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Cameras (located outside) not detecting motion events anymore

We've had our Simplisafe system for several months now, and up until a few weeks ago, everything was working fine. However, our two Simplisafe Cameras (located outside with outdoor sleeves) have stopped being set off by motion and started only recording motion events very rarely, as opposed to what they HAD been doing, which was recording regularly every day any motion event in front of them. I called Simplisafe about this issue and was sent two new cameras, and have only replaced one of the cameras so far, but once again, the camera/s are not recording upon motion detection except once in a great while. I've upgraded our internet router and have been receiving over 100mps near the Walkway camera, but it still only rarely records motion events. Is there anything at Simplisafe that can be reset or adjusted to try and fix this issue? I've tried everything that I can think of on my end, including unplugging the base, ensuring that the system is up-to-date on firmware, etc...but nothing has helped so far. Any suggestions?

Has there been a large change

Has there been a large change in the temperature? These cameras are not actually "motion" sensors, but "change in heat" sensors. They are designed to work indoors in a regulated temperature environment, and all the "outdoors" kit does is protect them from moisture.

They are not likely to work well outdoors, particularly if the temperature varies quickly or is a lot hotter than the typical indoors temperature.

That makes no sense. Why

That makes no sense. Why would they detect a waving flag outside when the flag has no heat signature? Also, why would they detect me outside in the rain at night when I am covered with a really large umbrella, once again with no perceptible heat signature? And why would the cameras offer to let you change the motion detection sensitivity if their motion sensors are based solely on heat detection? On one hand, the heat detection DOES make sense, and I believe I read of this in another thread. But then again, it makes no sense based on a lot of the motions that the cameras HAVE detected since we installed them, as well as based on the options we're given to adjust the level of sensitivity to motion. Not to mention that don't you think it's false advertising to claim that the cameras detect motion if they realy only detect changes in heat?

The flag has no heat

The flag has no heat signature? Is it in the sun? Might get warm and if it then flutters in the wind...

Are you sure your heat did not penetrate or spread around the umbrella?

You can change the sensitivity of the PIR (Passive Infrared - heat sensor). Do they ever specifically say you can change the sensitivity of motion detection, or do they just say you can change the sensitivity of the "motion detector"?

I think you'll find that at least 95% of "motion detectors" (except those which are camera based and use "pixel change") use Infrared (heat) detection. Better ones have "zones" which "track" heat movement from one zone to another, while many just look for a sudden change in temperature. So yes, it is kind of false advertising, but it is endemic in the motion detection industry. If you really want to see some false advertising, look for ones which claim to "not detect pets under xx pounds". Because there is no such thing a a passive weight or mass sensor...

Once again, it still doesn't

Once again, it still doesn't explain why our far less expensive outdoor spotlights can sense motion immediately and every single time at night, when these $99 Simplicams cannot. Unless the cams have cheaper technology in them, which once again, false advertising when they are claimed to be able to detect motion.

Your less expensive OUTDOOR

Your less expensive OUTDOOR spotlights are DESIGNED to work outdoors. The Simplicams are NOT; they are designed to work in a temperature controlled indoor environment.

If you want OUTDOOR cameras, perhaps you should get actual OUTDOOR cameras. Since SS does not have any, your best best is probably a wired DVR/NVR based system. If wiring would be a problem, then there are some wireless options, but be prepared for a lot of additional maintenance.

Has anyone looked into adding

Has anyone looked into adding an external antenna to the doorbell Camera. to reduce the cameras dropping out all the time?

We have had the same issues.

We have had the same issues. Unfortunately we’ve also experienced property theft twice at night and neither the doorbell camera nor the camera looking at the front yard and porch recorded anything at night despite being within 5 feet of each camera. (We know this because they stole a flag attached to our front porch and this flag is well within view of both cameras, within five feet, and during the day it causes the motion sensors to start a recording.) Another trend: we just don’t see any recordings at night. I’ve even walked and jumped around at night in the same spots that detect motion during the day.

Our doorbell cam also loses signal all the time. I’ve tested the signal strength of many different devices in the same area and can tell you that the Ring doorbell has much better signal strength than the Simplisafe doorbell cam. Simplisafe’s indooor camera also has much better signal strength.

That this same theft happened twice with no recording is unacceptable. I guess the one perk of Simplisafe is that there’s no contract. Since there’s no viable option for monitoring the perimeter of your property, we’re cancelling our service.

Keep in mind that SS is

Keep in mind that SS is designed to protect your home and is NOT defined to protect the outside.

If you want external security, get a camera system DESIGNED for that function.

We have had the same issue

We have had the same issue with a SS camera outdoors - it worked well and reliably for months and then all of a sudden its started detecting motion only sporadically. It usually sees people walking but doesn't see something large like a car pulling into the driveway anymore. I don't even want to get started on the doorbell camera issues - I'm so disappointed I spent the money I have on this system.

I am having same problem with

I am having same problem with doorbell. Worked great for a while but now is not giving any notifications. All settings are same and on. Customer service was no help. Think I am going have to look into new system too.

That makes sense. My camera

That makes sense. My camera looking through a widow to the front door doesn't detect motion. No change in heat signature. Thanks

The camera does not sense

The camera does not sense "motion", but "change in heat". The glass does a fair job of blocking that. It also block the IR beam used for night vision.

I've noticed the same. No

I've noticed the same. No motion sensing or heats sensing through the window. I ordered an outdoor kit to put it outside, but then it probably won't sense through the clear case of the outdoor kit either. I'm starting to realize the Simplisafe cameras are pretty useless.

Make sure your Privacy

Make sure your Privacy Shutter is set to "Open" for all three modes (Home, Off, Away). This is found in the Camera Settings. I had the same issue as you and this fixed it.