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Smartphone app without subscription?

Hello all, considering buying into SS but wanted some confirmation re: functionality. I don't want 24/7 call center monitoring ala ADT, but would want to be able to control/monitor myself via smartphone. Do I have this ability without paying SS a monthly fee? I.e. can I get push alerts to my phone without the subscription?


Hi @alarmcompanyrefugee,

That's a great question. While most of our customers opt for 24/7 Monitoring with either our Standard Monitoring ($14.99/mo) or our Interactive Monitoring ($24.99/mo) plan, you do have the option of monitoring the system yourself for no additional cost. Unfortunately, while self-monitoring your system there are many limitations. Without 24/7 Monitoring you would only be able to Live Stream and receive Push Notifications from the SimpliSafe cameras but not the SimpliSafe system.

I'd also like to mention that many home/renters insurance policies give discounts if you have a monitored security system so that may be something to look into as well.

SimpliSafe Social Team
SimpliSafe Home Security

@alarmcompanyrefugee SS is

@alarmcompanyrefugee SS is not a non profit, and, of course their decision, does not include the phone app with no monitoring accounts. Of course, it is your decision not to buy SS in the first place.

I do know one of their customers, with no monitoring, that does use the Alexa "Guard" feature to hear the siren to send a notification. I have not seen it work and only going on what they told me. It may be something you would want to look into.

So let me get this straight.

So let me get this straight. Let's say I have 4 simpicams, one in each room of the house. Plus I have the SS system, but not monitored. If someone breaks in and my system is triggered, and one of my cameras is also triggered. The camera will send me a push message and I can Live view my camera and see what is going on.
Is that correct?

Hi @scrctb, Yes, that's

Hi @scrctb,

Yes, that's correct. It is important to note that the motion detection feature on our cameras is only active while the Privacy Shutter is open. That being said, if one of your SimpliSafe cameras detects motion, it can send you a Push Notification which you can then open to view live footage from that camera.

SimpliSafe Social Team
SimpliSafe Home Security

There is ZERO reason that

There is ZERO reason that customers shouldn’t be able to turn on and off the system and get push notifications when the system goes off WITHOIT paying for monitoring. Those functions run through WiFi, just like the cameras. Sure the system won’t be able to call the police without monitoring but not including the ability to control the unit via app and WiFi is just a pressure tactic to sell monitoring. Sad that a company would do this.

@ehurt That is how

@ehurt That is how Simplisafe sells their services and products. Buy it or not buy it. IMO 24.99 for what you get is the best value in the business. You and I have different opinions, but that's fine. Once SS did offer a plan in the middle that did offer text and email alerts but that has been phased out a long time ago.

I'm currently trying to

I'm currently trying to activate a system that was included with the home we purchased, and after I type in the base station serial number I'm asked to choose a plan, and the only two options both have a monthly fee. How do I do self-monitoring as you say here?

Hi @janimationd, Since the

Hi @janimationd,

Since the use of the SimpliSafe app on a self-monitored system requires an internet connection, users of the Original SimpliSafe system will only be able to use the SimpliSafe app for Professionally Monitored plans or for their SimpliSafe cameras. Users of the All-New SimpliSafe system will be able to use the SimpliSafe app for their self-monitored system because of the ability to connect this system to WiFi.

If you would like to activate an All-New SimpliSafe system on a self-monitored plan then on the plan selection screen you would simply need to choose the Decline 30-Day Free Trial option.

SimpliSafe Social Team
SimpliSafe Home Security

Water Sensor Push

Water Sensor Push Notification without Subscription to Monitor

Can you clarify - If I'm reading here correctly, I will not receive push notification on an internal alarm for the WATER Sensors as well if we do not have a Monitoring Subscription ? You have push notifications for the Camera's but not Water Sensors - or other devices for that matter ?

If not will your team be considering that soon? Thank you

Keeping simple user tools

Keeping simple user tools away from customers just to sell monitoring is not a good excuse.
This should be changed so it operates like nearly all other home security / cameras / lights etc.

I think silence on the part

I think silence on the part of the SimpliSafe Social Team is telling. Looks like they are not inclined to allow local wi-fi control of the system with notifications without a subscription. SimpliSafe Social Team should develop a pricing tier that excludes monthly but allows local push notifications for free or if not then for a nominal fee.

There has never been any

There has never been any secret about needing the interactive plan for full app functionality. It's only a big surprise when the homework has not been done.


I am with whoaru99, but will

I am with whoaru99, but will add that SS could add "Starting at" when they show 15 bucks a month, but they do disclose everything.

I posted the same question a

I posted the same question a few minutes ago. I guess I got my answer here.

So my question is why sell without a monitoring plan as it is essentially just a paperweight. Sell it as a system you are not financing the equipment but DOES require a monitoring plan to do anything.

