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System Firmware 1.6 (April 2020 Update)

Hi all,

We’re happy to announce that System Firmware 1.6 is now rolling out to all users. Only a handful of notable changes in this one, on top of regular improvements for stability and performance.

If you’ve never updated before, here’s how:

  1. Make sure you’re connected to WiFi
  2. Check that an update is available by heading over to your Keypad and looking for a Gear icon
  3. Press the side of the screen where the Gear icon is, and follow the on-screen instructions

And here’s what’s new in the latest update:

Base Station

  • Base Station will now be able to chime when the Video Doorbell button is pressed (a highly requested feature!)
  • General WiFi improvements
  • Security and performance improvements


  • WiFi Setup is now included during initial setup of the system


  • Fixed an issue where opening an Entry Sensor may interrupt the countdown tone on the Wireless Siren


  • Freeze Sensor will no longer send incorrect Error messages when the sensor is otherwise showing normal status

Previous Updates:

Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

Very nice the doorbell

Very nice the doorbell feature will be cool but for the future if we can get the base to announce what sensor is being opened like, front door especially now kids are out and they are constantly in and out and it woukd be nice to know what door they just went out of but thank you

Very cool, I shall upgrade as

Very cool, I shall upgrade as soon as I see it! Thanks SS.

SS pushed the upgrade to me

SS pushed the upgrade to me yesterday in an attempt to get my base station to stop losing connection to my locks and other sensors. Keeping my fingers crossed that it actually works.

Yes that would be nice, do

Yes that would be nice, do you know if a single door can be set to chime when system not armed? I had thought I saw somewhere about that but keep losing my place. Not a big deal but is a helpful thing in a house full of grandchildren.

My system took the update

My system took the update though there's no chime when my video doorbell rings

The "Check for Updates" menu says the system is up-to-date, the base station firmware shows as 1.5.8 and the keypad firmware as 1.5.6. Is that indeed the most up-to-date? Or am I still behind?

It didn't fix the issue with

It didn't fix the issue with losing connection to locks and other sensors. They're sending me a new (well, probably refurb) base station.

Awesome, so happy about the

Awesome, so happy about the doorbell chime option! Have wanted this since I first got the doorbell, so thanks for listening and your hard work to make it happen! Installing update now.

Hi all! After checking

Hi all! After checking diagnostics my base station is on version 1.3.4 and says it is up-to-date when checking for updates. Given that I'm on the .co.uk/forum site, am I right in thinking this firmware update should be available to UK users?

UK here. I thought firmware

UK here. I thought firmware updates were automatic?!? Quote from simplisafe.co.uk website:
Built to last

We’re constantly getting smarter,
better, faster. So should your
security system. SimpliSafe
can automatically update over-the-
air so you always have the latest
and best protection technology.

Now I've checked my firmware I'm way behind:
Keypaid version: 0.9.12
Base station: 1.2.2

I can't see any gear icon to pull the update through. Any ideas?

Same here and in the UK - no

Same here and in the UK - no gear icon and keypad version 1.2.18, base station version 1.3.4 - checking for updates says there are no update available...

@robato_kun - to manually check for updates, on your keypad you can press the menu button, then go to System settings > Check for updates.

@jackjon Under system

Under system settings, I got Wifi, various sound settings and diagnostics.
I don't see any "Check for updates" menu and tried to scroll through every menu I could. hmm....
I better email customer support.

I have the same firmware as

I have the same firmware as you. Simplisafe just released 1.6 yet when I "check for updates" it says my system is up to date??

@robato_kun @wmckenna1 Yeah

@robato_kun @wmckenna1

Yeah definitely reach out to customer support. I'm stuck on 1.3.4 and waiting to hear back from customer support on a fix. Despite some things I've read on this forum, my dealings with them have been pleasant so far!

Hope it gets solved!

Please add a sensor

Please add a sensor announcement!

Johnny M. & SimpliSafe - It's great to hear that you listened to feedback regarding the video doorbell and implemented a change.

Now - could you PLEASE roll out a feature that would allow the base station to audibly announce which sensor is triggered when opened? Almost all of the competitors have this option. And the function is already there for the most part, because it does something similar when you try to arm the alarm with a door open and says "Warning - front door entry sensor - open...etc."

