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Smartphone app without subscription?

Hello all, considering buying into SS but wanted some confirmation re: functionality. I don't want 24/7 call center monitoring ala ADT, but would want to be able to control/monitor myself via smartphone. Do I have this ability without paying SS a monthly fee? I.e. can I get push alerts to my phone without the subscription?


Hi @alarmcompanyrefugee,

That's a great question. While most of our customers opt for 24/7 Monitoring with either our Standard Monitoring ($14.99/mo) or our Interactive Monitoring ($24.99/mo) plan, you do have the option of monitoring the system yourself for no additional cost. Unfortunately, while self-monitoring your system there are many limitations. Without 24/7 Monitoring you would only be able to Live Stream and receive Push Notifications from the SimpliSafe cameras but not the SimpliSafe system.

I'd also like to mention that many home/renters insurance policies give discounts if you have a monitored security system so that may be something to look into as well.

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@alarmcompanyrefugee SS is

@alarmcompanyrefugee SS is not a non profit, and, of course their decision, does not include the phone app with no monitoring accounts. Of course, it is your decision not to buy SS in the first place.

I do know one of their customers, with no monitoring, that does use the Alexa "Guard" feature to hear the siren to send a notification. I have not seen it work and only going on what they told me. It may be something you would want to look into.

So let me get this straight.

So let me get this straight. Let's say I have 4 simpicams, one in each room of the house. Plus I have the SS system, but not monitored. If someone breaks in and my system is triggered, and one of my cameras is also triggered. The camera will send me a push message and I can Live view my camera and see what is going on.
Is that correct?

Hi @scrctb, Yes, that's

Hi @scrctb,

Yes, that's correct. It is important to note that the motion detection feature on our cameras is only active while the Privacy Shutter is open. That being said, if one of your SimpliSafe cameras detects motion, it can send you a Push Notification which you can then open to view live footage from that camera.

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There is ZERO reason that

There is ZERO reason that customers shouldn’t be able to turn on and off the system and get push notifications when the system goes off WITHOIT paying for monitoring. Those functions run through WiFi, just like the cameras. Sure the system won’t be able to call the police without monitoring but not including the ability to control the unit via app and WiFi is just a pressure tactic to sell monitoring. Sad that a company would do this.

@ehurt That is how

@ehurt That is how Simplisafe sells their services and products. Buy it or not buy it. IMO 24.99 for what you get is the best value in the business. You and I have different opinions, but that's fine. Once SS did offer a plan in the middle that did offer text and email alerts but that has been phased out a long time ago.

I'm currently trying to

I'm currently trying to activate a system that was included with the home we purchased, and after I type in the base station serial number I'm asked to choose a plan, and the only two options both have a monthly fee. How do I do self-monitoring as you say here?

Hi @janimationd, Since the

Hi @janimationd,

Since the use of the SimpliSafe app on a self-monitored system requires an internet connection, users of the Original SimpliSafe system will only be able to use the SimpliSafe app for Professionally Monitored plans or for their SimpliSafe cameras. Users of the All-New SimpliSafe system will be able to use the SimpliSafe app for their self-monitored system because of the ability to connect this system to WiFi.

If you would like to activate an All-New SimpliSafe system on a self-monitored plan then on the plan selection screen you would simply need to choose the Decline 30-Day Free Trial option.

SimpliSafe Social Team
SimpliSafe Home Security

Water Sensor Push

Water Sensor Push Notification without Subscription to Monitor

Can you clarify - If I'm reading here correctly, I will not receive push notification on an internal alarm for the WATER Sensors as well if we do not have a Monitoring Subscription ? You have push notifications for the Camera's but not Water Sensors - or other devices for that matter ?

If not will your team be considering that soon? Thank you

Keeping simple user tools

Keeping simple user tools away from customers just to sell monitoring is not a good excuse.
This should be changed so it operates like nearly all other home security / cameras / lights etc.