Alarming the garage?

Hi - Has anyone had any luck placing sensors in the garage? I was thinking about placing a motion sensor in there, but i am worried that the 120 seconds arming for away may not be enough time to lug all your belongings, family, etc, load, start back the car out and shut the garage door. I realize you can arm it from your celphone, but after backing out i might forget and dont want to be fumbling with it while driving!

Also is the entry delay adequate? I can see myself coming home, opening the garage, going to get the mail, stopping to talk to a neighbor and then hearing the alarm go off!

I am just wondering if its feasible given all the comings and goings taking place here...

Thanks for any advice.

I haven't tried it for those

I haven't tried it for those reasons, but you can put an entry sensor in the door to the house from the garage if your garage is attached. You might want to put a surveillance camera in your garage that motion activates and emails you, or you can put a motion in the garage that only text alerts you but not an alarm. I think you can only do this with the interactive plan and it is configured from the web interface. Since you can arm and disarm from your phone, it looks like you already have that plan.

I thought about alarming the

I thought about alarming the attached garage a well. You'd have to use the remote or your phone to arm or dis-arm it. I dont see any other way around it. The entry/exit time just wouldn't be enough in most cases. Coming home, as soon as the garage door opened I'm betting the motion sensor would be tripped, then you'd have to pull the car in, get out, unlock the house door, and punch in the code. You'll probably have lots of false alams. Same with leaving you'd have to lock the door, jump in the car, pull out, and close the garage door, before the system armed.

Best bet is to use the remote or your phone. I suppose putting a second keypad in your garage could be an option, depends on how secure your garage is.

Since I don't have the interactive plan, and I don't like the idea of a remote (I'm not sure it's smart to have the ability to dis-arm the system from outside the house), I'll probably go the video camera route in the garage.

When exiting, you could open

When exiting, you could open the garage door first and then arm the alarm. The garage door sensor would be ignored since it's opened but once you drive out and close the garage door, it should then be automatically integrated with the current mode.

It is my understanding that the exit delay is mainly for motion detectors (as long as you don't trigger any closed door sensors after the timeout).

Thanks for the replies

Thanks for the replies everyone.

I do have the door from the garage to the house setup with a sensor. Since there are windows in the garage and with hearing of how garages can be opened i thought a motion sensor might be a good "catch all" option.

I can clearly see a high probability of false alarms.

I wonder if the armed-away timer could be increased... at least that would provide ample time to do all the necessary things to get out of the garage in time! Unfortunately if i use the motion i cant "pre open" it.

Do a search and you will find

Do a search and you will find another thread on this topic. Folks have reported successful use of a door sensor to monitor the garage but it appears in a milder climate.

I have an entry sensor on the

I have an entry sensor on the roll-up door to my attached garage. The sensor is on the top of the door itself, and the magnet is on the frame. When I first installed it, I used a stopwatch to find out much time elapsed between the moment I push the button on my garage door opener and the time I am standing in front of the keypad. I then set the entry delay to accommodate that amount of time. When I get home, the first thing I do after parking the car is go into the house and disarm the alarm. Only then do I unload the car, get the mail, etc. If you follow that procedure you should be fine. I've never had any false alarms.

The exit delay is a non-issue. If your garage door is still open at the end of the entry delay, the system will simply arm all of the other sensors and the garage door sensor will remain disarmed until you close it. So you can press the Away button, walk out into your garage, change the oil in your car, mow your lawn, clean your gutters, take a nap in your hammock and then, when you finally close the garage door hours later, the sensor on the garage door will arm itself.

@ selfskr In my garage I have

@ selfskr

In my garage I have one side door, one back door, 3 windows, and two garage doors. Initially, I didn't want to spend another $100 to sensor all those entry points, so I thought about a motion sensor in the garage. How would a motion sensor work with the exit delay? And I assume I'd have to put a longer entry delay?
Using either sensors or motion detectors in the garage, I'm not sure if I want a really long entry delay on the door leading into the house. If someone ever broke in thru that door or into the garage it may give them time to grab say a laptop or other electronics or some tools and run out quick. But on the other hand, I do have motion sensors in the house, so if I had a longer entry delay, and someone broke in thru that door, but then passed by the motion sensor set to instant alert will the alarm go off?
I do want some type of security for the garage, so trying to figure out the best way to do it.

