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Doorbell Chime on Base Station?

I recently installed the new Doorbell cam and it works just fine. However, the house I am in must have an old or broken doorbell chime. The wires were in the wall at the door and powered, but I have no idea where the box in the house is and there is no chime (maybe off or broken). Is there a way for the SS Doorbell to trigger the SS Base Station to chime?

@gross.llosa It might help to


It might help to know that the Video Doorbell Pro, just like the SimpliCam, works separately from your SimpliSafe system - it talks to our website, rather than to your Base Station directly.

So currently, the only way to get the doorbell sound is through the doorbell system that you have the Video Doorbell Pro connected to.

However, I'll be sure to pass on your suggestion to our engineering team!

Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

Please do! I feel like this

Please do! I feel like this feature is much needed. Frustrating to have to rely on your phone for a doorbell.

I'd also be interested in

I'd also be interested in using the base station as the doorbell chime - please consider adding this as a feature and letting it talk to the base station.

Once again, IT IS NOT

Once again, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE WITH THE CURRENT DOORBELL. It does not talk to the base station at all, thus there is no possible way it can be implemented. .

This is a feature I would

This is a feature I would like to see implemented also, if possible. I did not have an existing doorbell system so I am using a 3rd power power supply for the Video Doorbell and it would be helpful if it rang to the basestation. Even if there was some latency, that would be fine as long it chimed louder than doorbell itself.


HURRY AND OFFER THIS INTEGRATION before I reinstall my Ring Doorbell.

If Simplisafe wants to compete in the doorbell market, the NEED to offer at least a plug in Chime like Ring does, OR IMPROVE their smart home functionality.
IE ringing/motion alerts through Google Home or Alexa.

Seems crazy that they

Seems crazy that they wouldn't have made this to integrate with the base station. We be so much easier for those of us without an existing doorbell system in place. I have no problem hardwiring it for power, but why have an old school doorbell chime in the same room as my base station. My base station should be able to chime when someone rings the doorbell.

I think you overdid it a

I think you overdid it a little bit with your all caps response declaring that this is not possible.

The indoor camera is an WiFi device as well .... but SimpliSafe manages to generate a 5 minute recording whenever the system goes into alarm. I don't know if they also do that with the video doorbell .... but if they don't they should.

So .... saying something ISN'T POSSIBLE .... is a stretch.... their are ways to get it done with programming.

This is one of the reasons I don't have the video doorbell as well.

When the doorbell can alert

When the doorbell can alert me via my google display (video and audio), that’s when I’ll buy one.

When I purchased the doorbell

When I purchased the doorbell I just figured it would chime through the main unit. To me that would just be common sense. This has got to be the biggest oversight ever. I mean why not have this feature with the option of low, medium and loud chime settings and the option to turn the chime on and off. Other than that I do like the door bell camera but this is a very big missed opportunity. I just hope when and if they do offer this feature I don’t have to buy new equipment or spend already spent money to get it.

Since the camera does not

Since the camera does not talk to the base station, this camera is unlikely to ever provide that function.

Add my name to the list, my

Add my name to the list, my home never had a regular doorbell system, it was using an elaborate (for 1992) intercom system with a front door button, all that was pulled out out when we renovated the home some time ago. When I bought the doorbell, I managed to bring 18 volts to the front door using old alarm sensor cabling, and thus the Simplisafe doorbell is powered and running, but what do I do to get a door chime to work since the house does not have any cabling for that? At least offer a Wi-Fi chime accessory if this system is so segregated from the main alarm (agree with the other persons that this is a huge design oversight), or offer compatibility with a 3rd party device.

I just do not see how it is

I just do not see how it is supposedly so segregated. When I arm/disarm my system all cameras including the doorbell begin recording so clearly there is communication there. It obviously is not direct from the base station but there is a link.

The base sends the signal to

The base sends the signal to SS, SS determines that an event has occurred and then SS sends a request to the camera. The reverse path does not exist and would require a new camera and a complete redesign of the SS servers. It may or may not need a new base unit. .

Add me to the list too. My

Add me to the list too. My visitors have resorted to banging on the door since I frequently miss the push notification (which sounds just like every other notification I get, and is useless when my phone is on silent)

I don't accept "the camera doesn't talk to the base station"

If the camera is able to send the SS mobile app a push notification relatively instantly, it should be able to send the base station a command to play a sound.

If the base station isn't capable of receiving a command from the internet (would be surprising since we can configure settings via web), I know for sure that Alexa can receive an instant notification. Bonus points if we can use Alexa's announcement/drop-in functionality to talk to whoever's at the door.

