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Can't set up camera with wifi

I cannot get the simplisafe cameras to connect to my wifi. This is for a new system, they've never been connected to my wifi before. I get to the point where I scan the code, then it says "now attempting to connect to wifi", then the camera light goes yellow for a bit, reboots, then it goes back to blinking white lights saying "now ready for set up". This keeps on happening no matter how many times I try. I am connecting to a 2.4 GHz network, not sure what to do at this point. Called tech support and they sent me a replacement camera, but the same thing happened with the new one.

Make sure your phone is also

Make sure your phone is also on the 2.4 network.

Sometimes using ipad can help too re size but I found mine worked in end when I had phone on 5 and camera on 2.4 so changing phone to 2.4 fixed it

I have been having this same

I have been having this same problem for about six weeks. I received the fourth replacement camera a few days ago, and it works exactly as described above by fmariana1. The first three cameras did exactly the same thing as well. I cannot believe that the cameras are so poorly made that I could have gotten four bad ones in a row. If they are of that poor quality, then I have doubts about the rest of the system components. Good luck. I'll keep checking back to see if anyone comes up with a solution.