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First I would like to say that the SimpliSafe system paid for itself yesterday when my water heater burst a leak. Although we had minor damage, gone unnoticed, this would have been a real disaster had the water sensor not notified me of a presence of water.

The system certainly makes you aware there is a problem and the dispatch center called as an extra layer of notification. I do have a question, however. If I had been out of town, say, and no one had access to my house, is it possible for dispatch to send, say the fire department to turn off the water in the house? Not sure what the protocol is on that, but the purpose would kind of be defeated if there was not a way to prevent further damage.

Interested in what the policy is on this.

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Thank you for posting! This is a great question! Sensors like the temperature sensor and the water sensor do not receive any type of dispatch. The monitoring company will call all your primary and secondary contacts, leaving voice mails. You may want to consider adding a neighbor or close friend to the list who could turn your water off for you if you were out of town!

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(Sensors like the temperature

(Sensors like the temperature sensor and the water sensor do not receive any type of dispatch.)
SO when is a dispatch call made? Fire alarm? Carbon monoxide alarm? Entry? Smoke? Motion? Glass breakage?

Fire/Smoke, carbon monoxide,

Fire/Smoke, carbon monoxide, entry, motion, and glass would all signal an emergency dispatch.

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Thanks for posting! If you have a burglary alarm (such as an entry sensor or a motion sensor), a panic alarm (a panic button being pushed or a duress PIN entered), a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide alarm, you will receive dispatch. Dispatch will not occur if it gets too cold in your house (Such as freeze sensor) or if the water sensor is tripped. I hope this clarifies this matter!

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