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How do I cancel a monitoring plan.

So I have subscribed for professional monitoring

and for some reason want to discontinue it.
I could not find out how to do it through the simplisafe website. Can someone tell me how and where on the site this is done?

It is month to month. You

It is month to month. You call SS and say please cancel. Done

@ rishi.maker Thanks for

@ rishi.maker

Thanks for posting! As Captain11 states, it just takes a quick phone call with your safe word ready and we can cancel right on the spot!

Ryan K.
SimpliSafe Wireless Security Systems

Why would one have to make a

Why would one have to make a phone call to cancel monitoring when it is very convenient to upgrade services via the website?

So they can confirm it live?

So they can confirm it live? Try cancelling with ADT, its a hoot.

@jagone Thanks for writing


Thanks for writing in! For security reasons, we must receive your safe word live over the phone to cancel your service. This extra step helps ensure your protection with your monitoring service. We're happy to quickly cancel for you any time over the phone. Just give us a call with your safe word!

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I tried calling 2 days in a

I tried calling 2 days in a row, and nobody wants to help me cancel my subscription. I guess i will file a chargeback on my credit card.

@robear78 - does that mean

@robear78 - does that mean that no one answered the phone, or that you asked and they refused? Big difference.

@robear78 Thanks for


Thanks for posting! Anyone here would be happy to help you out! We just need to speak with you briefly on the phone to get your safe word. Once we get your safe word and your instructions (to downgrade, upgrade, or cancel) you're all set!

SimpliSafe Home Security

I was surprised I have to

I was surprised I have to call. Obviously, when I log in I have access to my safe word. So why not be able to downgrade or cancel? Only upgrade? Let's be honest about it. They want to have a shot at keeping you on the plan. So just say so.

Um, could it be that they

Um, could it be that they want to PROTECT YOU? Keep someone from hacking your account and reducing/removing your monitoring? What is the big deal with calling so they can ensure you are you? Oh, of course if they accessed your account they would have the safe word, but it is less likely they would call, and if they did, caller ID might be less anonymous than online.

They make you call on

They make you call on weekdays to cancel monitoring though they are open on the weekend.

@abcd You can call any day


You can call any day to cancel your monitoring! You do not need to call on a week day.

SimpliSafe Home Security

Must have changed the policy

Must have changed the policy recently due to customer complaints. When I tried to cancel they told me to call back on Monday. Should allow for downgrade or cancel online as well as turning off no link to dispatch instead of requiring yet another call.

"They would have your safe

"They would have your safe word", "less likely", "might be". UM, clearly not a strong argument. I'm basing my argument on what I've read, that before downgrading or canceling, they only ask for your safe word. If they would ask one or two additional security questions to be more certain that it is you, then I would support having to call. But even then, those same security questions could be asked on the website if you want to modify your service. So you wouldn't have to call. So simple. What is the big deal about calling? Maybe you have a personal valet but I still personally call the bank, phone company, utilities, credit card companies, etc and I'm not going to bother with mentioning the various problems with calling; we're all familiar with them. I still say it's primarily to retain you at the monitoring level you're at, or upgrade you, which most companies do. And I don't blame them. Just don't insult your customers by pretending that customer retentiion has nothing to do with it.
Besides, what is the logic of putting the safe word on the website anyway?
Look, I'm a customer. So far I like the system. But every company can improve. I only hope they take our suggestions under consideration.

@abcd Perhaps you spoke with


Perhaps you spoke with the monitoring service, rather than customer service. We've never had a policy that you can only cancel on week days, but you would need to be speaking with us and not the monitoring service! Hope this helps clear it up!

SimpliSafe Home Security

it's inconvenient because

it's inconvenient because their offices close at 3 pm pacific time and I've been on hold now for over 10 minutes.

a hacker-burglar hacking your account with the intention of breaking in, which is an incredibly unlikely scenario, would not need to reduce/remove coverage because the alarm can be turned off using the interface anyway, so there's really no reason not to have this option available other than to discourage cancellations.

@memorandis Thank you for


Thank you for posting! It looks like you are all set. Please let us know if there's ever anything we can help you out with.

