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Carbon Monoxide in "tamper mode'

My Carbon Monoxide Detector has been working fine since we got simplisafe (about a year ago).But now its in 'Tamper Mode' where the yellow light is constantly on and the chirp is every minute. I am not sure what to do?

Sounds like an issue with the

Sounds like an issue with the mount. Have you replaced the battery lately? I believe there is a tab that has to be pushed in by the mounting plate for it to clear.
See another post and suggested solution from SS here:

Thanks for posting! A constant yellow light on the CO Detector means that the sensor is not mounted on its bracket properly. Once mounted securely on the plate, the yellow light should go out. The mounting plate must be in place to relieve the tamper condition.

Ryan K.
SimpliSafe Home Security

An almost dead battery should

An almost dead battery should come with a flashing light, not constant.


Thanks for posting! We recommend replacing your CO sensors about every 5 years, or if the end of life indicator comes on (yellow LED flashing 4 times a minute accompanied by buzzer chirps, once a minute) which ever happens first. The batteries are rated for 3 years but are recommended to be changed every year (low battery warning is a yellow flashing light once a minute and buzzer chirps once a minute).

Ryan K.
SimpliSafe Home Security

@dabradford Thank you for


Thank you for posting! You may see this fault light, as hondaman88 mentioned, if the carbon monoxide sensor is not firmly mounted on the bracket. Try remounting it, and making sure it's tightened into the bracket as firmly as possible. If you're still having difficulty, please give us a call and I'm sure we'll be able to troubleshoot and sort everything out!

SimpliSafe Home Security

Okay so now its saying a low

Okay so now its saying a low battery? But I cannot figure out how to change the battery without breaking anything!?

Nevermind I figured it out!

Nevermind I figured it out! The transparent thing is an actual BUTTON! So you Thanks

Glad I came to this forum i

Glad I came to this forum i unscrewed the back and everything. Glad I figured it out the beeping was getting to me!

@Dani Glad the forums were


Glad the forums were able to help! Please let us know if there's ever anything we can help you out with!

SimpliSafe Home Security

I have had the same problem.

I have had the same problem. I have 3 CO units at two different properties. I have changed the batteries and remounted the unit. At the first property no matter what I did this kept occurring. Finally needing to replace the unit. Shortly after this happened (would need to look at my logs to give exact dates and time) this is now occurring at my second property. I am starting to think there is a problem with the CO units that are about a year old. Also this happens during the night mostly or when the house is cold (second property is vacation house in the mountains which get's cold since I don't run the heater when unoccupied).

Concerned that these is a capacitor or other temperature sensitive component that is failing after about a year. Under warrenty.

Six smoke and 3 CO, no issues

Six smoke and 3 CO, no issues now installed for quite a while. One was a dog from the start and was replaced by SS. Mount unit is not the easiest to install, but once done has operated fine.

in CO Detector error followed

in CO Detector error followed by Sensor restored....started about a week ago so I replaced the battery to turn off the 'dog annoying beep'...and thought this solved it but yesterday the frequent text msgs started hitting again on the same device. I will check again to see if I have fully mated it to the bracket (as mentioned above).....but I need to remove this from service and hide it under several blankets to allow the dogs some peace :)

BTW I ran a test sequence which made it to Simplisafe and it replied with 'Test successful'....

Update: There is no aspect of the CO Detector 'mating' correctly,,,its a sealed unit on the back side with only 3 slide catches. If this comment was related to the battery compartment mating over the levers, that has been verified as correct. I note that the Smoke Detector I have nearby, doe have what looks like a 'mating' catch that will depress when mounting.

Also had the same problem

Also had the same problem after changing batteries. It seemed to work fine for a few hours - then started chirping. I took the bracket off the ceiling and installed it on the unit. I noticed the bracket is very tight and tends to flex away from the pin that it is supposed to be engaging. I took the bracket off the ceiling and installed it on the unit. (I noticed I could depress the bracket piece to the unit about a 1/16 inch) The pin was only being partially depressed. I would suggest sanding off the rounded ends a bit to eliminate the outward bowing to correct the problem and allow the pin to be engaged fully.