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New Central Station Monitoring Company

Since SimpliSafe started, they have used Amcest Corporation as their alarm monitoring partner. But as of a couple of weeks ago, they have added a new Central Station that they deal with in addition to Amcest. The new Central Station is called C.O.P.S Monitoring. This Central Station is phenomenal! I have dealt with them in the past and have A LOT of friends and colleagues that currently have active monitoring service with them. I have nothing but the utmost respect for this company. In my opinion, C.O.P.S. Monitoring is the best Central Station out there! Good for SimpliSafe for getting a second option other than the not so great Amcest.

How would we switch over?

How would we switch over?

Kelley Could you provide some


Could you provide some more information on this?

@sevensiamesecats I called


I called SimpliSafe Customer Service and told them I wasn't happy with Amcest Monitoring and I wanted to switch over to the new monitoring station. Within 5 minutes, my account was switched.

Sweet! They have 6

Sweet! They have 6 monitoring centers. There is one in Arizona which is closer to me on the west coast. Looks like they have pretty good reviews. I will try calling them.

I just switched over and it

I just switched over and it is showing on My Account. I will do a test later to see how they respond and post here.

Did you notice C.O.P.S

Did you notice C.O.P.S Monitoring has VIDEO monitoring services? What product is SimpliSafe releasing next? Security Cameras.

Interesting to say the least.

I believe Amcest has camera

I believe Amcest has camera monitoring as well. The services on the website are offered to all clients whether or not they support it. FYI I ran the test, took a little longer than I expected for them to call confirming the test. Also, they did not ask for my safe word when confirming my test but just called to let me know we received a test signal and wanted to let you know. Amcest didn't ask for safe word on test either. (This test is for COPS not Amcest. With Amcest, they would sometimes call on a test but not always, I don't have enough experience with COPS to know if there are times they don't call since it's just a test and they are busy dispatching other alarms).

FYI, After switching to COPS

FYI, After switching to COPS Monitoring, the My Account page shows the monitoring as COPS monitoring, however the alarm certificate still says AMCEST. When will this be updated to show the correct monitoring company rather than just showing AMCEST regardless of which monitoring company is active?

Does it make a difference in

Does it make a difference in Home Owners Insurance from one Monitoring center to another. I mean, is there a better price break if I switch to COPS which reportedly has 6 monitoring centers as apposed to Amcests 1?

This whole concept about 6 vs

This whole concept about 6 vs 1 locations is overrated. Amcest is in NJ and has redundancy for all systems. NJ doesn't experience a lot of natural disasters. If you are with COPS, they may have 6 locations but your system is still contacting only 1of the 6. I think it's incorrect to assume that 6 is necessarily better than 1. Too many variables to make a simple judgement without any real facts. Having a center close to you is meaningless. It's not like the phone signal will reach the center so much faster if it's close. Response will vary depending on how busy each center is, the quality of employees - which will be hit or miss either way, etc. Let's not overthink this without any actual data.

I just did a series of tests

I just did a series of tests with Amcest
- total power down/power up
- enter test mode after cell reacquired
- SD test

Last week they called me for each, tonight at 10:30 pm EST I got NO calls for any of e above tests ... Only texts???

Didn't you say in another

Didn't you say in another post that during the install of some SD's, that you asked them not to call you? Maybe they put something in their system as a note, and now when you test, it comes up on their computer with a note from you that says not to call. They see a test signal and don't call because they think maybe you're still setting something up.
Just tossing out ideas.

I did indeed ... but even

I did indeed ... but even after the "do not call" they continued to call, said it was no problem. And I would assume that after a day or few the "do not call" would be removed but I could be wrong. I will call SS here in just a few and see what's up. Might be something I did?? who knows?? If so ... I actual fine with that bc them calling when i test each SD x7 is a bit of a pain ... especially where I am when testing some of them.

Did another test mode test

Did another test mode test today ... and still no call from Amcest monitoring. Called SS and they said there is no long term "do not call for test" list, BUT that the monitoring service does give priority to actual alarms and are not contract bound to call for test signals. We (SS and I) reviewed my event log and noted all of my tests from last night and today. I got texts at the time of tests. And the system (according to SS) is communicating thru the Verizon tower and not my phone line (which is also connected). So I am good with not getting a call from monitoring with tests. But it does seem like it will be inconsistent depending on call load at the monitoring center.

Also asked if there was any advantage to switching from Amcest to COPS ... the SS tech said not off the top of his head, just an alternate monitoring service. So I am not switching just yet. Have had ZERO problems so far. :D

But wondering ... if I switch to COPS (which reportedly has 6 centers instead of 1) will I be monitored by all 6 and the least busy of the 6 will make the call ... or am I only monitored by 1 center and that changes only in the event of an emergency at that center? Seems like if all 6 centers are monitoring, you would be more likely to get a call from the least busy center when doing a test.

Without knowing more about

Without knowing more about the 2 companies, there's no way to know if 6 is better than one. If COPS has 6 times the customers to monitor, and if both companies have the same size call centers, then COPS 6 centers won't matter. Maybe COPS routes calls based on load at each site, maybe it's by geography. Maybe Amcent is housed in a well protected bunker, maybe COPS 6 sites are in normal buildings. Who knows? Unless SS provides more details, all else is just speculation. Good questions for sure. Just not answerable without more info.

