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App - multiple users?

Can two people in the household use the app on separate phones with separate accounts? In other words, is it possible for each user to create their own username and password to log into the app on their phone, but still operate a shared alarm system? Or, do all the users in one house need to log in with the same email and password?

Same email/password for all

Same email/password for all users. No issues here with me on andriod and wife on "that other operating system." Let's see what kind of response that comment generates!

One account, one email, one

One account, one email, one password but the phone app does allow for different app_lock codes to be used. Like the General, no issues with my wife and I using our own Android phones and apps

Ok, makes sense. Thanks!

Ok, makes sense. Thanks!

Why isn't this tied to custom

Why isn't this tied to custom PINs?

Really, one email and

Really, one email and password for all users on different phones? This isn't secure.

Yeah, this is surprising.

Yeah, this is surprising. It's 2018, and very easy to support multiple accounts in apps. It's not like this system was designed in the 50's and recently upgraded to support mobile. This is a major oversight for any app created in the last 5 years. It's literally supported out of the box by all popular frameworks, and even if you're rolling your own framework (which you shouldn't be), it's easy to bake-in.

You should have roles or claims: at the very least an Admin account and User accounts. Admins can manager Users, modify orders, change system settings, etc. Users cannot change system settings or order new equipment, but they can view status, arm/disarm. You get the idea.

Come on Simplisafe, get on the ball -- or your competition (e.g., Ring) is going to leave you behind.

Agreed, I am a new user and

Agreed, I am a new user and bought this system for my girlfriend, it makes it difficult that we need to share the account, good thing we trust each other :)

I REALLY NEED this function.

I REALLY NEED this function. Running multiple systems for different locations and have other people that need to be able to monitor this thing. Very annoying and shows a lack of forward thininking not having multiple logins/accounts

Let's make it happen

Let's make it happen Simplisafe, allow primary account and secondary accounts to log-in at least.

Politely requesting feature

Politely requesting feature enhancements is one thing, but too often some of these "requests" I read on this forum are over the top with their insinuations and accusations.

To everyone: The time to understand if a thing meets your needs/requirements is BEFORE you buy it.

Whoaru, I agree that the time

Whoaru, I agree that the time to understand if a thing meets your needs/requirements is BEFORE you buy it. That being said, sometimes the answers are not clear until you get setup. If someone already has a security system, they may mentally classify things as standard. Likewise, a person new to security may not even know enough to ask ahead of time. In both cases, detailed documentation about the system, or a common questions area might answer questions. However, SS is generous with their 60-day return policy regardless of the circumstances.

My wife tried to login using

My wife tried to login using my account on Mobile app. When you sign up through mobile app, the default option is to sign up for professional monitoring service for $15.99 a month. I could not proceed further, there was no way to skip this step. When my wife tried to login using my account the app asked her to go through same steps, adding credit card information and entering the base station serial number. If my account is already setup and all she is doing is logging in through her cell phone, why does she have to go through those steps? Worst, she can’t skip professional monitoring service.

This is a dealbreaker for me

This is a dealbreaker for me and I am likely to return the security system. I don’t know if Ring offers simple multiple user functionality, but this is not what I expected from SimpliSafe

Yup, I agree with a lot of

Yup, I agree with a lot of that. If a system does not meet your needs and the seller has a return policy then do what you must. Nothing wrong in that.

That said, guess I'm old school where if I find the system doesn't do what I need then I return it with matter of fact reasons why. Doesn't have enough PINs, remote app doesn't support multiple levels of user privileges; whatever.

But, there isn't really justification for some of the bad-mouthing or rants I see when, at the end of the day, the buyer didn't do their homework.

I had the same problem when I

I had the same problem when I set up my doorbell last week. I called customer service and they navigated me to the correct location in the app to subscribe for just the doorbell. Were you able to find it? If not, here are the instructions for those who are reading this....in the app go to the three lines in the top left. then choose settings, then choose camera settings. You should see doorbells, front door, and upgrade underneath. When you "upgrade" it will set up the 4.99/ month recordings for the doorbell. This was so hard to find without the help of the rep on the phone. I was at my wits end. It took 2 calls to customer service for them to understand my dilema and help me to subsribe. The app really needs to move this to the home screen.

I agree this is very

I agree this is very disappointing especially the lack of response from Simplisafe to even state if they are considering this feature. I have seen multiple posts in this forum related to the lack of support for multiple accounts. It is ridiculous that I would have to, for example, give my son access to the full account and settings to allow them disarm the system or view the camera. It simply makes no sense. The app is already segregates they just need to allow multiple logins and choose which part of the app that user has access to. Please implement this feature!

@troy_31 While we're not able


While we're not able to comment on what our engineers are working on, we do want to assure you that we play close attention to your concerns. Customer feedback is a big part of our efforts to continually improve our services.

Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

This should be a standard

This should be a standard feature in 2019

Even ADT/Brinks handles

Even ADT/Brinks handles multiple accounts... I bought the system assuming that it would support multiple accounts, which seems like a reasonable assumption given that Simplisafe is not a legacy security company. Only after my purchase did I see that there is only one account. I would have gone with Nest Secure had I known. My next step is to take a look at the return policy, unfortunately.

Call them, if <60 days since

Call them, if <60 days since ordered, they will send you a pre-paid mailing label.



I am very concerned that after purchasing simplisafe, I learned that there is only ONE user account. If you are a family, how is this ok?!?! Why can't multiple users at the same address activate and deactivate? We are two people and currently only one person can be linked to the app. Very frustrating.



I am very concerned that after purchasing simplisafe, I learned that there is only ONE user account. If you are a family, how is this ok?!?! Why can't multiple users at the same address activate and deactivate? We are two people and currently only one person can be linked to the app. Very frustrating.

Multiple users work fine. Each user uses the same login credentials.

Multiple users with different permissions (each with a separate login) does not work currently (after having been requested for years).

I agree. This should be a

I agree. This should be a priority. The thread seems to be an year old. SimpliSafe should make this happen now.

Functional Requirement!

Functional Requirement!

Well, it looks like this is a key deficiency for simplisafe. This should be a core functional requirement for the app ab initio. We needed this yesterday already! Any updates? @simplisafe

@svnnybits , just to further

@svnnybits , just to further define the "we" as some customers. For me, and many others, sharing the account with your spouse is not an issue. BTW, how many individuals do you want to share the account with?

Yea it sucks. My business

Yea it sucks. My business partner and I have a business location and then we both have offices at our homes. So the business pays for our alarm systems and we have to share an account with all three locations underneath and there is no way for him to turn off alerts so he gets the motion detection and everything for my house. They should be able to let us add On account so that we can each customize our own account how we want the alerts to act. We can’t turn the alerts off completely because we both need them for the shared business location. Get your shit together SimpliSafe. Other than this it’s a great system, but it is very annoying that I’m getting alerts when people are showing up at his house from the doorbell.

Also because of this he was

Also because of this he was able to access my camera in my home and watch my wife deep throat me in the kitchen. Come on simply safe I’d like to get my dick sucked in peace

@service_7755 I think you


I think you could have done without the explicit nature included in the second post while still getting your point across.

Although having a free alarm is lovely, the system is affordable as is the monitoring. As a customer of 5-6 years, SimpliSafe could have this feature in the works, but I would not bet on it nor expect it. Users have been requesting multiple users within the app for years, and it has not happened.

I mention the above to say perhaps purchasing a system you own (as opposed to the business) would solve your, ahem, "problems."

I wonder if they would

I wonder if they would seperate the account?

I'm also wondering why the

I'm also wondering why the two "business owners" don't have their separate HOME (home office) systems and have a third BUSINESS system. It is the business system where you would share the account - by sharing, it would be both your names under the primary numbers necessary for the monitoring center to call regarding potential alarms. The account holder would be the business name.

Unless I'm missing something with that post. (and I agree, please delete the non-family-friendly references -you can edit your own posts).

Additionally, some phone have

Additionally, some phone have separate folders. For example, my Samsung S8 has a secure folder. I can log into an already installed app with totally different credentials in the secured folder from the normal operating system. I think this is unique to Samsung phone (Knox), and much older BlackBerry phones.

One ID is a major issue. I

One ID is a major issue. I received the kit today. I think I need to send it back :(
so sad.

@Aj993mills, if you need

@Aj993mills, if you need another setup for your spouse, there is an easy way to do it.

Captain, What is the easy


What is the easy way?

@NebularNovice, sorry for the

@NebularNovice, sorry for the short hand earlier this year when I posted it but when you reply to a lot of posts, you can get a bit cryptic. (My wife is saying I can be cryptic with one post. :-)

As I posted, in a different thread, my wife and I happily share a lot of things, including our SS account.

For the of our account, and contact information see below:

First Name John &
Last Name Jane Smith

Primary contact # (555) 555-5555 (My cell #)
Secondary contact # (555) 666-6666 (My wife's cell number

In over 7 years no one has questioned what was going on or got confused, and that includes SS old monitoring company, the current one or SS support. Works well.

If you have any more questions, please let me know. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

None of that seems to give

None of that seems to give any advantage, however, to basic issue of access to settings, viewing cameras, etc. of a shared system.

Regardless of how you set it up, if the app connects to the same base then everyone has access to all the settings. It's not like making admin and user accounts.

Further, one does NOT need to have the app installed on every phone for everybody who may need/want an alert but doesn't need to have control of or direct access to the system. Just add the phone number to send them SMS, they don't even need the SS app installed.