My solution only works with

My solution only works with entry sensors, not motion sensors. The motion sensors will arm at the end of exit delay, so if you haven't left the garage by the end of the delay, you will trip the alarm. Whatever method you use, you need to set the entry delay long enough to allow you to get to the keypad before the end of the delay.

Your motion sensor set to instant trigger will not catch the burglar if he passes the sensor during the entry delay because all of your instant triggers are DISABLED during the entry delay. That is one of my pet peeves with the system. There has been considerable discussion about that issue, including in this thread:

I remember that thread...

I remember that thread... very interesting. Not to hijack this thread but i would expect that if a sensor is marked instant it should override the entry delay. So basically if someone breaks in, sets off the alarm they could have up to 120 seconds to raid the place.. I get the entry delay if a motion sensor is pointed to the keypad but instant should be instant! Right now i have mine set to the lowest but if i add this motion sensor in the garage i will have to increase to the max. I do realize that i would need to come in and disable the alarm before getting the mail, walk the dog... etc ;)

@ selfskr Thanks for the info

@ selfskr

Thanks for the info and the link. I'll have to think about this some more to figure out what to do with the garage. I don't think I want a long entry delay if instant doesn't work when the sensor on entry delay mode is tripped. I have my entry set to 15 seconds right now on the one door we go in and out of, works fine, and all the other sensors set to instant. So if any sensor, except the entry door is tripped it's instant, and if the entry is tripped it's 15 seconds, so even though the way you have your garage setup is actually a pretty good idea, I'm not sure I want a long entry delay. Doesn't sound like the motion sensor idea in the garage would work well so I won't go that route, but I will probably just sensor the side doors and windows in the garage, so the short entry delay won't matter there, and figure out something for the garage doors themselves. They are brand new metal garage doors and although I've seen how one can potentially get them open, mine are hooked to heavy duty garage door openers, have nothing to grab onto from the outside and are pretty heavy. It would be very difficult to get in thru one of them. I'm guessing burglar would just move on to an easier target. Thanks for the info and insight in how you setup your garage.

@pc2k13: You have your entry

@pc2k13: You have your entry delay set to 15 seconds for Away mode? The system is not supposed to allow you to set your Away entry delay to anything less than 30 seconds:

Have you ever tested your system to see if the alarm actually goes off after 15 seconds? I am assuming that, even if you set your Away mode entry delay to 15 seconds, the system overrides the setting and reverts to the 30 second minimum.

How about installing a keypad

How about installing a keypad in the garage? You can hear the entry chirps as you pull in and can disarm more quickly at the keypad. You can also use the keychain remote or iphone app to disarm and you'll hear the countdown cease as you disarm, though you won't hear voice prompts from the base and there's the possibility the signal didn't reach the base at all so you'll have to test it and may need to relocate the base for better reception and insure at least your aux sirens are within range as well (not sure if the other sensors need to be in range of the remote, or what happens if the base disarms with motions still in armed state as they do have an arm/unarmed state. I read this once when you arm, it takes up to a minute before the motions begin detecting heat). Of course the base needs to be able to hear from all the sensors. With the iphone app you already get confirmation as it shows current status in the app.

The only issue I can see is sensitivity of the sensors to temperature fluctuations. Maybe as mentioned in an earlier post you can use lithium AA batteries as they last longer in extreme conditions.

@ selfskr: I was able to

@ selfskr: I was able to change the entry dealy to 15 seconds in away mode by using the program on the USB drive (remote). It did pop up a little warning symbol that when you click on it says this is not recommnded, but it did let me change it, save the setting, and sync it. I assume it worked because it actually let me lower the time by using the up/down arrows, but for the exit delay using the up/down arrows the time stops at 45 seconds. It won't let you go lower than that on exit, so if the entry can't be lower than 30 I assume the program would stop at 30 just like the exit delay does.

My area does not require a permit, so no worries there and when I spoke to the police they said they don't know of any laws or regulations on installing a home alarm.

I have not actually tested if it really is at 15 seconds or not. I will do that tonight and post back.

@abcd: A keypad in the garage or using the remote is an option as well, but I'm not too big on those ideas. I don't like the remote, seems like a potential hole in the security layer to be able to disarm the system from outside the home.