Hi @dilexa1924, While the

Hi @dilexa1924,

While the majority of our customers are on our Interactive Monitoring plan, our All-New SimpliSafe system can be used without any plan at all. Without a monitoring plan, you won't have the ability to arm or disarm your system through your SimpliSafe account and you won't have our monitoring center monitoring your system, but your system will still work as a local alarm system and if you have any SimpliSafe cameras, you will be able to view live footage from those cameras through the SimpliSafe app.

SimpliSafe Social Team
SimpliSafe Home Security

Hi, Quick question on this,


Quick question on this, on the website where it compares the three plan options, under Self Monitoring with Camera Recording, there is a checkmark on the line 'Advanced SMS Phone Alerts' and if you click on the little 'i' bubble for more information, it says:

"Event Alerts
Get real-time alerts via text, whenever someone arms or disarms your home, an alarm goes off, there’s a power outage and more. Plus, you can personalize alerts to contact important family members and friends, so they’re in the loop, too."

So - I take this to mean that if I'm using this plan, I will get text alerts (this also include app notification?) if an alarm goes off....which is different to what one of your customer service reps told me over the phone...they said I would only get motion notifications under this plan. Clarification would be great.



@danieljmau It sounds like


It sounds like you're one of the lucky few who are seeing one of our experimental plans. Yes, essentially that plan includes all features except the 24/7 dispatch. So if there's an alarm event, you'll get the SMS, email, and Push Notifications.
But an operator will not call, and it will not result in dispatch.

- Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

@Johnny M I had to read your

@Johnny M I had to read your post several times for it to sink in. Then I clicked on monitoring and saw the page you referenced with two plans. Self monitoring and the Monitoring plan. Changing the plan offerings without prenotice is not a good idea. Please pass on to the appropriate product manager and ask him or her to call me if they want additional feedback.

Your feedback is always

Your feedback is always appreciated, Captain11!

To clarify, our devs are always testing new stuff, and that includes experimenting with different service plans that we'll sometimes offer to a random selection of new customers.

But our current lineup is still the $14.99 Standard Monitoring Plan, and the $24.99 Interactive Monitoring Plan. If and when we change it up, we'll let you know.

And don't worry, if you're already on an existing Monitoring Plan, we won't be taking anything away.

- Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

@Johnny M good to know but

@Johnny M good to know but how would a new customer know that the 14.99 plan is still available? In my humble opinion, the 24.99 total command interactive plan is the only way to go, and is the choice of the majority of systems I have placed, including daughter, her inlaws, two brother-in-laws, 4 former coworkers etc.

Note that this new plan does

Note that this new plan does not include cellular backup. And the implication is that it does not provide remote control of the system.

Still it sounds like it may be some of what so many have been asking for.

Hi all, This experimental

Hi all,

This experimental plan is only available to select new customers of ours, When purchasing a new system, the plans listed are the options for the free month of monitoring included with the order. Later, when trying to activate their new system, they will see three options to select the Interactive Monitoring plan, the Standard Monitoring plan, or to activate the free month of service that was included in their order. That being the case, all of our customers will still have the option to select our Interactive or Standard plans while only a select few will have the option of testing out this new experimental plan.

While this new plan does not include a cellular backup as @sevensiamesecats mentioned, and does not include 24/7 Professional Monitoring, everything else from our Interactive Monitoring plan is included. This means that customers on this plan will have the ability to control their system remotely.

SimpliSafe Social Team
SimpliSafe Home Security

@Team S, thank you for the

@Team S, thank you for the expanded, more clear explanation but still doesn't address the disadvantage a "lucky" new customer is placed in if selected to see this new "hybrid" plan. When I worked for over 25 years at a medical device company, I and many others of the sales organization mgt team discouraged marketing experimentation on uniformed customers. Why? First, from an ethical basis, and then, from a company P&L perspective.

For me personally, the issue would be moot, as coming from ADT almost 9 years ago, the 24.99 interactive plan was, then and now, the best value in the industry, period. The reality is however not all customers feel as I do. Continue to "experiment" at your own peril, SS. If you feel the need to experiment, use focus groups instead. In those the potential or existing customers know what they signed up for. This topic, btw, reminds me of something ADT would be inclined to do, and as you know me, that is not meant as a compliment by any stretch of the imagination.

Hello, Any idea on when this


Any idea on when this experimental plan will be rolled out to others if at all? Looks like this is what I am looking for as well.


SO let's say we're

SO let's say we're self-monitoring and the door alarm is breached. You'd receive a notification and are able to live stream the camera but how would you disarm to relieve the siren and/or call the police?

According to the response to

According to the response to my post, above, they say that the control functions in the app would be usable. So you would just use the app to set the system to off (I wouldn't, the noise will encourage the invaders to leave more quickly). And you would call the police using, I don't know, your cell phone maybe?

I have been researching

I have been researching options to replace my Smartthings ADT system that is going EOL later this year and was strongly considering SS until I started looking into the monitoring options and came across this discussion. I would like to chime in with my vote for making the self monitoring option available to all customers. I might in the end opt in to monitoring as I did in the past with ADT, but I will not buy a new system that becomes a paperweight without that option. Others are of course entitled to their opinions and SS has to put in place a business plan that works for them, but other systems offer non-monitoring and very low cost monitoring options so it is clear SS is feeling that competitive pressure. I just hope they make their decision before I have to pull the trigger.

