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Business versus Home

I am looking for a security system for my business. Is there any difference between the equipment and/or the monitoring for a business compared to a home system? Thanks!

@starloft SS just recently

@starloft SS just recently announced a business division. Suggest you call SS and talk to them directly. I do know they showed a business dashboard to support multiple locations. Other than that, I believe the equipment so far is exactly the same.

SS is not really intended as

SS is not really intended as a business system. SS is geared toward a small number of users with some level of trust between them...like a small family. There are only 5 PINs total and security permission/access hierarchy is basically two levels at the PIN pad (one system admin/master PIN and four user PINs). If considering the remote/interactive app there is only one level of access/permissions; everyone is system admin/master using a shared userID and password.