You can visit the COPS

You can visit the COPS website to learn more. They overstaff the other locations if one of them is down due to disaster or server related issues. So it is better than if the one site Amcest has goes down. At any rate, you can always switch and try them out and then switch back of you don't like them.

I did a test with COPS and got a call confirming test. With Amcest, sometimes they call sometimes no.

Well I am up to 3 system test

Well I am up to 3 system test in the past 2 days and 1 full on system trip in home mode at 10:30 tonite. I let the siren go for about 15-30 seconds. Had my phone in had fully expected a monitoring call ... But the call never came. Got a text, but no call. This was a forced entery simulation. I am surprised i got no call. I may make the call to switch tomorrow.

Let me know how it goes with

Let me know how it goes with your testing tomorrow. I'm surprised there was no call from Amcest even with the full system trip, are you sure you have a cell connection? You should try calling Amcest and asking them if they even got the signal. That's pretty bad if they don't call as the text doesn't mean dispatch got the signal and that the police are coming, as they obviously didn't show up and you didn't cancel.

Im going to test with panic

Im going to test with panic button today. Time it and see what happens.

As to connection. When i asked SS about that they told me if i was getting texts and creating an event log i am connected. SS can also see and tell you how you are communicating. ie. via cell or land line. In my case i have both connected and they told me yesterday all test signals were coming thru cell.

You should call amcest to ask

You should call amcest to ask why they didn't call back and if they received signal. It should be connecting to them as well if it is connecting to SS.

Ok using the panic button got

Ok using the panic button got a text alert in less than 15 seconds and a call feom Amcest receiving the panic alart in less than 30 seconds. The dispatcher first asked for my safe word, asked if everything was OK and then politely said goodbye. So monitoring is working and calling. But not sure why they did not call last nite with the entery sensor alert. May be i did not let it go long enough and they could see i disarmed with key fob.

Probably, but 30 secs is an

Probably, but 30 secs is an awful long time. An intruder could have been making you disarm under duress and you forgot the duress pin.

Accedentially set off the

Accedentially set off the alarm today thru a tripped entry sensor and motion sensor when system was set to away mode. I went into my garage before going into the house. No keypad there. Forgot. did not realize until I heard the alarm. 30 sec delay before alarm siren goes off. I pressed the "disarm" on the key fob in less than 15 secs. Got 2 texts noting the alarm trip and the disarm .... BUT NO monitoring center call from Amcest. :( I know the reason will be that I disarmed with Key Fob in just a few seconds, but what if it was a forced entry and the intruder forced the disarm? What Then?

Not feeling overly safe or "monitored" with Amcest at the moment.

@mmccol Thank you for


Thank you for posting! We'd be happy to discuss this alarm event with you. For security purposes, we do not discuss specific alarm events over the forums, but we'd be happy to discuss this with you and address any concerns. Please just give us a call with your safe word!

SimpliSafe Home Security

@mmccol Then hide your key

Then hide your key fob like I do. Then you use your distress PIN. Or, if you're so distressed, you enter the wrong PIN a time or two. By then, the monitoring company has been notified and are calling.
But, what if they force you to tell the monitoring company everything is OK? But what if they answer for you and make you give them your safe word? What if they just set off an EMP in your yard and come on in?

Tell the monitoring company a

Tell the monitoring company a fake safe word. Not sure if duress pin gets a call I think they just send police. Hopefully the crooks don't suspect anything due to no call. Maybe they should call pretending to ask safe word but send cops matter what word is given?

@abcd Thank you for posting!


Thank you for posting! If you provide the monitoring company the incorrect safe word, they will not indicate that it is the incorrect one, in case of an emergency, and then dispatch your local law enforcement!

SimpliSafe Home Security

For the second time in about

For the second time in about 2 weeks, my system and the siren were triggered today by an entry sensor. The system was armed in "home" mode. I was at the other end of the house and, realizing what had happened, I turned the system off via the key fob. I received no call from Amcest, in either case. In both instances, the siren sounded for approximately 10 seconds.

The first time this happened, I called Amcest to find out if my monitoring connection was okay. The rep who answered said it was, but that--and I'm not 100% certain of my recollection on this part, more like 95%--they wait two minutes once they receive an alert, and if the system is turned off within that time frame, they don't call.


What if some Bad Guy--who has had 2-1/2 minutes to get to me by then--turns the system off using my key fob? No one who could help is the wiser, and the mischief-in-progress goes unreported?

Totally unacceptable. I'll be checking into this.

If the alarm is triggered and

If the alarm is triggered and you cancel it right away (SS can provide the exact time frame) the monitoring company won't ....and shouldn't call. You, yourself cancelled the alarm so why call??

I believe there is about a 10

I believe there is about a 10 second period that the monitoring company will allow for false alarms. I set mine off intentionally one day just to see what happened, and I got a call in approximately 20 seconds. I know my wife set the alarm off twice shortly after we installed it, and we disarmed it immediately, and did not get a call.

Every time we've set off the

Every time we've set off the alarm - accidentally or on purpose, and not turned it off very quickly, we've been called in under 30 seconds. I've always been impressed.

Thanks for the feedback,

Thanks for the feedback, folks. I'll wait a little while and do a test to see how long it takes before the company calls.