I am sooooo glad I found this

I am sooooo glad I found this thread but I'm bumming at the same time. Based on reviews, SimpliSafe has for me been a definite pick to purchase when we move into our new home but after reading this I'm putting on the brakes! This is a non starter if I have to pay full price for monitoring just to arm/ dis-arm the system on my phone or receive simple alerts from door or water sensors.

Why would I purchase a security system that advertises no contract but forces you to essentially purchase a full price month to month fee for simple mobile app functionality? Perhaps a lesser fee to self monitor around $7.99 a month would be more appropriate? Until then I think its best to put my wallet back in my pocket and see if SimpliSafe will adjust their pricing packages.

As Johnny M said above, there

As Johnny M said above, there is an experimental (beta) plan called "Self-Monitoring with Camera Recording". Some people were talking about this on reddit around that same time as well.

It looks like there is a self-monitoring plan coming (maybe) for $10/month. Who knows if that cost will stay, but it's pretty close to competitors (Abode is $6/month, Nest Aware (for video recording) is $10 - $12 / month). If this plan comes out and they add Geofencing for arming (at least alerting us), I'll likely start looking at purchasing this system to replace my Nest Secure.

Exactly! Monitoring is

Exactly! Monitoring is optional is a myth here! The app really doesn't do anything for the sensors or base station or keypad. The plan name should be changed from monitoring plan to app enablement plan. Push notifications are a basic part of any smartphone app and SS is intentionally blocking it to make customer pay for monitoring, that's cunning and hiding the fact because no where in the purchase journey or app description they mention that the notifications won't work until you subscribe for monitoring. Monitoring service is meant for monitoring the location and dispatching authorities when needed but in no context it means app notification service.

Wow, this is discouraging. I

Wow, this is discouraging. I was about to push the button to purchase a system from SimpliSafe, but reading the comments about how you can't even do a basic thing like arming/disarming the alarm from your phone or getting notifications if your alarm system is triggered on the app without a subscription is alarming (no pun intended).

Being able to arm/disarm and get notifications of your alarm sounding (without cameras, since I already have an alarm system) are the BASICS of any app. If I have to pay a subscription just to do those two things, it makes me wonder how much other things are going to require a subscription to actually use this system. I think I might be looking elsewhere for an alarm system.

@kwumail This thread is old


This thread is old old old. There was a recent change to the SS plans and now everyone, even without a plan, can arm/disarm their system via the app. Near the bottom of the page at https://support.simplisafe.com/hc/en-us/articles/360023809972-What-are-t... they describe the features available w/o a service plan:

- Live video feed of your cameras from the SimpliSafe app
- System timeline showing up to 7 days of history in the app
- Control your system from your phone with the SimpliSafe App
- View and change system and device settings
- Lock and unlock Smart Lock via app

I aready tried those basic

I aready tried those basic features but still no control of it. I spend more then 1 hour on the phone wtih them and still no luck. So, I have no idea what is going on.

Only for Gen 3 products. Gen

Only for Gen 3 products. Gen 2 is out of luck.

Hi ss1195, Is it that you're

Hi ss1195,

Is it that you're getting errors when you try to control your system on the app, or are the options just not available at all? If the first one, there's likely something going on with connectivity of your system.

Do you have your system already linked to WiFi? Without a subscription, that would be the only way your system can connect through the app. You can do that from the Keypad Menu.

- Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

Hi, My system is connected to


My system is connected to WIFI whole time ever since I received it (gen. 3). On the wepapp all the features are locked and on phoneapp, after I hit declined "30 days free trial" and hit "yes" there is no next step. Seems like it need to be unlock the features from your end, I updated firmware for base station with latest firmware and tried hard reset and uninstalled/reinstalled for phoneapp. I just simply stuck on activate page and no other option.

@ss1195 Call support. (I


Call support. (I know, I know, no one wants to hear this.) A similar issue has been reported on https://www.reddit.com/r/simplisafe/ before and the person called support and support was able to fix it from their end.

@Worthing, what about

@Worthing, what about notifications? Do you get the notifications on your app (not camera notifications, but alarm notifications when one of the sensors are triggered by someone opening a door or window)?

@kwumail I don't know - I


I don't know - I have a monitoring plan so I can't test for you.

@Johnny M,

With self-monitoring (ie; no paid monitoring plan at all) does the system send push notifications to the mobile app when an alert/alarm is triggered? That functionality is not explicitly listed on https://support.simplisafe.com/hc/en-us/articles/360023809972-What-are-t... but I don't want to assume it's not available.

Hi @Worthing, Yes! With or

Hi @Worthing,

Yes! With or without monitoring, you can set up notifications to your phone when an alarm is triggered.

- Harriet C.
SimpliSafe Home Security