Do the Glassbreak Sensors have a red light?

I woke this morning before sunrise (as such, my bedroom was completely dark) and thought I saw a red light flash from my glass break sensor. The only color I have ever witnessed on it is the amber colored light that flashed upon initial testing.

So, was I seeing things due to suddenly waking, or, does the sensor actually have a red light (like the base station)? I was curious to know if it does flash red, is it an indication that it was triggered or is malfunctioning. If not, I will chalk it up to my grogginess.

Thank you in advance.

@Shiherlis Thank you for


Thank you for writing in! The Glassbreak Sensor will only flash yellow. It cannot produce a red light.

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Thank you so much, Michelle!

Thank you so much, Michelle! That confirms it was imagined.