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Beware, simplisafe doesn't tell you this, but their coupons and discount codes are a one-time-only thing. Not very customer friendly so buy EVERYTHING you think you might need cuz there ain't no breaks in the future!! I have half a mind to send the few parts back that I ordered and reorder everything. I have an alarm need that would result in $150-$200 savings.

@Elivinicizz Thank you for


Thank you for posting! I do apologize for any confusion. The coupons we offer are advertised as for system orders, not individual components. Occasionally, we do offer sensor coupons. The best way to find out about those is through our newsletter! You can sign up through your customer account.

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There are coupon codes on

There are coupon codes on but they usually require a minimum per order amount. I think there is a coupon code called pandora10 for 10% off the entire order or freeship for free shipping. There's also a code for getting a free extra keypad. Also you can order refurbished.



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