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Backup for Wireless using a landline.

Since I noticed the phone jacks on the base unit, and being in electronic technology my entire life, I decided to call tech support today and ask them a question regarding the priority that the base unit uses for contacting the monitoring station, if a phone line is plugged into the phone jack. They stated that the base unit will still use the wireless connection first, and if that is not available, then it will use the landline. This would not result in any slowdown in contacting the monitoring station, in case of an alarm. So, it seems to me, that this is an excellent backup , if you do have a landline available, since it is like having two contact systems.

@captainbob Yes! This is a


Yes! This is a great back up if you have a phone line! This way you are always connected. If you do decide to use a land line, make sure that when you plug the land line in, that the base is completely powered down. This way, the base will recognize the phone line when you power it up again!

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How to test the landline.

How to test the landline. Verifying the base station can communicate via the landline.

1) Wrap the base station with a piece of aluminum foil to block the cell phone signal
2) Use the keypad to enter test mode
3) Review the event log for a new log entry, "User Initiated Test"

Tip - some phones indicate when their line is in use - this may help during step 2.

To revert to wireless exit test mode and remove the foil shield. After a minute start the test mode again. If your phone indicates whether the line is in use, verify the landline is not used. Look for a second log entry, "User Initiated Test". *Note - the event log shows no distinction between cellular and landline entries, but you can correlate using the timestamps.


If the landline connection

If the landline connection does not go thru due to line cut, storm etc. will the base station revert to attempting the cellular connection again?

@ron3426 Thank you for


Thank you for writing in! The base station will always attempt to connect through the cellular signal first, if it cannot, it will then go to the land line back up immediately.

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If the cellular connection

If the cellular connection does not go thru, and the landline connection does not go thru due to line cut, storm etc. will the base station revert to attempting the cellular connection again until it makes a connection?

@ron3426 The base will


The base will continue to try and send the signal out, yes!

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@Kelley When you say


When you say "completely powered down" I assume you mean remove the power cord AND the batteries correct?

@ mikemccolley Yes. unplug

@ mikemccolley

Yes. unplug the base, remove battery, attach landline, plug in, replace battery. One battery should do it, you don't have to take out all of them.

Thanks ... found it just

Thanks ... found it just before your reply. More info and details here:

Ok so trying to test my cell

Ok so trying to test my cell signal before I connect the land line to see if I can get the base to lose connection with the monitoring.
- wrapped base in 2 layers of foil
- key pad is Not saying No Service or Disconnected from dispatch.
- with foil cover ... Im still getting event logs.

My cell tower (Verizon) is less than a mile away ... So I must be getting a great connection.

So how can i test my land line once i connect it? I have not connected it yet because i wanted to see if i could disconnect with cell first. What other way is there to test the installed landline?

I was told by customer

I was told by customer service that the tinfoil idea is NOT a good idea for testing the landline connection. The rep said this can damage the base, I presume by overloading it with too much signal radiating back into the system. It makes sense to me, though I don't know for sure exactly how that would cause damage, but she said one could easily end up damaging things by doing the tinfoil trick. Just wanted to alert anyone else who had thoughts about trying that out.

I don't know how one DOES test the backup landline without doing something like that, though, and I'm still wondering!

I was told by the rep that, if you don't get the "no link to dispatcher" you must be good. But, that only really determines for sure that SOMETHING is good, either your cellular or your landline connection. If cell is working at the moment, it's using cell anyway. But how do you verify that the landline really would work if the cell connection were down for the moment? Does it show up in your account, on the menu of the keypad, etc?

I'm wondering this-- how to feel confident the landline connection actually is installed correctly as backup-- b/c I recently had "no link to dispatcher" for the first time and it kind of freaked me out. I realize it was probably a brief cell outage / fluke but just in case I want to really KNOW that the landline backup is plugged in correctly. (That I didn't, for instance, use some kind of wrong type of RJ11 patch cord, didn't power it down and up in the proper sequence with getting the landline plugged in... etc.)

@siphon Thanks for writing


Thanks for writing in! We can help you troubleshoot to make sure that the landline specifically is working well. Please give us a call so we can help you with this!

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I can't get the backup

I can't get the backup landline working. I have a simulated landline through Comcast using voice over IP. Is this the reason why?