Lowest temperature you've seen an outdoor siren work

On another site, a person asks/comments,

"I live in New England where it gets VERY cold. What is the temperature threshold that an outside siren will not operate? This will determine if I buy or not. Thanks."

Now we know that battery life will decrease in cold temperatures, but what is the lowest temperature that anyone actually knows of where an outdoor siren successfully and regularly works?

The factual answer is 45 and

The factual answer is 45 and 114 degrees Fahrenheit. Real world scenario - we'll have to find out!

@light3 Thank you for


Thank you for posting! The siren is rated to work about 45 degrees, as 2012 stated. Let us know if there's anything else we can help you out with!

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Thanks Kelley! But I had seen

Thanks Kelley!

But I had seen elsewhere where you wrote:

"Typically, colder temperatures simply reduce the battery life of the component.

Heat may also reduce the battery life, however we have seen higher temperatures more often damage our equipment than lower temperatures.

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So whereas I know that 45 F - 114 F are the given safe operating temperatures, one still wonders, "Down to what temperature would an outdoor siren be likely to work in the winter?"

I'm not asking for any guarantees here, but for instance, if I am willing to change out the battery monthly or even weekly, down to what temp can I reasonably expect the siren to work?

@light3 Maybe some other


Maybe some other customers may be able to best share their experience here. Since it's only rated to 45 degrees, it's difficult to say other than stories of personal experiences!

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45 degrees is nothing in the

45 degrees is nothing in the northeast. Is that really all the alarm is good for? I wanted to mount mine outdoors under an awning. It can drop into the teens (or lower) during winter around here...

They really need to come out

They really need to come out with a better siren. What good is it for us up here in the northeast???

I don't know about the siren,

I don't know about the siren, but I've got a motion detector at the bottom of my 200 foot driveway on a tree that's functioning fine after months in the rain, wind, and recently 8 degree temps. If SimpliSafe would send me an outdoor siren, I'd be happy to test it in true New England conditions this winter.

@tele_mark Thanks for the


Thanks for the offer! We're in New England too, so we got that covered. :)

@Joe G

Thanks for writing in! Typically colder temperatures just reduce the battery life, however this is definitely something you may want to keep in mind. Please also consider that the sensors themselves are not designed for outdoor use.

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Kelley - would the 105db

Kelley - would the 105db siren stand up to outdoor use in a rough winter other than the batteries? Your site says, "Completely Wireless and rated for indoor or outdoor use."

@Joe G Yes! You can certainly

@Joe G

Yes! You can certainly keep the siren outdoors in the winter.

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Having read many posts in

Having read many posts in deciding on my system, I can see many limitations of the Simplisafe system. It's very unfortunate that the siren is not rated for cold temps.

A key feature I need is the alarm to work for my detached garage and have a siren installed in there to deter any would-be thief.

Having read this, not sure if I should even bother buying the system. I'm much more concerned about theft from my garage and shed than inside the home. Driving away with my show car, John Deere tractor, and snowblower would be a more likely risk (and expensive calamity) than theft of a TV and laptop in my rural location.