Update: Setting my entry

Update: Setting my entry delay to 15 seconds worked. Just tested it with a stop watch. As soon as I opened the entry door I started the stopwatch and at exactly 15 seconds the alarm went off. I then received a call from simplisafe about 10 seconds after the alarm went off.

Is this in home mode or away?

Is this in home mode or away? (I'm assuming you use home mode when you're away to get around the mandatory 30 seconds entry delay? But you won't have exit countdown)

15 second entry delay in away

15 second entry delay in away mode. (45 second exit delay in away mode)

@pc2k13: Interesting. I

@pc2k13: Interesting. I don't know how SimpliSafe can say the system is CP-01 compliant if the user has the ability to set the Away mode entry delay to less than 30 seconds.

@selkskr: Ya I'm not sure. I

@selkskr: Ya I'm not sure. I just took at look at the standards and it does say 30 seconds default (30 seconds minimum) for entry delay, but I did not see anything saying the user couldn't lower it themselves. Maybe the default at 30 seconds and the popup warning recommending against going lower than 30 seconds is enough to stay compliant.

One thing I found intestering is, according the to SIAC (Security Industry Alarm Colition): “Eighty-five percent of the nation’s alarm systems generate no calls to the police in any given year,” but the IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) claims they are overwhelmed with false alarm calls, all while acknowledging that burglarys are significantly reduced in homes with alarm systems and crime is significantly lowered in areas with high concentrations of alarm systems. I guess it depends on the location if the 15% false alarm calls are excessive or overwhelming compared to the significant drop in crime calls that the police would respond to. Seems like if anything the lower crime would offset the false alarm calls.

But I digress.... I did another test using a stopwatch to see how long it takes me it enter the home, close the door, and punch in the disram code. It only took me 7-8 seconds. I think I'll be fine with 15 seconds.

I am new to Simplisafe. I

I am new to Simplisafe. I just really want to use the entry sensor as an "opened or closed" indicator on my phone or keypad on the garage without an alarm. Is there a way to make a sensor "silent" and only give status?

@jlatiola Thanks for writing


Thanks for writing in! You can place a sensor set to "secret alert" with our Interactive Monitoring plan. This will give you an alert letting you know that sensor has been opened, but it will not trigger an alarm. If you have any questions, please let us know!

SimpliSafe Home Security

Any chance garage door sensor

Any chance garage door sensor and or camera that can withstand cold temperature be in our future? I occasionally forget if I closed the garage door and would need to turn around to see.

As far as my garage is

As far as my garage is concerned, I tried a entry sensor on the door as another user posted. Didn't work for me as at times the base station would not see it as open or closed. May have something to do with the Aluminum door or concrete block in garage. After testing different methods, this is what worked for me....I installed a motion sensor on the opposite wall facing my garage door. I mounted it in the center not in a corner. I put the system in test mode and opened garage door, waited a few minutes then walked into garage. Both times sensor was triggered. If you have a keychain remote, disarm it as soon as you enter the garage (I use the iOS app before I enter). Don't leave your entry delay at max as this will just give anyone time to clean you out before alarm triggers. I also have a external 105db siren in my garage so not only can I hear the chirps to remind me to disarm but my neighbors will hear it as well if it's a valid alarm. Hope this helps.

Garage & "Mode Profiles" I,

Garage & "Mode Profiles"

I, too, have asked SS for an acceptable solution for protecting our garage (ours is attached). I have an entry sensor on the door from garage to inside house, and the keypad is on the inside the house. I installed a motion sensor in the garage, but can't figure out how to use it effectively. I know I can arm/disarm with the phone app, or use the keychain, or put another keypad in the garage, but each of the solutions has problems in my opinion. I was hoping for a sensor setting of "Home Only" (we do have "Away Only" as a setting option) so that I could at least have peace of mind when home during the night because the motion sensor would instant trigger if someone opened any of the garage doors. I know this would not help with Away mode. I do change the setting to instant trigger in Away mode when we go on extended trips.

Right now, all we can do is have the garage motion sensor on alert only (text/email), which is not very effective, but is very annoying.

I would really like to have separate "Mode Profiles" to be an option so that I could have a different mix of settings for "Home Mode Profile" than "Away Mode Profile". For example, I want to be able to set our kitchen slide-door entry sensor to trigger instant when Away, but I want that same slider to delay when Home. Similarly, I could have the garage on instant for Home, but delay for Away. Even better would be a different number of seconds delay for the garage setting than other sensors.

