, it seems the "old" number is still in use. I was familiar with the "new" number so in the future, I'll know to answer both numbers when I'm called by the monitoring service.

C.O.P.S. Monitoring phone

C.O.P.S. Monitoring phone number change. Today is 10-20-20; just found this string of responses and your posting. Honestly, it would be enormously helpful to issue automatic email messages or text messages to subscribers as changes occur. I really had to dig today and with all that is going on, it was increasingly anxiety producing to have to spend so much time finding such important information. Call me crazy but we rely on SimpliSafe for security. Things are a bit suspect now more than ever. An alert to update my payment method prompted me to the website. Otherwise, still would have been in the dark. Please be sure that this concern is moved up to those who can address.

Thank you.

^ don't count on it. Sadly,

^ don't count on it. Sadly, critical issues that affect customers never seem to be a priority. We've asked for a status/critical issues/OTA release notes page on their website for years. Guess it's never going to happen.

Can I please have the permit

Can I please have the permit information for Ossining, NY? My local permit application renewal is requiring it.