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Old system verses New System

I’ve got the old system and thinking of upgrading.
My existing system works well except for smoke detector problems that I’m trying to fix.
I have one camera that works ok now.
Has anyone made the change ?
Are you happy with the new and what did you find better or worse

@BenTown if you do a google

@BenTown if you do a google site search you will find more than a few threads discussing this in detail from 2018 and on when SS3 was released. I had SS2 and got SS3 the month it released. The design and features are very nice and better than SS2, especially in the look and operation of the hardware (the aux siren is now actually part of the main system, the keypad lights with nice display) and the firmware standpoint, now encrypted end to end and can (and is) updated over the air. Range is also greatly improved.

Is it worth the money? That you will have to decide as your old system is working. For me, upgrading to the new system was a good decision.

One more item: SS offered substantial discounts in the past for upgrading. You should call and ask. Unfortunately, I do not remember what the deal was but it was very good. You may want to research that before calling. Best of luck with your decision.

SimplSafe version 3 is so

SimplSafe version 3 is so much better than SS2, especially when using the App. You can program everything without using a computer. Mine is now going on 2 years old and it has functioned perfectly since the day I installed it. Well worth the money.

After a long conversation

After a long conversation with SS I’ve got a new system on the way.
Will have it next week and install after some painting is done soon after
Thanks for the commits

@BenTown good luck with your

@BenTown good luck with your new system. I believe you will find it worth the upgrade.

I have the Original

I have the Original SimpliSafe system and would love to upgrade to the SS3 current version but I have too much invested to consider this. To date I have $1,187.81 in my equipment. I emailed SimpliSafe asking what, if any, devices of my current system would be compatible with the new one and was told that NONE of the sensors of my original system were compatible with the new SS3 version. Odd because I don't see any defined differences between the in-home cameras and Video Doorbell Pro cameras. Regardless, I will not trash my existing system and spend another $1,000 plus just to get current, only to find out another new version will be announced, making my new system incompatible again and then having to start over a third time. SimpliSafe has priced their system out of my budget with this marketing strategy. It's sad too because I wouldn't have ADT and don't care for Ring. I also really like the new wi-fi capabilities of the SS3 system, which is a huge improvement over the Original system I have now. I recently changed my wi-fi password in my router and spent a lot of time trying to update my cameras, which are the only wi-fi capable components in my Original system. I also asked about available discounts for people upgrading from SS2 to SS3 but did not get any info on that other than to call a salesperson so they can give me their spiel. I have 2 in-home cameras, 2 Video Doorbell Pro cameras, 6 entry sensors, 3 motion sensors, a glass break sensor, 2 freeze sensors, a CO detector, a smoke detector, one keypad, a panic button and two key chain remotes.

@vtxcruizer many newer

@vtxcruizer many newer support reps need more training, and your experience with the call you made illustrates this. While it is true sensors, base etc are not compatible, the Simplicams are. Also, if you do a Google site search, you will see why the systems are not compatible (all good reasons) and that SS, while sending mixed signals for a long time, eventually provided a decent upgrade offer. I suggest you call sales, if inclined to do, and ask for the past offer. I think it was 30% and some customers even reported better than that.

BTW, I share your opinion on ADT.

Last I heard, it was 40% off

Last I heard, it was 40% off when upgrading, but you have to ask, or if the rep doesn't know what you're talking about, ask rep to escalate your request to a senior supervisor. As long as you purchased your SS2 system prior to Jan 2018, they should honor the discount.

And I seriously doubt that SS will upgrade to a version 4 any time soon - they had too much invested in SS3, and can't even get some of the kinks worked out with this one (bad batches of cameras, apps having issues - granted, most of the time, those issues are temporary, but with those issues alone, it's a looooooong temporary situation thus far).

@vtxcruizer, you can do a search for some of the reviews here on the forum for those of us who have SS3 - in my opinion, it's far better than SS2, has OTA firmware update ability, longer range, wifi and cellular, and the design is a bit more sleek than SS2. Just go to google and type into the search bar: site:simplisafe.com/forum SS3 review

Is it an additional cost to upgrade? Yes, but in terms of some of the above mentioned, the upgraded features will pay for themselves pretty quickly.

Thank you very much for the

Thank you very much for the info, Captain11 and coltmaster1. If my in-home cameras and Video Doorbell Pro cameras will work with the new system, that saves me a major expense. As I said I would really like to have the SS3 system with the much improved capabilities. I bought my system in 2017 and then got the Doorbell cameras in early 2019. I will take your advice and call sales. Then ask to speak to a supervisor if I feel I am getting a run around and not being offered a decent discount. If we won't be faced with another upgrade for quite a while it would be worth it. Thanks again folks!

@vtxcruizer, there is one

@vtxcruizer, there is one reason and one reason only that there is no compatibility between SS2 and SS3. SS3 uses encrypted signals and SS2 does not. Thus, SS2 sees SS3 signals as gobbledegook, and SS3 sees SS2 signals as an attempt to break into the system.