I do not have the doorbell

I do not have the doorbell because I have faulty wiring so I purchased a Ring Video Doorbell.

I had the same issue as @careywchan that I had to rely on my phone to hear the doorbell.

And then....

Ring came out with a chime. It's a plug thingy (size of a small adapter) that I plug into an outlet --I have one upstairs and one downstairs. The doorbell sounds now comes out of the chime so that solved my issue. Plus I have a choice of doorbell sounds.

Wonder if SS could implement something like that in the future.

Can they? Certainly. The

Can they? Certainly. The technology has existed for decades (I have a button by the door of my motorhome and a chime module plugged in to an electrical outlet) Will they? Unlikely. It appears that their design philosophy is handed down from the gods and is inviolate.

Just installed the doorbell

Just installed the doorbell and will have to install a second chime as well.
The fact the doorbell doesn’t activate the base station is mind boggling
and the company should have done research and testing before launch of the doorbell.

Thanks. I second the request

Thanks. I second the request and believe a number of others here do as well.

Agreed this is a must have

Agreed this is a must have feature. To design and market the doorbell to not work with the rest of the system is asinine. Looks like you rushed it to market.

The not connecting with the

The not connecting with the base is BY DESIGN.

Imagine if the doorbell WAS connected to the ALARM SYSTEM. Someone comes to the door and presses the doorbell (with the alarm on) and the police are dispatched. Or if the alarm is not on, you get that puny "chime" that you can't hear unless you are right next to the sounder and there is little noise in the house.

Or since the motion detector on the door cam triggers on cars passing in the street, imagine how many false alarms you'd get.

I know that it is annoying to have to add a doorbell to get a doorbell sound, but really. If you did not have a doorbell before, what makes you think you should get a doorbell "for free" by installing a doorbell button? In the adult world, if you don't have a doorbell and you want a doorbell, you have to buy and install a doorbell.

sevensiamesecats....Are you

sevensiamesecats....Are you for real? Your post makes no sense. Its certainly possible to DESIGN and PROGRAM the SYSTEM to signal the base station ONLY if the button is pressed and have it react with a distinct sound/buzz/bell etc. This can be done REGARDLESS of the motion detection and can certainly be customized so that the sound is not confused with an alarm sounding or the simple "chime" you reference. You obviously have no idea what's possible from a technology perspective. The point here, is that is this was done by DESIGN, then its a stupid design. And YES....for a $150 (not free) I expect my doorbell to sound a chime with the multi-hundred dollar "system" made by the same company and marketed as a SYSTEM.

Yep, I'm for real, and firmly

Yep, I'm for real, and firmly living in the real world. After having spent a good chunk of my life working in product development.

Of course it is possible to design a system which would, or could be programmed to, act as a doorbell. SS did not. The CURRENT system is designed to be a security system, not a "do everything half assed" system. The camera is designed to talk to SS, not the security system. Good choice/bad choice is debatable. But it was the choice they made, and it is consistent with the choices they have made since their beginning.

In order to do what you want, they would have to completely (or at least significantly) redesign the base unit AND the cameras. And then they would have to address their "permanent" problem that unless you have a small dwelling and not a lot of noise, you can't reliably hear the sound that would be produced by your function.

I'd say I have at least as much idea what is technically possible, and probably a lot more idea what is practical from a business standpoint. And you did not have a doorbell, and you did not buy a doorbell. You bought a camera built into a doorbell button. Which would have activated your doorbell, if you had one. (By the way, I agree that the design of the doorbell button part of the system was inadequate. They could have and should have made it work with ANY existing doorbells, not just the antique ones).

I suppose you went to the store and bought a light switch and installed it in your closet which did not have a light, and then complained that no light happened when you turned on the switch.

Simply ridiculous. And the

Simply ridiculous. And the last post is also entirely off.

I bought an item that is called "SimpliCam Video Doorbell" so obviously I bought a fancy doorbell. The only problem: when somebody presses this doorbell, there is no chime inside the house. A doorbell can not get more useless. To go back to the last analogy: It's like buying a light switch and it turns out that switch does all sort of fancy things, the only thing it doesn't do is switch on and off the light!

A completely grotesque failure in product design. Will send it back for refund still today.

You are correct, that name is

You are correct, that name is misleading. It is not a "doorbell" at all.

