Price of SimpliSafe 1 vs 2

So from what I have read, the price of SimpliSafe will be going up, from $199 to $299, when the new system is officially released to new customers. Similarly, existing customers can upgrade for $100.

I am not yet a customer, but am interested in getting the new version 2. It would seem from the prices above, that unless I need it right this second, it makes sense to just buy it when the new version comes out to avoid having to send back the old one for a new one. However, the prices on your site do not reflect the prices in the description of the new system. Your site shows that the current base station's regular price is $299, not $199. It is, however, on sale for $99. So if I wait until the new system comes out, and it is priced at $299, won't it in fact be $200 more than the price I can get the old one for right now? Does that mean that I am better off buying the old one right now at $99, then trading it in for $100, otherwise I will be paying $200 more for the new one if I wait?

@ jasonld Thanks for posting!

@ jasonld

Thanks for posting! The typical starting point for people is a system with two Entry Sensors (as well as Base, Keypad, and Keychain) which would price out to about $199 on SimpliSafe1 and about $299 on SImpliSafe2. The Base station alone for SimpliSafe1 is $99, and the Base Station alone for SImpliSafe2 is $199.

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