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Hi...I just installed my system and have not activated it yet. It seems to be working great so far and I'm happy with it. I was also excited to see that the Simplisafe 2 is now available, and I was all ready to upgrade. However, I find it a bit disappointing the way the plan structure is now set up. I opted for the $20 smart alert plan which I would like to keep. But after calling customer service to inquire, I found out that not all of the features of the new base station can be accessed without paying for the more expensive plan.

I can understand having to pay the higher price for having the additional monitoring for fire, CO, freeze, and flood, but all I want is to be able to control things like volume of the various components of the system and the ability to name and control the individual sensors to designate instant on or not.

In order to have the ability to control volume and individual sensors, it seems that I would have to opt for "online command," when I think that these two features should be included at any plan level. Now I'm not so sure I need to upgrade!

Simplisafe...please reconsider this!

I would presume that the

I would presume that the additional cost is to cover the additional cell service usage since that will be the means for communicating with the device from the web.

SSinHI, I totally agree with

SSinHI, I totally agree with you - I wish there was a mid-point. I want to name my sensors (I hate the guessing game) and control volume as well. I'm not sure it's worth $10 more a month, though. I am trying to figure out what good it will do me to upgrade at all if I don't want a $10/mo upgrade.

Only advantages are more

Only advantages are more sensors... and you can add an extra Keypad.
I will probably upgrade to the higher plan once the fire and other sensors are available.


Hmm.. I'm a bit lost now. I

Hmm.. I'm a bit lost now. I was all ready to order up simplisafe a couple weeks ago, then I stumbled into the forum and discovered that simplisafe2 was going to be coming out soon. I decided to wait. Now I'm wondering if I should just order the original Simplisafe while it's still available for new subscribers, as the $15 per month price point was a big if not the biggest reason I was going to use simplisafe. I can't find anywhere where a new pricing structure is detailed on this web site, or what is included with that pricing. Can anyone point me to that direction? The inability to control the volume at a lower price point (or so it sounds) is really really lame. There are times when I'd want a very low volume, or silent alarm.. and times when I'd want it waking up the neighbors. Erg.. what to do.. what to do.

well i for one don't like

well i for one don't like being sold an alarm and 1 month later the 2 comes out. i think i got screwed as usual

I guess "screwed" is a

I guess "screwed" is a relative term. You actually benefit more than a new customer as you can upgrade immediately to the new system if you want the increased/future capabilities.

You're the 2nd person I've

You're the 2nd person I've seen that thinks they got screwed. I don't see how anyone can think that when they are allowing you to upgrade for the difference in cost between the SS1 and SS2. I got the impression from the other guy that he expected to pay for a SS1 and get a SS2 and somehow he thought he was the one being screwed when he found out it he couldn't pull it off.

I think the screwed part is

I think the screwed part is the extra $10 per month you would have to pay for monitoring with a SS2. I wanted to upgrade to SS2 as well - but after looking at the forum discussion, and the increased monthly monitoring fees, I decided against it. I was also thinking of dis-mantling my older ADT system - but now have decided to keep it as is.

Going from ADT to SS, if you

Going from ADT to SS, if you want to talk about being screwed, go sign an ADT contract. 3 years and pay much more than the 24.99 SS is charging and at the end you own nothing and, if you don't notify them, you get the honor of being tied up with them for another 3 years. Sorry, but if anyone doesn't like the deals from SS, return the unit and get your money back and go to ADT. Happy trails.

Wow, you must work for

Wow, you must work for SS...hum. You all on their tip, however, if the price is higher, than it is higher. I just bought my system and not going to upgrade because of the fee for now or maybe never. It serves my needs right now.

I just bought the system

I just bought the system (October 2015) and all the packaging materials and instructions refer only to "SimpliSafe" not SimpliSafe2. The unnecessary confusion could be avoided by someone paying attention to the details of their marketing....both in print and online.
The system was easy to install, but not 100% intuitive and left me with some questions I needed answers to.

I don't subscribe to the monitoring, I have a stand-alone system designed to alert me of any intruders so I get an extra 10 seconds on them, and then, of course, introduce them to the business end of my firearm. The base station continued to "warn" me with a blue flashing light that a connection to the monitoring station could not be established. Well...that's what I want, so please stop pestering me with this reminder. I didn't want to turn off ALL voice prompts and ALL lights because some of the others have a ton of value...such as loss of power etc...

What gives with the "install the motion sensor 4 to 5 feet above the ground" ? I have small kids and that won't work. Also, since the sensor can "see" up to 30 feet and shoots at a downward angle of 45 degrees, moving it HIGHER makes more sense so it can see more of my room. Weird recommendation from SS.

The keypads (I purchased an extra one for my bedroom) do not have a back lit keyboard !?!?!? Sure, the screen lights up, but not the keys. That is a pretty poor design in my opinion. True, there are battery life considerations, but I'd rather swap out batteries every 3 years (vs 5) and be able to see my key pad in my dark bedroom.

Other than that, things seem to be as-advertised.

1) You can call (or ask in

1) You can call (or ask in the forum) for a download from SS to shut off the "unable to connect" warning. You will need to get another download to turn communication back on if you ever want to have monitoring.

2) That is where it works best for normal situations. Mounting it lower leaves it at risk of being knocked by someone walking by. Mounting it higher has too much of a "dead zone" underneath. Basically, mount it where it does what you want it to.

3) Yep, join the "keyboard sucks" club. And the batteries will not last 5 years or 3 years or probably even the advertised 1 year. (the 5 year estimate is for the lithium batteries in the sensors, not the AAs in the keypad).

@TheMackDaddy Thanks for


Thanks for writing in. Our current system is the SimpliSafe2, which is the only system we currently sell, which is why you may see it referred to simply as "SimpliSafe". In addition, it looks like you were able to work with a representative to receive this download.

We recommend placing the motion sensor about 4-5 feet off the ground, as it sees down at a 45 degree angle. Mounting the motion sensor at this height will reduce the "blind" spot directly below it. You can definitely mount it higher if you'd like.

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Have SS2 for 3 years...

Have SS2 for 3 years... Keypad batteries normal replacement 8 months for us

@reelleisure Thanks for


Thanks for sharing. The keypad batteries do typically last slightly under a year, depending on use.

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