It would be highly desirable

It would be highly desirable if the doorbell would also cause the base station to chime (but not go into alarm). My base station is located in a different part of the house from the doorbell chime that is wired to the SimpliSafe doorbell, and it would sure help if it chimed in addition to the wired doorbell..

sevensiamesecats, do you

sevensiamesecats, do you speak as a representative of Simplisafe? If so, they need to provide you with training to improve your customer communication skills and increase your understanding of technological solutions. If not, why are you so defensive of the product? I doubt they would believe your are representing them in a positive manner.

I do have a doorbell. It is wireless as are many doorbells that have been on the market for years. The Simplisafe Video Doorbell Pro is effectively a wired doorbell button with nice bells and whistles. I have wiring to supply power to the VDP, but it is not available to connect to a chime. That makes the VDP worthless as a "doorbell" to me. This is unacceptable in today's world of technology.

There are two problems that need to be solved. There should be an alternative source of power and an alternative chime that do not depend on existing doorbell wiring. As mentioned previously, providing communication to a wifi chime should be a simple software solution on the VDP. There are undoubtedly many other solutions that could also be implemented to solve this problem.

I will likely be returning the VDP I recently purchased unless I can receive assurances from Simplisafe that they are working on a solution that does not require me to buy a new VDP or provide a wired chime.

@swn: So basically what you

@swn: So basically what you want is a Ring doorbell. It meets all of your criteria. Also, if you are waiting for ANY info from SS concerning future plans, product development or improvements I heartily recommend you head to the post office tomorrow to return the doorbell because it isn't going to happen! Sad, but true.

Nope, I am not a

Nope, I am not a representative of SS. Sorry for any snarkiness you experience, but I don't tend to suffer fools gladly, and a few such show up in the forums. For that matter, SS has done some things I consider foolish. As for my understanding of technological solutions, I feel it is more than adequate (unless you can point out an area I lack). Perhaps more usefully, I have a really good grasp on the product development process. And the holes in the "process" SS seems to use.

My technological understanding is that there is a way to accomplish just about anything. however, my product development understanding makes me realize that some things just aren't financially viable. No company (which will survive) is going to spend $10 Million to develop a product which is going to cost them $100 each to produce and which will only sell well at $10.

As for the doorbell button not doing what you expected, admittedly, SS tends to leave out or hide important information about their products. The saving grace is the 60 day return policy, including shipping both ways. Is it the best way to grow their business? Not in my opinion, but I have to admit it somehow seems to be working for them. So far.

That said, they designed their doorbell button the way they designed it, without input from the people who would hope to use it. And they have a long history of not presenting solutions to customer suggestions (even demands).

They usually won't tell you what they are working on, and if they do, they won't tell you when it will be available, and even if they do give you a guess, don't count on it. As such, if SS does what you want RIGHT NOW, then go for it. If they don't meet your requirements RIGHT NOW, then assume they never will. Someday they might, but more likely they won't and even if they do, it won't be in a timely manner. If you expect it, you will almost certainly be disappointed. If you expect it to never happen, then you might be pleasantly surprised some day.

They designed the doorbell button they way they designed it. And it cannot be modified to do what you want without hardware changes. It will always require a doorbell power supply (it is possible it could be reprogrammed or have an accessory available which would allow using a USB power source. II will never communicate to the base or to any other device (except the SS servers). In order to change its limitations, a new doorbell camera would need to be released. And that is not going to happen any time soon. If ever.

So it sounds like the product will not meet your requirements. They won't say they will make those changes, and even if they do, unless you get it in writing, with penalties for non-compliance, you are not going to get what you want.

If it works adequatey as a camera for you, it might be worth hacking it yourself to make it do what you want. It is, after all, a "button switch", which should be fairly easy to connect to your own transmitter to any device you want.

swn, you're responding to a

swn, you're responding to a 6-month-old post, and the same 'requests' on this post and others, keep coming up, over and over again. No one (obviously) reads the entire posts or they would know that Seven is correct and they wouldn't need to keep posting the same thing over and over.

They can: wait until SS does something (waste of time if you are impatient) or develops a new doorbell with more features (not going to happen for quite awhile)
Or: return their doorbell if within the 60-day-return policy, or if not, then sell it on ebay, etc.
Sorry, but those are the only choices.

SS reps who post on the forum (which is infrequently), sign their posts with their names/SS link. Obviously, Seven doesn't work for SS (but we're all grateful that he, and Captain, and others have willingly stuck with the forum (for years) answering questions when SS won't).

It Could Be Done in

It Could Be Done in Software

It seems to me that the requested functionality could be delivered via server software enhancements and a firmware update on the base station. No need for a hardware redesign, the required hardware communication paths are already in place.

