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How do I ever get my order from SimpliSafe? Apparently NEVER!

To NOT get my Haven order, it has taken:

9 days, and at least 5 more to go
2 separate attempts to order online (website not functioning multiple days)
3 separate attempts to order over the phone
8 (at least) calls to customer service (very nice people, but incomplete promises) nearly every day to check status, get an invoice and a tracking number of the order that wasn't cancelled by the FBI algorithm (of which I was only notified once of the two times it was cancelled. I cannot be the only person in the US who needs the components shipped to a different address than the credit card confirmation address. I made customer service aware of this each time I had to order and reorder.)
1 missing key pad
2 missing entries
1 missing motion
1 missing camera
1 missing key fob
1 missing panic button
and who knows what else.

I cannot trust a security company that is unable to put together a complete order and ship it with a semblance of competence.

I will have to wait 5 more days for the balance of the components to arrive. If they do.

I am out of patience, and am giving up. This entire experience has been frustrating and a waste of time.

I will repackage the incomplete components I received and return them.

I will dispute the credit card charge.

I will file a complaint with the FTC for fraudulent advertising for your television and online ads.

I will tell everyone I know this company is incompetent and cannot be trusted.

This is no way to do business. And you've lost mine. I'm ordering from ADT.

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