Error: Entry Sensor. Need to double-check or ignore?

We are out of town this week and see in the logs two entries. One is Error: Entry Sensor and two days later it says that the Entry Sensor was restored.

So I am thinking, is it possible for a burglar to game the system? To create some interference that disables the communication with base station - and then when all is done, restore like nothing happened?

In short, is it worth troubling your friendly neighbor to do a check?

Also I wish the log had the id of the sensor. I would ask my neighbor to check exactly that entry.

The signal to the sensor

The signal to the sensor probably dropped, but was simply restored a few days later when the base tried to "ping" the sensor. Signals on wireless equipment can drop- I've read a few other posts on the forums of this happening randomly. Usually it is a low battery or base/sensor placement. I would ignore it and check it out when you get home.
This is also a reason to have multiple layers of protection with any system. If an entry sensor was disabled somehow, then they still have glassbreak sensors and motion detectors to deal with.

Does the log not list the serial number of the sensor that gave the error?

@manojsheth Thanks for


Thanks for posting! It sounds like the base may just not have been able to communicate with the sensor temporarily. We'd be happy to help you troubleshoot when you return! Or if you'd like to have someone check it out, we can troubleshoot with them too! Just give us a call!

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