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Doorbell will not power up

New SimpliSafe customer with extensive security system for large home. Everything works great; however, I have been through 3 different doorbells now. The doorbell chime worked on each one, but none of them would ever power up and connect to my WiFi (never got white light or any light for that matter). The doorbell is getting power (I checked with a voltmeter), and I even got a new doorbell transformer to ensure enough power was going to the the doorbell. SimpliSafe customer service has been less than adequate. I asked for a tech to come out to professionally troubleshoot, and that SimpliSafe cover the $79 since I’ve had so much trouble with this thing. I was told it would take a couple days to get a decision. Really!? SimpliSafe is willing to lose $25/month and the over $700 I paid for the equipment over $79?

One of main reasons I got the SimpliSafe system was for the doorbell camera. Has anyone had a similar experience and figured out why the doorbells won’t work?

We went through the same

We went through the same issue with two different doorbells - they would ring, but not power on, even though our multimeter was showing 18V. I found this forum and found a thread called, "3 doorbell pros have been DOA," and saw where someone was finally told by a customer service rep that there's a firmware issue with the latest batch of doorbells. In that same thread, I read where someone said that he bought one from Best Buy to try to get away from the bad batch coming straight from SimpliSafe, and that it worked for him, so we decided to give that a try and ordered one from Best Buy. We received it in the mail today, and within a few minutes of my husband installing it, we got a flashing white light and were able to successfully add it to our system. It works great so far! I would check out that thread and suggest maybe you try ordering one from Best Buy. That seems to have worked for a couple of us so far.

I received my latest

I received my latest replacement Doorbell Pro this morning. Installed it, waited about 20 minutes, and walked out to find the light blinking waiting for setup. I was able to set it up using the app and it is working properly now.

I never heard back from anyone from technical support about the replacement for my previously not workign doorbells, so I would suggest anyone having this issue reach out to SimpliSafe via social media. I talked to them via Facebook late on Tuesday afternoon, they acknowledged the issue with some devices, and I finally have a working Doorbell Pro today (Thursday).

Same problem, I have 22v

Same problem, I have 22v going to door bell. After two video doorbells still not working

I just received ours in the

I just received ours in the mail today. Having the same exact issue. I got it to work and it chimes. However, no lights whatsoever on the button appear. And I’m unable to connect to WiFi.

Was anyone able to figure

Was anyone able to figure this out? I’m on my second doorbell that will chime but a light never comes on. Please help!

I am having the same issue.

I am having the same issue. Really surprised and disappointed that Simplisafe customer service is so bad on this. Also, I only discovered this thread by searching Google. You'd think they would list under the help/support page for the doorbell.

Ah! I have spent 4 days

Ah! I have spent 4 days trying to resolve this issue. I could not find answers anywhere. Somehow I just happened across this one. I am in a wheelchair from a spinal cord injury (SCI T-4 complete) so things take me a little longer to figure out. I was just going to replace the transformer, money a little tight, but so happy you guys are here! Thank you. Now I need to figure out the way forward. Exhausting.

Ok so I figured out how to do

Ok so I figured out how to do it.. I was having the same issue with no light.. if you take off doorbell (small screw under doorbell) there is a micro usb on the back I plugged doorbell into regular outlet using usb and light cannon set up as usual then let it charge there for a min then hurried and plugged it back at the door plug.. works fine now..

Doorbell finally working!

Doorbell finally working! :-)

Had the same issues and was able to resolve by resetting the SS doorbell:

- Login to your SS account
- Remove SS doorbell from bracket
- Find 2 buttons on back
- Locate and press larger button on the right for 10 to 15 secs
- Reinstall on bracket
- Cross your finger the white light flashes (mine initially had flashing yellow then flashing white)
- If it does, follow voice prompt for SS doorbell setup instructions

Hope this post helps a few people!

I had an issue once where I

I had an issue once where I started the setup and got stuck. I thinking holding down the back button reset it back to factory default settings

Edit: I've read your last post. Thanks for the helpful info.

I was very happy with my

I was very happy with my video doorbell until a couple of weeks ago. Apparently a Simplisfe server that handles all their cameras went down. I have two indoor cameras and one video doorbell. I was able to reinstall the indoor cameras but the video doorbell just doesn't work anymore. I went through all the trouble shooting tasks and still nothing. Simplisafe sent me another doorbell that was dead. They send me another video doorbell which worked for ~10 hours, then died. My doorbell was originally professionally installed which I paid $79.00 to do. I've been on the phone with Siimplisafe tech support on numerous occasions and have spent numerous hours. I went out and bought an appliance that tests wires to make sure my doorbell was getting power and it was. The first line of tech support just guides you through the same steps or just makes guesses. One tech support person sent me a chime connector (don't know why as my chimes were never a problem - in fact the doorbell was never a problem until the company's camera server went down). Dear Simplisafe, hire a tech and pay them to come to my house and figure this whole thing out. It's taken too much of my time.


DON'T TIGHTEN THE MOUNTING BRACKET ALL THE WAY. After Simplisafe sending me three cameras to try and adding two chime extenders, talking to numerous tech support people, I finally got a recommendation that made my video doorbell work. It took me using a multimeter to prove I was getting power through the wires and the chime working when they touch before a tech person nailed down the issue that the mounting bracket needs to be loose. I've never heard iny life to not tighten a mounting bracket all the way. Apparently the unit needs to be able to move up and down to make contact when doorbell is pushed. If they would have made that recommendation in the instruction book, it would have save me so much time and frustration.

I have about a couple dozen

I have about a couple dozen hours invested in installing two of my doorbells. Three service calls with great suggestions. None of them work to connect the second doorbell. I have good wifi reception 100 feet from my front door. I can connect the front doorbell but the second side doorbell will not connect to wifi. You sent me a WiFi extender. I gave the 2.5G address of the extender a unique name and eliminated the 5G connection that the tech tells me interferes with connecting. The second doorbell will still not connect to the 2.5G unique address. (Nor will it connect to my household 2.5G address that my other appliances can "see" nearby.) The new wifi extender is six feet away from the side door. P.S. The unit will only recognize the QR code if I transfer it from my phone to my computer and magnify it to 6". It has the same lighting as the front door. And yes, I have pressed the reset button with each new try and made certain the unit is not screwed in too tight. I don't know whether my daughter bought it at Best Buy. I feel like I am troubleshooting a "Beta" turnout device. Help!

Hi @dbgilb3rt, It sounds like

Hi @dbgilb3rt,

It sounds like your Video Doorbell Pro is powering up but is failing after getting to the point where it scans the QR code and says "Now connecting to wifi...", correct? If that's the case, is the doorbell giving you a verbal error message? Remember that if this doorbell was previously installed on your account, you may need to first remove the doorbell through your online account before you will be able to reinstall it. If you continue to have issues, give our Support team a call at 1-800-548-9508. We're open from 8 AM to Midnight ET, 7 days a week.

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