What people are asking for is a server mod and firmware update that allows the server to notify the base station when the doorbell button is pressed. This really shouldn't be all that difficult given the fact that the server already accepts a "doorbell button pressed" event and initiates a video stream from the doorbell, it just needs a mod to relay the "doorbell button pressed" event to the base station. The base station already communicates with the server to push sensor and keypad events, and receive firmware updates. The base station's firmware just needs to be updated to receive a "doorbell button pressed" event via the same hardware path, and sound the station's chime.

I suspect that the only thing holding this enhancement back is the cost of developing and testing the server mod and firmware update. They may be waiting for the next generation release.

Ok, so you want the doorbell

Ok, so you want the doorbell to send a signal to SS, and then SS send a signal to the base station, and then the base station to issue a chime? And you think "it could be done in software"?

1) you don't mind that the chime probably won't be heard for several seconds, perhaps even 30 or more after the button is pushed?

2) You don't mind that you won't hear the chime anyway, unless you are in the same room with the base and there is not a lot of noise?

3) You really think that the hardware is already there to allow this new path AND base function? Even though the system seems to be deliberately designed to not be able to perform that function? Perhaps you are right, but I wouldn't bet the price of a cup of coffee you were.

Answering each of your

Answering each of your points

(1) In terms of timing, how would this be any different from SS sending a doorbell notification to the SS smartphone app (which it currently does)? If you're saying that the delay would be too long to be useful, then that would imply that the SS smartphone app is useless as far as the doorbell is concerned. Latency should be no different for android/ios vs base station. Why couldn't it be done with a firmware mod? The base station already sounds a chime when a sensor event is raised, why couldn't it also sound a chime when it receives a button pressed event? The tonality of the chime is most likely controlled by firmware, meaning a distinct chime sound could be implemented for the doorbell event.

(2) I have a large house, and I cannot hear the hardwired doorbell in some areas. I can, however, hear the SS chime in every area of the house, so yes this would work for me. Remember, normally you can't easily change the location of your hardwired doorbell chime, but you can place the SS base station anywhere you like so that it can be heard throughout the house.

(3) It's not a new communication path. The required paths are already in place. All SS base station functionality is controlled by firmware, which allows for future enhancements and bug fixes. The system was not deliberately designed to exclude this functionality. The video camera and doorbell modules were released well after the current SS hardware and software platform was designed - these are add-ons that have not been integrated into the system completely.

1) I have not experienced the

1) I have not experienced the delay of the notification, not having the doorbell. My "guess" is based on the performance of the interior cameras. I'd say if any notification, current or future, from the doorbell is more than 5 seconds, it is "useless" as a doorbell.

As for what can be done in firmware, it is completely subject to what is done in hardware. So I don't know whether the code CAN respond to a new event (button push) or allow a new mode (independent of system mode) or change an existing event (chime sound). Maybe it can. Maybe it can't. Without knowing how the hardware and firmware is structured, we cannot say yes or no.

2) Wow, impressive. I have a small house, and I can barely hear the chime from 1 room away, but only if there is not a lot of noise, like the fans going fully speed, or a movie playing or the people across the alley playing with their volkswagon engines.

3) right, the add ons have not been integrated into the system completely, because the original design did not allow for practical integration. How do we know? Because the add-ons are, frankly, a "kludge". It MIGHT be possible to do this integration without a hardware update, but my guess is that even if it is, it would not be financially feasible.

There are some things not

There are some things not possible even with the best of programmers. Program all you want but if the hardware doesn't support it, it ain't happening.

Now, whether or not it is possible I don't know...but I doubt it it is and further guess why not is most likely hardware.

I just bought simplisafe and

I just bought simplisafe and here is what the rep told me when I asked about the chime:

Thanks for emailing us. I am happy to answer your questions.

The base station acts as the door chime. You can increase the volume of the door chime to High using your keypad.

In order to spread the door chime's sound, you would have to purchase an extra siren. The extra siren is a wireless device that can mimic the door chime.

There is a function you can

There is a function you can turn on for the door/window sensors so you get a chime from the base if you open said door/window. But, bear in mind that isn't the same thing as pressing the doorbell (camera) button and getting a chime from the base.

I think they answered the question you asked, but unfortunately you may have asked the wrong question if the intent was to inquire about the doorbell button activating the base chime.

Agree 100000%!!!!!!

Agree 100000%!!!!!!

Add another disappointed

Add another disappointed customer to the list that would greatly appreciate it if the doorbell pro had the ability to communicate with the base station and notify paying customers with a chime when the doorbell button is pushed.

