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Door chime going off when doors haven't been opened

We had a relative taking care of our pets while we were away for the weekend, and she said that the door chime kept sounding even when nobody had opened the door. Because I wasn't there at the time, I'm not sure if the keypad said "door open" when this happened and I didn't think to ask her to check.

When we arrived home yesterday, we didn't experience any of this. However, we set our alarm to "away" (we do this every night since nobody, (including the pets) is downstairs while we sleep and the downstairs is the only area we have motion sensors) last night and about an hour after we set it, the alarm went off and I got a text saying the Front Door Entry was triggered. I had my husband (and dog lol) go down and make sure everything was alright, and it was just a false alarm.

Can somebody please tell me why I'm having problems with the door sensors? Could it be the temperature change (it's been much cooler during the nights here lately)? I recall having some issues with the door chime last winter too, though I don't recall how we were able to fix that. We have not moved the base station or changed our setup since we installed the system. Do the batteries need to be changed? Any other ideas?

As a side note, how long does the alarm monitoring company typically wait before calling to ask if everything is alright? I'm guessing that a full minute of the siren going off had passed before I was able to load up the app and disarm the system, and I never got a phone call. I've recently sent a test signal and got a phone call within seconds, so I'm pretty sure they should be receiving our signals...


- Rachel

@billy31406 Thanks for


Thanks for posting! It sounds like your entry sensor and the magnet maybe right on the cusp of over 2 inches from each other. If the door or window has a slight give to it, such as when it's windy, it may move them outside this cusp, so the sensor reads as open.

If you are able to cancel the alarm while the monitoring company is still placing the first call to you, it will act as the safe word, and stop the calling procedure, allowing them to place calls regarding other potential emergencies.

If you continue to have errors we'd love the chance to troubleshoot with you right over the phone! Give us a call on 888 957 4675 anytime Sunday - Friday from 9AM to 6PM Eastern and we'll be sure to get it sorted out.

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