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Self Monitoring

I recently purchased a system with the intent of first using as a self-monitored system. The integration with cellular and wi-fi is there to allow this - simply send me a text if any of the sensors are activated and I can decide if/how to take action. Turns out SS is completely useless unless you pay a monthly fee. I guess I should have researched a little more and perhaps not be as naive to think that SS could be happy with selling the hardware only.

Researching further should

Researching further should have made you aware of the system priorities. Fortunate for you, SS is great about returns. If you are within the 60 day return period, return the entire system for a full refund. Call them 1st to get the shipping label (they even provide that).

Before you give up on SS, you

Before you give up on SS, you may also want to consider what you get for the 24.99 interactive plan. My neighbor just ordered SS3 with monitoring since his friends at ADT was raising his monthly fee to $55 the first of December just for security., on a system he doesn't even own.

Give it a few days, you may

Give it a few days, you may decide you want the monitoring. First, if you dont want authorities coming to your house all you have to do is call SS and tell them that. You'll still need to pay the monthly but you can then self monitor. When I setup my system several years ago this was my original intent, but after I got it setup and started playing with it we decided to keep the monitoring activated. I really like it.

As I understand it, you can

As I understand it, you can NOT avoid fire department dispatch like you can with police dispatch.

Sure ya can, dont use their

Sure ya can, dont use their smoke detectors. :)

I think DP is right, without

I think DP is right, without SS smoke detectors, how is monitoring going to know without that specific alarm? Also, your alarm certificate will specify (according to your wishes/settings) which alarm types you have monitored)

And it IS possible to pay for monitoring but NOT have police dispatch/fire for specific alarms - that's how I have mine, you DO have to call SS to specify your wishes - then doublecheck your Monitoring tab in your online control panel to ensure it is set up correctly. (I also do not have SS smoke detectors, too unreliable, IMO)

Well of course, if you don't

Well of course, if you don't have smoke or CO detectors, you will never have the fire department dispatched. On the other hand, assuming you get the "good" detectors (I've never had a false alarm from them) and maintain them to specs, they are a valuable option.

The only reason I dont use

The only reason I dont use the smokeys is my house has them all hard wired together. Batteries last for years and because they are all tied together if one goes off they all go off. This works for me as Im only worried about getting life forms out of the house in the event of a fire, insurance is for the rest. If my house wasnt setup this way tho, I would get the SS version.

I really like the monitored

I really like the monitored smoke detectors due to having pets in my home. Battery or hardwired detectors are all great for when someone is home, but when your away, they are worthless. By having the monitored smoke alarm, should anything happen while I am away, fire will be dispatched. I have notes on my account saying that there are pets in the home.

Gives me some peace of mind.

SimpliSafe is cheaper than

SimpliSafe is cheaper than ADT in every case I've seen, but that's a pretty high bar to get under. SS is definitely NOT the cheapest option when it comes to self monitoring, since there isn't a self-monitoring option. They definitely suggest they're the system where you get everything you want, nothing you don't, and only pay for what you need, but that's hardly the case. Although their hardware is more expensive, Iris has a system nearly as easy to set up and interact with as SS, plus they offer home automation. Self monitoring is free for a single user and $10/mo for a group of 6. Pro monitoring is another $5/mo on top of that. There are others, but that's the sort of range that's getting to be common. Hopefully SS realizes they're a little over the competition and brings their rates back into line or at least starts offering a self-monitoring option.

Offering some "free" basic

Offering some "free" basic control could certainly be an option with the new SS3 system since is does use wi-fi. However, the older SS1-2 system only used the cellular to communicate. This does cost money.

This also brings up a reliability issue, since SS does use cellular and has battery backup, it should be able to communicate nearly 100% of the time, while a wi-fi only system will only communicate as long as the wi-fi is working (no power outages).

SS is also now getting into the camera game, Simpli-Cam and Doorbell. With the $24.99 plan, they include the ability to have up to 10 cameras total, with up to 30 days storage. For users who use cameras, this is actually a pretty good deal, especially with full professional monitoring, remote access, and camera video storage.

At the end of the day, it is nice to have competition to offer options to consumers.

One of the more surprising

One of the more surprising features of their camera is the fact that it and its functionality in the app still work without interactive monitoring. I agree that those features could understandably cost money for upkeep, particularly video storage. I picked up a free camera with my system and prior to having to add interactive monitoring, and had live video feeds, push notifications from the camera's motion sensor, and video storage. This may be an oversight on SimpliSafe's part, but it makes very clear where they're prioritizing making their money.