It doesn't make a lot of sense that the person ringing the doorbell hears a chime, and homeowners without wired doorbells do not, when it seems the base station should be capable of this.

Especially when you consider I'm paying $300/yr for the monitoring service, c'mon SimpliSafe, please make this happen.

We purchased an Ohmcat

We purchased an Ohmcat adapter, thanks to a comment someone left on the forum when I first looked into the doorbell. Smart system & products, thank you!

IF SS decided to integrate

IF SS decided to integrate the doorbell and the base unit (the odds are nearly zero that they ever would), then they would have to redesign the base unit AND the doorbell camera, which would probably take at least 5 years. And you would have to buy the new base unit and the new doorbell to use the function. And you probably would not hear the "doorbell" unless your base station was near to where you were and there was not a lot of noise around. And the doorbell would still need to communicate with SS servers, which could lead to a confusion between the two signal paths.

Come on SimpliSafe, this is

Come on SimpliSafe, this is an issue, please listen to your customers. To have to reply on a mobile device to hear my doorbell is insane. So often those devices are no where around me and people end up knocking on my door. This is a big downfall with the product.

SS has never listened to

SS has never listened to their customers :-)

If you have a doorbell, then you will hear the doorbell when the doorbell is rung. If you don't have a doorbell, then it is kind of odd that you expect a non-doorbell company to force a non-doorbell system to simulate a doorbell. Badly (every doorbell I've ever heard is many times louder and easier to hear than the SS base station).

+1 to this thread. Such a

+1 to this thread. Such a huge oversight.

Okay, My base station is


My base station is connected to my WIFI I believe because I had to enter the wifi information.
The Doorbell is connected to my Wifi because again I had to enter the information.

The main keypad is connected to the base station ( I assume through wifi ) OR to SimpliSafe servers. either way Wifi.

Also, the sensors on the doors and windows talk to the base station and are able to generate a chime ...

Sending a push-notification from one device with a known MAC address or IP address to another device on the same subnet should be trivial.

The base station receiving the message and creating an audible sound should be trivial as well. After all, the thing is talking to me in english.

My recommendation would be to talk to your engineering team and see why the sensors can do what the doorbell can't. I don't believe this is a technical issue.

In case this is a technical issue I would recommend Doorbell PRO v2.0 which fixes the issue and an update to your firmware to

Sigh. The keypad talks to

Sigh. The keypad talks to the base via an encrypted, proprietary signal. The base uses Wi-Fi, but only to talk with SS servers. The sensors talk to the base via the same encrypted signal. The base is DESIGNED to talk to the sensors, and has the chime function from those sensors built in. The base Wi-Fi is only used to send/receive information from SS.

Thus, it would require a REDESIGN of the base station to signal a doorbell after the doorbell camera sends a signal to SS and then SS sends a signal to the base. The SS servers would have to be redesigned and reconfigured as well. A redesign means buying a new base, and probably several years to develop it. Plus, I suspect there would be an obnoxious delay from button push, to doorbell sound, which many people wouldn't be able to hear anyway, as the base is easily muted by distance/walls or normal household noise.

You use the word "trivial" a lot. I don't think that word means what you think it means...

If you want a change, ask for it (you won't get it, but that's SS for you). It is silly for you to estimate the difficulty of the task when you don't know how the system is set up, or what can be recoded and what can not. And any hardware change will cost you money and a very long time.

Changes and fixes are always

Changes and fixes are always trivial and easy for those that only have to talk about it rather than actually do it.

Would love this feature too.

Would love this feature too. As a developer I'm inclined to suspect that it really wouldn't be difficult. Not necessarily trivial but given their number of customers I'd say it would be justifiable and affordable.

I work with distributed, low latency communication and there is no reason that with decent wifi you couldn't do this with less than a half second of delay. Also, I know that other SimpliSafe devices have peer to peer communication and if the doorbell has that too it would be possible to do it through that sort of communication. Despite sevensiamesecats assertions I highly doubt it would require a base station redesign. You should only need a firmware update. Also redesign the server? No. Servers are fairly standardized at this point. I suspect it's one of the 5 common server os's and provided but a cloud service distributor like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. A simple code push, which they would have to have in place already to ensure they could put up security updates, should be all it takes to update the server. I've done several dozen of those this week.

Well if im correct the new

Well if im correct the new update they are pushing out will have the base station chime when the video doorbell is pushed, or am i wrong. Of course still waiting anyway and it doesn't bother me as i would rather see the base station announcing what door is opened.