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Simplicam outdoor kit

I have purchased Simplicam through simplisafe website. Want to install the cameras outdoor. During purchase the outdoor kit option was not available. Can anyone suggest how to purchase outdoor kit for simplican now.

First of all, understand that

First of all, understand that the "outdoor kit" does not make the SS camera an outdoors camera. It's basically an indoor camera wrapped in rubber.

If it is not on the web site and you call the sales line and they don't have it, then it is probably out of stock.

@punishka17, to echo what

@punishka17, to echo what sevensiamesecats posted, I bought the outside kit and while it protects the camera from the elements as claimed, the performance is not ideal. Recommend you wait until SS releases cameras that were designed for outside use.

I don't think that SS will

I don't think that SS will ever release a true "outdoor camera". They may release one called that, and it may even stand up to outdoors conditions and work. However, the whole concept of an outdoor camera requires a different philosophy than SS uses on it's current cameras. And SS is not noted for changing their philosophy.

If it does not record 24/7, it is not a real "outdoor camera".

I bought an outdoor kit via

I bought an outdoor kit via customer services as you couldn’t buy it from the online shop. It was easy to install and I have had no issues with it so far. I placed mine just under the eaves of the roof for a little bit of extra protection from the elements and it’s worked fine. You get the occasional connection issues from your WiFi but this is likely down to how far the camera is away from your internet router/hub. I have a WiFi booster at the top of my stairs which helps with connection issues with my camera. Hope this helps....

punishka17 the outdoor kit

punishka17 the outdoor kit can be purchased through this link https://simplisafe.com/alarm-sensors . Select the All New and scroll down. I haven't set mine up yet to see how well it works but since camera was free in my order I figured what the heck worth a try.