Lastly...I agree with others that even if a sensor on delay has alerted and is counting down, if another sensor that is set to instant trigger is triggered, the instant trigger sensor should override and the alarm should sound. Right now, I think the system "respects" the delay countdown and the instant trigger sensors are rendered inoperable during a delay countdown. For example, if my garage-kitchen door was set to delay, and it sensed the door opened and started countdown, I would want the family room motion sensor to trigger instant even if the garage-kitchen door was still counting down. Does this make sense to anyone else?

@jshpub, I agree there should

@jshpub, I agree there should be a different number of seconds delay for the garage setting than other sensors and that there should be a "Home Only" setting. These would make the system much more customizable.

Thank you faherty.five. I am

Thank you faherty.five.

I am still in hopes that Simplisafe will make these changes. So far, I have seen no changes at all.

There needs to be a way to protect garages with motion sensors. I bought is installed...but there doesn't seem to be a good way to use it.

Also...Simplisafe really needs to make sure that if the system is in count-down mode from a sensor alert...but an instant-trigger sensor is triggered...that instant-trigger sensor should override, and the alarm should sound.

Lastly...if the system is in count-down mode, it should send a signal to Simplisafe that count-down has been activated. If that count-down is not cleared by the in, the base has been smashed....the alarm should sound.

Thanks to all for this

Thanks to all for this discussion. I'm no closer to figuring out my garage setup but at least I have some good research by you all on which to build my garage security.

One thing I wanted to add to the discussion that has to do with the internet of things not mentioned in this thread. We have a new Chamberlain garage door opener which is connected to WiFi via its own built in radio and the entire system has a rechargeable battery backup to both keep it connected and provide the ability to operate the door in a power outage situation. Several years ago with our old Genie opener during a power outage two very beefy men could not get their fingers under this extremely heavy steel door and get it open. Of course no one wanted to resort to pry bars since we cared about the door. I think it's unlikely than a burglar would attempt to pull up a double wall insulated two car garage door that is 10 feet from a fairly well traveled residential street that feeds other streets and courts in this subdivision. Part of the door system is a large deadbolt which we engage when out of town. The other part which is extremely useful is an iOS app that displays the door as open or closed in a graphic plus an alert on the iPhone every time the door opens or closes. That essentially gives me the equivalent of a door sensor chime. Coupled with the Find My Friends App on my iPhone I can pretty much locate every family member and if that door opens I can see who just got home via alerts, albeit they are on a per event basis. So I feel pretty good about the door and the ability of using the panic button on my phone.

In weighing various pros and cons, I'm thinking a pad in the garage is a bad idea, especially if I have my phone app to be essentially a duplicate. Add to that the fact that I use CarPlay every time I get in my car and my Ford Sync 3 hiccups if I don't connect the phone to the hub before pushing the start switch so I've already got my phone connected before I even start my car. I doubt I'd forget to set the system to Away Mode if I'm the last one out. It would just be part of the sequence of connecting the phone, setting destination in Maps on the touch screen and then selecting an entertainment source.

Our attached garage has a single side door with a heavy duty commercial door which is super thick with reinforced casings. It can't be kicked it without a lot of effort. It replaced one that was kicked in. It also has a dedicated camera above it and a door sensor. The only other man door is one between garage and house also with door sensor. So do I really need a motion in there at all given that the overhead door itself tells me if it is opening or closing?

I'd be quite happy if

I'd be quite happy if Simplisafe just allowed us to set sensors to alarm when on "home mode only." We have the ability to set things to "away mode only” so why not the same for home mode? I have an entry sensor on my garage and while I don't want to have to fiddle with my app or keychain every time I come home (i.e to turn off the alarm), I would like to arm the garage door while sleeping.

My roommate an year ago took

My roommate an year ago took apart a remote and jammed it so it was on all the time, and added a momentary switch to one of the 9 volt battery leads. He put the remote under the seat, and ran the momentary switch out from under the seat. When he arrived home, he would reach for the switch and open the door.
The beauty of this is if your remote is out of sight, and out of the weather. You can mount the switch anywhere underneath where it is out of sight, and only you know where it is