SimpliSafe Home Security

I need to cancel my

I need to cancel my subscription as well. I'm currently deployed with the marines overseas and its difficult to make phone calls due to the time difference and things going on here. My house sold a couple of weeks ago while I was here and I just seen that i'm still being billed for monitoring. Any suggestions?

@c.lynchtx Thanks for


Thanks for posting! We do need to receive your safe word over the phone to cancel your service. If you're unable to give us a call, you can have a trusted family member or friend with your safe word and account information give us a call to cancel your service.

SimpliSafe Home Security

This is ridiculous. If you

This is ridiculous. If you can login, your safeword is there. If you can login, your credit card info is there. Your reason rings hollow.

@clark_3 Thanks for posting!


Thanks for posting! It's important to have multiple steps to cancel the monitoring, including needing to know secure information such as your safe word (and your password in order to access it). These extra steps act to protect you. It's always easy to cancel the service, just give us a call with your safe word and it will take less than 5 minutes! Please also note, only your last four digits of your credit card are available in your customer account.

SimpliSafe Home Security

Well, wish I would have saw

Well, wish I would have saw this first prior to purchasing the system and service. Just like all of the other security monitoring services, giving you this false sense of security (bull) standard statement. How protective were you when I was signing up the service. Someone could have had my credit card, or maybe I have an angry ex, and now I could be screwed.

There is an option of a secure messaging option via your website and a consumer account, that would supersede my voice and password, since I have in the past given my information to a family member who had to cancel a false alarm, and SimpliSafe was so simple that it wasn't safe.

What happens if I just delete my credit card information? Will SimpliSafe take the hint and disconnect me, or would they do like any other greedy business and send me to collections?

I work in a secure location, and at night, so I can't just call 24/7 and talk with a representative and cancel my service because SimpliSafe doesn't have 24/7 consumer service. I'm in a telecon right now, and afterwards I'm going to bed.

This is the most inconvenient service. I just wasted 35 minutes on the phone this morning, prior to my telecon, to cancel my XM Subscription for a radio that doesn't work. Mostly asking me why, and would I be interested in another plan or device. Do you think, I want to go through a similar process with an alarm company? I had plans to call XM and Simplisafe prior to my telecon, but I only got through XM. When I had to cancel from Monitronics they wanted a letter and password before they would even process my request. Again, each company said that they needed to hear my voice and my password, which is bull because they both wanted talk to me an ask questions.

If I wanted to chat versus taking care of business, I would get some messengering app and hit companies up on a random chat. I have many businesses that I have to talk with, and there's only one of me with a 8 hours or less of a timespan to take care of business, but someone like SimpliSafe and any other business can have 20-100s even 1000s of hired help that could basically cover an entire years worth of 8-hour days in a matter of a days time. So in other words, I don't have time for this bull. I got work to do. If you want my business to return, email me, send me junk mail, so when I have the time to deal with you, I'll will make time, like make a phone call prior to a meeting which has to take place during my sleep time.

I went with SimpliSafe because it was supposed to be simple. Even Dave Ramsey and your commercial said that everything can be done online. Well, that's a lie, obliviously not everything.

I have had plans to downgrade the service as I will be taking a vacation at home to get work done there, and return to the full-service option, once I returned to work. But now after reading this thread, I'm reporting this BBB and the Federal Trade Commission for false advertisement. And, when I get a chance to make the call, I will cancel my service indefinitely. Unless SimpliSafe would like to add an option to cancel/downgrade services via email, online via my account or some other virtual option, in which I and many other people can do, while at work.


I am a new SIMPLISAFE customer. I've enjoyed the "back and forth" discussions about the monitoring service activation and cancellation. My disappointment so far is it appears to monitor your system from a smart phone, you have to subscribe to the monitoring system at $24.95/month. When I purchased the system, I figured monitoring was an option but you had access to the system you purchased 24/7 without having to pay a fee since it was purchased and not rented. SO, I may return the complete system just because of that.

