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Outdoor camera

Is there an outdoor camera. or do I have to add ARLO

There is not an outdoor

There is not an outdoor camera, and there is no indication when or if there will be an outdoor camera, and if there ever is an outdoor camera, it is likely it will not be particularly useful for outdoor security (which is best served by 24/7 recording). However, there is always the possibility that any SS outdoor camera would have adequate and reliable motion triggering AND adequate notification of triggering, making it more useful for outdoor security that their current camera designs.

Hi all, We know it's been a

Hi all,

We know it's been a long while since we've had news about it. But we are indeed still working on a dedicated outdoor camera. We can't say much more, not even about features or release date. But soon!

Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

@Johnny M thank you for

@Johnny M thank you for letting us know the outdoor cameras are actively being worked on.

Johnny, I was told “soon” a

Johnny, I was told “soon” a year ago. I need a real/true by design outdoor camera. A key reason that I chose SimpliSafe over Ring was because SimpliSafe promised an outdoor camera in late 2019. Reading these posts, it sounds like you’ve been promising an outdoor camera for much longer. “Soon” is subjective and depends on the the person saying it and the subject matter. Soon could be within the hour, a day or so, and even up to a few months for a new product. Ring’s had an outdoor camera since at least mid 2018. It is mid 2020 and SimpliSafe still has no outdoor camera. Soon... hmmm. A more reasonable/measurable timeline would be appreciated and expected. SimpliSafe’s honeymoon period is over. Time to play with the big boys.

"Soon" in SS speak is

"Soon" in SS speak is "sometime in the next 5 years" :-)

I agree... I would love to

I agree... I would love to see a dedicated outdoor rated camera. Similar to what Arlo is offering.

2K and 4K Recording
Wireless and Battery Options
Solar charging Kit

Please let loyal Simplisafe customers know a timeline. Otherwise, I'll need to make a switch to something else.

Thank you,

Absolutely correct! Come on

Absolutely correct! Come on SimpliSafe!!! We are ready and eager to purchase these outdoor cameras. Get on it already!

Hi, Im not a customer YET. I

Hi, Im not a customer YET. I still have my cart loaded and ready for the purchase. Im on the fence still. I really want an outdoor camera to round out my HOME SECURITY. How long before one will be available?

1) almost nobody knows, and

1) almost nobody knows, and anyone who does know won't say. In order to preserve your sanity, assume they will never have one, and then if they ever come out with one, you can be pleasantly surprised. Better than expecting one and them never coming out with one.
2) so far, SS has only done cameras suitable for "inside" usage (after an intrusion). If they used the same base design for their outdoor camera, it will be next to useless for outdoor security (see all the comments about the "doorbell" camera and its usefulness for security).
3) Outdoor security has a different focus than indoor (intrusion) security. Unless SS comes up with something completely new, there will be no advantage to having your outdoors cameras integrated with your security system. So if you want it now, get what is available now which meets your needs.

I purchased the weather

I purchased the weather proofing kit for the current SS camera. As far as weather proofing the camera, the kit works well. IMO the current SS camera is just not up to the task of being a reliable outdoor camera. The SS one I have outdoors constantly drops off line (it has adequate signal, my Arlo camera in same location works well) and does not capture most of the motion taking place on my driveways. It totally misses cars, people and any combination there of. When it does record motion, only portions of the recorded video is actually saved to Timeline. IMO SS cameras are not designed for outdoor use. I am stuck with my Arlos until SS produces an outdoor camera that works as well as the SS intrusion system.

I have two SS cameras and I

I have two SS cameras and I would rate them as mediocre to poor. Not particularly reliable and signal gets dropped quite a lot. I have been waiting for improvements but none seem to be on the way.

I have had the Complete SS

I have had the Complete SS Security system since December 2018. I did buy the silicone skin and installed the camera (that came with the system) outside under my overhang over looking driveway. I would rate it a '2' out of '10'. It does miss all sorts of vehicles and people coming to the house. The night vision is poor. I keep hoping SS will do an outdoor camera very soon.
The security system is very good. However, I may be looking at a different system altogether that will have good outdoor cameras.

There is no particular

There is no particular benefit to having outdoor cameras integrated with a security system. Get the best security system with indoor cameras triggered by the system and also individually, and the best outdoor cameras which give you a record of everything which happened and preferably alerts to check and see if a trigger is something to be concerned about.

Indoor systems can be fairly reliable about detecting intrusion, so the false alarm likelihood is minimal. Outdoors is very difficult to trigger reliably, and false alarms are guaranteed. The indoor system can alert police; the outdoor system should at best alert you.

Is there any update on this?

Is there any update on this? I'm looking to upgrade soon as this sleeve over the indoor camera isn't cutting it.

Simplisafe recently posted in

Simplisafe recently posted in the forums asking customers to sign up as beta testers. No specifics, just said hardware and software so possibly the cameras are close.

Yeah I’m about to switch

Yeah I’m about to switch systems . I’m done waiting. This is a big feature and the way I’ve been strung along for years is crazy. In essence they are a tech company that is moving slower than molasses . Tech companies keep up, I’m afraid this is a sign of things to come. Loved it while I had it but might have to move on. Security is both outside and inside the home. This product gives me half of it. Hate to do it but the big R may have to get my biz


At the CES show in 2018 founder and CEO Chadd Lawrence spoke about SimpliSafe having a wireless, battery powered, outdoor security camera. The camera was said to shine a white spotlight upon motion. Three years later, the SimpliSafe outdoor camera is still not available. The only option is an indoor camera. For an additional charge you can buy a silicone jacket to put around the camera. This doesn’t make it weather proof. Also, the indoor camera is not battery powered and needs to be plugged into a power source to run.

See the video here: https://youtu.be/0CghZzKLocY

There are many benefits or

There are many benefits or folks wouldn’t be asking for years, and competitors wouldn’t offer it as an option.

I am beyond disappointed with

I am beyond disappointed with SS. I’ve been a customer for over a year with the expectation of an outdoor camera. The “soon” answer is a borderline insult at this point. We’ve all seen the 2018 CES model, still no idea why it cannot go into production and be made available. Please not that when I was speaking with sales, they had no idea that the company had actually unveiled a product that was to never become available. The outdoor kit was a complete waste of money. The indoor camera performs poorly at best when used outside.
I am now actively looking for a new system, given that nearly ALL other competitors are offering that option. I also make sure I spread the word about the company’s shortcomings and suggesting they don’t waste their time and money like I did.