If you are truly listening to customer feedback you would at least acknowledge this is being worked on or give some sort of expectation as to if this will be addressed in the future at all. I've seen numerous people asking for this function for quite some time now.

Thank you! :)

Well, called SS again. They

Well, called SS again. They had no answer to why I cant update my keypad/system to the current firmware version of 1.6. They offered to send my a new keypad, but that isnt the issue. SS told me that they are aware they are having firmware update issues, they have been discussing it with their engineering department, but as of now, there is no solution/answer. Your keypad should be at 1.6 and both simplicams and doorbell cams are currently on version 2.6.

I have two simplicams that have 2.6 that work flawlessly and one simplicam that has 2.2 and not a big surprise here, but the 2.2 simplicam has issues with choppy outgoing audio. I even swapped out locations between the 2.6 camera and the 2.2 camera and no matter where I put the 2.6 camera, it works perfect and the 2.2 camera has outgoing/choppy audio.

I am on my third doorbell camera, with all three at version 2.1 and choppy outgoing audio.

There are numerous posts on these forums, but if your cameras dont have firmware 2.6 you will have issues, it only makes sense. The issue appears to be that SS is trying to figure out this firmware issue and why updates are not going out to customers, leaving us with equipment that starts to have problems because the firmware is outdated. Their customer support is beyond friendly and you are correct, they are pleasant, but they wont have any fixes as this is an engineering department issue.

For those of us, who have great internet speeds, the only explanation on why only certain cameras wont work all stems from the outdated firmware. When you have great internet speeds and connections and everything works great for your system except for ONE piece of equipment/camera, well, there is the problem.

Not sure how long this will be an issue but from what I have read on these forums, the doorbell camera has been an issue for two years now.

@wmckenna1 this is really

@wmckenna1 this is really interesting/good to know.

I'm currently only around 3 weeks into my 60 day evaluation of simplisafe, and although I really want to love the system, I can't say I have massive confidence in it at the moment. And with this system being purchased to protect my family (which I assume is the motivation of almost everyone here), I'm honestly thinking about considering a system from a competitor before being unable to return it after the 60 day period.

I sympathise with the engineering teams on working towards bug fixes, but two years waiting for bug fixes isn't great for a security system which is purchased with the intend of bringing peace of mind.

Out of interest, are you a UK based customer or US?

I am US based. Whats weird

I am US based. Whats weird is that when I first installed my system, shortly after Christmas, I only had two simplicams. Each had different firmware. Not knowing any better, I just left them both hooked up and it was about a week or so later, the second camera, the one with the outdated firmware, actually updated itself......go figure, but that is how it is supposed to work.

I recently purchased the doorbell camera a couple of weeks ago to complete my security system. Like most others, it worked fine, except for the outgoing audio. I started doing research on all these forums and saw that outgoing audio was a habitual issue for many customers for a couple years now. SS is currently sending me a third doorbell camera, which I am "hoping" will have the current firmware or at least update itself. The last two had firmware of 2.1.

They also just sent me a replacement simplicam, but same issue, outdated firmware of 2.2. It is frustrating, but their customer support has been beyond pleasant and they are willing to keep sending me a new simplicam and doorbell camera, so as long as they want to keep sending me new cameras, I will give it a try and maybe have some luck with a new piece of equipment? If I can just get one of these things to update, then I am set because its literally the last piece of equipment to complete my system. Really dont want to start over with another company.

My camera is still on

My camera is still on firmware 1.5! That’s older firmware than when I purchased. SimpliSafe asked me to reset the camera (I haven’t yet because it’s high up on a wall outside but it hasn’t manually updated itself.

Hi, After updating my system,

After updating my system, neither my keypad nor base station are powering on. Can anyone help?

@rythdom - seems like a job

@rythdom - seems like a job for customer service this one.

@everyone - As for the other issues with SS3 not updating firmware automatically, it appears this has been an issue since at least early 2018: https://simplisafe.co.uk/forum/customer-support-forum/installing-and-usi...