In the previous situation, the three systems should have been set up under different accounts. Each home should have been set up as under the homeowner as separate accounts then the shared business location with some common name as a third account. All business users know the common business login but only the homeowners know their own individual logins.

I too would like this

I too would like this feature. I have installed this for my Mom's house and we may want it for future properties. I want to separate it from her account so as to not confuse or burden her. It isn't always about trust.

This is a pretty basic feature who's absence wasn't clear during purchase. I will make it work for now but I won't buy any more of their systems until it gets resolved. I have a few more properties that I will eventually use it for.

If they are separate systems

If they are separate systems then you should be able to have them set up separately each with a unique password and login.

For me, one login for two systems is great, I would not want them separate unless I sell one of the houses and the system with it. My GF doesn't care about all the other settings. Off, Away, or Home is all she cares about. With the current app, at least Android version, you can put a widget that has only that on it for simplicity.

Frankly, though, if you want/need a business class system you should have got that. But, people go cheap then complain about lack of features of more expensive systems. Hello.

Now that I have this whole

Now that I have this whole things setup... It's amazing to me that a company laser-focused on security would overlook the glaring issues of having to share user accounts. From a cyber-security standard this is a complete no-go in this day & age. Cyber-security; we're not even talking about physical security. I am supposed to hand out my administrator user ID and password to whoever I want to be able to access my house via the app? What if the password gets leaked? There should also be multi-factor authentication on this. Anyone who has my account info at this point can lock/unlock my front door and watch me in my home. Yes there is a 60 day return policy, but I sure wasted a lot of time setting all of this up if I'm just now going to send it all back < 60 days. Please confirm that you all have a patch for this on the way. Simplisafe needs better standards for cyber sec and threat prevention. Maybe take a look at NIST Cyber standards for starters for some options on security frameworks.

SimpliSafe was originally

SimpliSafe was originally designed as a personal system for apartment dwellers. It was not designed to the criteria necessary to satisfy regulations applicable to Ft. Knox or handlers of private info databases and or distribution to generally untrusted users.

If you don't like it send it back. As mentioned once, if not a hundred times, there has been zero indication from SS if it will ever change.

If you actually do send it back, be sure the reason is clearly described. Maybe enough returns will catch their attention. Wishful thinking by all evidence (more precisely, lack of) so far.

I just purchased, installed,

I just purchased, installed, and activated Simplisafe and am very disappointed to learn that I can't set up a secondary login for my spouse for our account. I agree with the commenter that this is basic table stakes for a home security system.

Please add this basic

Please add this basic security feature of multiple accounts with same or different permissions.

The biggest problem for me is

The biggest problem for me is the use of secret notifications. If all of the of the App users have the same user ID, then they all will get any secret notifications that you as the system admin, have setup, correct?

Not necessarily. But, if push

Not necessarily. But, if push notice for alarms has been turned on in the app instance on their phone, yes.

Push notices do not have to be set up on every phone, but since every log in is in effect an admin login, they could turn on the notices if they found how to and did it.

I'm surprised this feature

I'm surprised this feature has not been developed yet. It makes perfect sense to have multiple users for the app with different privileges (i.e. Parents, and Kids). My kids use their smart phone for everything and don't know any phone numbers. I'd be surprised if they can remember their PIN. Also it makes sense that I could give them access to ARM and DISARM the alarm system but not disable the camera when the wife and I leave them home alone.

SimpliSafe Dev Team please create this feature, you can see it's highly requested.

Jesus, come on SimpliSafe.

Jesus, come on SimpliSafe. Give us an update, this lack of functionality is absurd.

I'm going to add my voice

I'm going to add my voice here. I bought two systems as I own properties in two states that I commute between for work, however I have a different housemate in each location. Without separate logins I can't share the app with those housemates, as I neither want them to get alerts from the other property nor do I want them to have master access to the account configurations.

I work in software development, multiple accounts with separate permissions is pretty standard for any online service and the mechanism for implementing that is well understood. Its a bit ridiculous that this isn't done after at least two years of request in this thread, I'll definitely be calling to complain as well.

Agree why is this taking so

Agree why is this taking so long?

I'm also astonished that

I'm also astonished that different accounts cannot be used for the same system with different privileges. I'm not IT, but guess that most high school kids could set up an architecture like that for simplisafe. Just got the system and will likely use it and share my account with my wife. Apparently, simplisafe is intended for simple-minded customers. ;-) How they can state on their website that it can be used for companies, too, is beyond me.

Wow. I would not have

Wow. I would not have purchased SimpliSafe if I had known this. We rent out our home sometimes on Airbnb and I do not want to give guests full access...including my payment details :/ Going to see about a refund. We have Brinks now (they purchased LiveWatch, our original provider) and their ability to have other accounts, as well as the degree of control you can grant them, is impressive. I don't want to go backwards to such a simplistic user model.