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Can you set the alarm mode to change at a specific time?

Can the system be programmed to switch from Away to Home mode at a specific time? For instance, can I set the system to Away mode when I go to sleep at night and then have it automatically switch to Home mode at, say, 5:00 am so my kids do not trip the motion sensors when they wake up and go downstairs?

@selfskr Thanks for posting!


Thanks for posting! SimpliSafe does not have a timer feature, but that is a great recommendation. This will likely be a large feature update, but we'll forward it along to the development team to see if it's something we can consider in the future!

SimpliSafe Home Security

This would be a great

This would be a great feature. It should be fairly easy to implement through the web interface.

Never tell a programmer that

Never tell a programmer that something should be "easy to implement." I say this as a programmer myself.

@nightryder1 Thanks for


Thanks for posting your suggestion! This does look like something that our development team would be able to implement, but it's not on our current product road map. We'll be sure to pass on the recommendation for consideration in the future!

SimpliSafe Home Security

Did this ever become a thing?

Did this ever become a thing? I see this was posted in 2013 so I hope so.



No this is not a feature and

No this is not a feature and may never be a feature, because...When the alarm arms itself the owner WILL sometimes forget it is armed and trigger false alarms then the Police show up and the cities start charging more false alarm Fines. Big Big NO NO.
Auto arming should NEVER be a feature because the nice convenience is not worth the big headaches, anxiety and stress most people will have because they forget it auto arms and they end up charged a false alarm fee.
I met someone this happened to.

And bad as auto-arm is,

And bad as auto-arm is, auto-disarm is worse.

You can actually achieve this

You can actually achieve this by using home automation systems, such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa. I know GHome lets you setup routines at specified times and if you give it access to your SS system, it can set it up as Home or Away. It cannot turn it off completely (set to Off) though and I think it was a safety feature so that an unauthorized person can not turn it off by using voice or other means.

I disagree with the comments regarding why it should not be a feature due to false alarms. I'd rather have that than someone forgetting to set it up, have the actual incident, and ending up with no alarms. And this is an optional feature to use so like many others, use it at your own discretion. Currently, you can set it up, forget, and trigger a false alarm too, which we all do time to time. Point is most of these are cancelled within 10 seconds by owners and occasionally they'll get a call from COPS which is also ok. Again, this is better than not having the alarm armed because of forgetting.

I personally would request another feature where it sets up as Home when it's not Away but doesn't change it when it's set up Away. Something like IFTTT. That way, when it's forgotten by midnight, I can set it to Home automatically. But when I'm traveling and it's set to Away, it doesn't go back to Home.