Thanks @jackjon. Turns out I

Thanks @jackjon. Turns out I just needed to reset the keypad by taking the batteries out and putting them back in. Seemed to simple of a fix, but it worked just fine lol.

Just ran the update on all 3

Just ran the update on all 3 keypads. So far no issues.

So I just upgraded to 1.6 (I

So I just upgraded to 1.6 (I think it shows 1.62 after the upgrade) but my video doorbell isn't triggering a noise at the base station. Is there a setting to enable this feature?

@vtach3743 yes make sure your

@vtach3743 yes make sure your app is up to date, then go in app in camera settings for the video doorbell and there will be a setting where you can turn the doorbell chime on or off.

Indoor camera does not

Indoor camera does not connect to the app !!

Is there a WIFI upload/download speed requirement for the camera to be connected to the app? I have 18Mbps service (unfortunately thats all we get around here); I have made multiple attempts with no luck as far as setting the camera.

Anybody have any ideas?

G Baral

After I updated today, my

After I updated today, my keypad won’t dim. It’s staying fully lit on power saving mode and off.

I'm a UK user and yesterday I

I'm a UK user and yesterday I received notification that an update was available - this is the first update since I installed SS3 in January.

My keypad was updated from 1.2.18 -> 1.6.2 and base station from 1.3.4 -> 1.6.4. WiFi from 1.2.2 -> 2.6.0 and Audio from 1.3.0 -> 1.4.6. I'm not sure what firmware my SimpliCam was running before, but now it's, so looks like everything is up to date :-) The update only took a few mins and everything went smoothly.

Hi folks, Just wanted to jump

Hi folks,

Just wanted to jump in to clarify a couple of things, just in case it's unclear.

First, updates are rolled out gradually across the userbase, so not everyone will get the update all at once. But as long as your system is connected to WiFi, you'll get it eventually. It has been a couple of weeks since we started the rollout for Firmware 1.6, so almost all customers should have it available already.

Also, yes, updates to the system (i.e. the Base Station and Keypad) does require user action. You wouldn't want the system rebooting and disarming spontaneously while you're away! So the update requires you to be home to initiate.

Finally, our cameras - the Video Doorbell Pro, and the SimpliCam - are both on separate firmware tracks and are updated separately. We are aware of an issue with the updates right now, and of course our engineers are working on getting it resolved ASAP.

Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

Johnny M. is there an ETA on

Johnny M. is there an ETA on the firmware for the video doorbell? I have been calling and troubleshooting with customer support and we have gotten no where. This is the first I’ve seen an acknowledgement that there is an issue with firmware updates.

It would be great if this

It would be great if this kind of information was on a STATUS PAGE. Or sent via email (you seem to be able to send constant emails for buying systems...) Simplisafe is simply awful at keeping customers informed.

Wasted an hour or so in the past 2 days trying to get a camera to update.

Firmware Questions:

Firmware Questions:

Since I received the notification that my keypad and base station needed to have their firmware updated I decided to make sure all my equipment is up-to-date. I've figured out how to check the firmware version for my keypads and base station (by using menu, system settings, diagnostics), but I cannot figure out how to check the firmware version on my Simplicams or my Video Doorbell Pro. Would someone please provide instructions?

Does anyone know if Simplisafe posts the current firmware versions for all their devices anywhere? If this information is posted somewhere it would be nice to have a link bookmarked for future reference. I've tried searching, but I haven't found anything other than discussions in these forums.

Both my keypads are at firmware version 1.6.2 and my base station is at firmware version 1.6.4. I presume these are the current versions (as of May 22, 2020). Is that correct?

What are the current firmware versions for the Simplicam and the Video Doorbell Pro?

Thanks for any assistance that can be provided.

You can check the firmware

You can check the firmware for the cameras, including the doorbell, in the Simplisafe app, click on the gear icon. You cannot update them yourself, they will update automatically. You cannot download the firmware, nor can you force the update.

I have one camera that hasn't updated, Simplisafe noted in the system firmware post that they were having issues with the firmware updates and hasn't posted an update.