It is highly likely that most if not all SS3 sensors will work with any SS4 which might come out - and it will likely be at least 5 years before that happens. They would have to have a really good reason to change the signal protocol from SS3 and no such reason has been brought forward yet.

The cameras do not talk to the base, so they don't care what signals the base and sensors use. They are WI-FI only, direct to SS and so are independent of the level of SS you have.

SS has had several upgrade offers. 40% and 50% off a new system with the return of the old key parts (base, keypad and master remote) and allegedly even a brief 100% exchange, but that one was a direct one for one swap. It appears only people who maintain a monitoring plan are eligible for offers.

I think a great many of us

I think a great many of us would be p*ssed if they came out with SS4 in the too-near future- it took a lot of yelling and screaming to get SS to offer upgrade discounts from SS2 to SS3, and even then, not everyone got a discount (I think SS was very ill-prepared to handle the backlash).

@sevensiamesecats, your

@sevensiamesecats, your explanation of how SS3 works compared to SS2 made the upgrade decision for me, assuming SS will honor a discount of some kind to help ease the financial pain of starting over. I have been on the $24.99 monitoring plan since I installed my original system. Thinking about it I agree that with this new SS3 signal processing protocol, they really will not have a reason to change their format again so I feel confident with upgrading. It will be so much easier to control the system from the app.

Also, your explanation about the cameras is dead on and agrees with what SS told me when they said the SS2 "sensors" will not be compatible with SS3. The cameras aren't sensors and already use WI-FI.

Thanks everyone for your time and comments. I think SS is the best system out there and will feel good about upgrading to SS3.

I'm in the same boat as you,

I'm in the same boat as you, my system is old goes back to 2015, and it's trash, lots of false positives. I will call to see if they will provide with a free upgrade and if not satisfied, I will dump them and switch to a different brand.



Get real. Free upgrade?

Get real. Free upgrade? You might get a 40% discount, but that's not guaranteed, and a better deal is near impossible.

If SS can't get your existing system working reliably, it is unlikely the new model will make you any happier, as their customer service has disintegrated to be essentially useless.

Two SS2 systems have worked

Two SS2 systems have worked well for me. No hurry to "upgrade" to SS3 given what I see on the forums. That said, it's often hard to distinguish if it's actually a SS3 problem or a user problem. I have some suspicions but I'm unwilling to test that given SS2 is doing the job for me.

@whoaru99: I totally agree.

@whoaru99: I totally agree. My SS2 does what I need so not going to upgrade. When I do it will most likely be Cove or Abode.

You need to call customer

You need to call customer service. People that have been customers since January 2018 (continuously with interactive package) are eligible for a free upgrade. You have to call customer service. I received an email regarding the free upgrade. They not only replaced my SS2 original order, but also replaced all additional sensors I had purchased. Everything was free and no shipping charges.

I had SS2 system for several years with no issues. I’ve been using SS3 for about 1 month. Tape isn’t the same and I’ve had a one sensor fall off. Also, two other sensors have randomly stopped responding, and then start working again several hours later. I never had an issue with SS2 and all sensors are in same locations.

I also have a FREE SS3

I also have a FREE SS3 otw...due in today...all the same sensors and devices as my SS2...I just have to send in my old SS2 for them to resell.

I’m also a longtime customer

I’m also a longtime customer with professional monitoring. I just sent an email to customer service inquiring about this free upgrade. I hope I’m able to get a new system at no charge like others here have.

^ They are slow to respond to

^ They are slow to respond to email (if they do at all) - if you haven't heard anything in a couple days, just call them.

I just saw this thread .. Did

I just saw this thread .. Did you guys with old SS2 get the free upgrade?

I have been with Simplisafe since 2012... almost 8 years and I never got the free upgrade email.

^ the emails stating 'free'

^ the emails stating 'free' were very sporadic, I think only a small portion of SS' user base got them, SS' way of not truly giving a discount to all of their loyal customers.

CALL them, request the free upgrade, and if they are no longer providing that, then request the best available upgrade discount option for a long-time loyal customer such as yourself.

I really like several things

I really like several things about the new SS3 over the SS2, the new style key pad is nice. I also like the look of the new base unit and the voice that comes out of it, it's less harsh sounding. Lastly, I like the smaller size of the sensors.

All of that said, I'm still not sure that I'm completely satisfied with the SS3. My old SS2 never had any issues, at least not until my CO2 detector started acting up. That's when they sent me a free complete replacement upgrading me to SS3.

As soon as I installed it I started having a "sensor not responding" issue, which keeps randomly occurring (responding, then not, so on). I don't know if the new sensors have the transmit power that the old SS2 did. My old system, I had a sensor in my shed in the back yard and never had a single issue with it. Since it's winter, I haven't installed the new sensor in that location yet. However, I'm not real optimistic that it's going to work real well on the SS3 since I'm already having issues with a sensor inside the house. My base station is in an open area and that sensor is just two interior walls away. Doesn't give a high level of confidence, for sure.

The old SS2 sensors used a much larger battery than the SS3, so I can't help wonder if the new ones don't have the same transmit power.