Cameras are
Doorbell is

Would you be so kind as to

Would you be so kind as to tell me the size of the firmware package? I live in an area of limited internet service and want to make sure that I don’t consume all of my remaining data for my cycle. Is there a place that I could download it and update my devices locally without having to download it for each of my 4 keypads and base station. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Any update from SimpliSafe

Any update from SimpliSafe here? I wanted to take advantage of the current sale but with this known issue it makes me hesitate to purchase any additional equipment.

My video doorbell just got an

My video doorbell just got an update and it seems to be working well now. Had been stuck on the 2.1 version for a while, now it is on 2.6.

I must be stupid. I know how

I must be stupid. I know how to find the firmware version for the cams and doorbell, but where do I locate the firmware versions for the keypad and base unit?

I cannot find the firmware

I cannot find the firmware version information for my keypad nor my base station. On my keypad after I select Menu I only have 6 options to select: Change PIN/ Dialing prefix/ Add component/ Remove component/ Test/ Exit Menu. When using the SimpliSafe setup wizard, I am not able to find any option that would provide the version information for my keypad or base station. Within my Simplisafe applications, I have not been able to find any "gear"icon to select. The only thing I have been able to obtain is the creation date of the Simplisafe wizard software. ( 2012) Where am I not looking? Thank you.

Through the Simplisafe App.

Through the Simplisafe App. Go to camera settings. Look for device info.

jrazzkc, it sounds like you

jrazzkc, it sounds like you have SS2 (which isn't able to have firmware updates). SS3 is the newest version that has OTA firmware update capability.

Thank you for clarifying the

Thank you for clarifying the cause of my dilemma.

A problem I just ran into

A problem I just ran into with not getting updates is the base station is connecting to port 8899 over WiFi for normal operation, but when it comes to firmware updates it also connects to port 443. Without that second port it will work fine, but can't update itself.

Anyone know where can we see

Anyone know where can we see a description for all the firmware updates? I want to know if the wireless security was hardened since 2019. There was a post saying Simplisafe had something in the works for that.

I agree 100%. This should not

I agree 100%. This should not be too difficult as my ADT system had that feature back in 2009. How soon can SS add this feature?

Does anyone know how I can

Does anyone know how I can enable the feature to have my SimpliSafe doorbell chime through my base station chime? The feature seems absent in my app and according to the system, I’m all up to date...the camera and motion detection work and I receive notifications when the bell is rung. The doorbell itself also makes an audible ding dong sound, but since my chime box not accessible and broken,, I was hoping to have this play through the base station instead.

You need to have the latest

You need to have the latest base station (SS3). If you have the older one, it is not possible.

UK user here. Received a

UK user here. Received a replacement base station which I installed today. I was advised 'Your Base Station is unable to receive firmware updates. To ensure the system can receive these updates and take advantage of new features and functionalities, we are sending you a replacement'

I've replaced it but firmware is still not updating. What version should I be at? I'm on 1.3.4 and forcing an update says it is up-to-date.


^ I believe the update for

^ I believe the update for the keypad is version 1.6.2, and the base station is 1.6.4

These updates often have problems not being available via your keypad, so if after a few weeks following an SS notice of a new firmware update and your keypad isn't providing a gear icon on the display or checking for updates via the keypad states you "are up to date", you have to call SS and ask them to push the update to your keypad so you can install it. Watch for the gear icon on the keypad display within a few hours or up to a day after SS says they'll push it, and if it still won't provide any indication of an available update, call SS again and tell them you still didn't get it, they will have to push it again.

@coltmaster1 There is an

@coltmaster1 There is an additional step that can be taken to update the keypad display after the push has completed.

The current push takes 10 - 20 minutes, dependent upon several factors. After 15 - 20 minutes of SimpliSafe starting the push, make sure the alarm is disarmed (the keypad displays "off" in the circle), then press the off button on the keypad and enter the Master PIN Code. If the update push has been successful, the gear icon should appear on the left side of the display. If the icon is present, press the left edge of the display, enter the Master PIN Code, and follow the instructions on the display to start and complete the update.

Please be aware that the actual update process will disarm and render the system out of service until the update is complete. The most current update may take anywhere from 1 - 12 minutes to complete. During that time, do not unplug or remove the batteries from the base station (tower) or the keypad.

Be Well!