As far as on-line changing or cancelling of monitoring, I think it should be an option if the user knows the risks. Same goes with over the phone changes if someone is holding a gun to your head. Based on today's use of the internet, it should be an option if you choose to have it and I don't think SIMPLIFSAFE has to worry if when you choose the "on line change option" the user accepts the responsibility for hackers, etc. It goes with the territory.

@bc1071a I'm a little

I'm a little confused by your comments. You can have your system monitored 24/7 with the basic $14.99 plan (which is what I have). The app on your smartphone gives you remote control if you have the $24.99 plan. So the only difference between the two is the use of the app on your phone. The monitoring company is there for you 24/7. True, you can not use the app or access the system remotely in any way without the monitoring. Without it, the system will still function as a local alarm, it just wont dial out.

@bc1071a. Sorry you are

@bc1071a. Sorry you are returning the system but at least you have that option with SS. Also for my preference I would like SS to keep the phone in policy. I don't agree with them on several points but this one I do

Easy to cancel!! I just

Easy to cancel!! I just cancelled, easy as you please, with a quick phonecall on a Saturday. When I decide to reactivate an alarm system, I'm coming right back here. Simplisafe has been awesome from day one!!!!

@fredrickdominy Thanks for


Thanks for sharing!

SimpliSafe Home Security

I'm not negative on SS, but I

I'm not negative on SS, but I had to chuckle at Kelley from SS' messages here, including these direct quotes:

"We do need to receive your safe word over the phone to cancel your service."

"It's important to have multiple steps to cancel the monitoring, including needing to know secure information such as your safe word (and your password in order to access it)."

@cyfan2000 Try calling ADT to

@cyfan2000 Try calling ADT to cancel monitoring. I promise you will not be smiling with their response. I wasn't smiling even after my contract ended when I called them about the "courtesy billing" on my statement. SS is not perfect but on their policy for cancelling monitoring, IMO its fine as is.

Same problems with

Same problems with Monitronics.... calls, letters, and reps trying everything to keep you on the hook. Rep on phone says, no problem, it's cancelled... then a letter comes saying it can't be cancelled. Some sort of automatic contract renewal provision. SimpliSafe is great. I test-called them and they were anxious to cancel or upgrade right then and there.

I just suspended my service

I just suspended my service for about 6 weeks because I am moving. It was painless, except it was on Saturday and nobody seemed to answer option 2 previous owner support (5 minutes), so I called back and chose option 1 new sales, and they answered in about 45 seconds. The woman was very courteous and asked me if I was cancelling or suspending... I was paid up for about 25 days, so my account will have those 25 days of service in place when I turn on monitoring at the new place. I only had to give her my name, a valid phone or email, and my safe word.

Thanks for writing in! For

Thanks for writing in! For security reasons, we must receive your safe word live over the phone to cancel your service. This extra step helps ensure your protection with your monitoring service. We're happy to quickly cancel for you any time over the phone. Just give us a call with your safe word!

Well so much for being able to cancel at anytime. I have a rent house and wanted to cancel montoring. Will be up to the new tenants if they want to use. Anyway called to cancel and was greeted with phone message that ss closed at 6:00 pm Eastern. Well that is 4:00 Mountain time. Agree with others that we should be able to cancel online whenever WE want to.

I called on a Saturday and

I called on a Saturday and waited on hold for 12 minutes. (I chose option #2). No hassles at all.

I had my system for 6 months before selling the house. Quick and easy to setup on your own. The wireless technology worked well. The only hardware issue I had in the first 30 days was a smoke detector. I RMA'd in the first 30 days, no questions asked.

Remote monitoring (online/iPhone App) worked like a champ. The system was set off several times by realtors/contractors and I got the phone call as expected quickly. I recommend SimpiSafe to all my friends asking for a recommendation. I will return again to buy a new system and use their monitoring service.

p.s. Feature request: It would be nice to be able to cancel online as well as delete the 'monitored location' from my account. I've provided my credentials to login... you could ask me another safe word like 'What's the color of your dog?' and this would be canceled in 30 seconds. ;)

Well balanced, factual review

Well balanced, factual review with a reasonable request. Hope SS decides to act on it. Good luck with your move.

@ericholstein Thanks for your


Thanks for your feedback. Glad to hear that you're happy with your system!

SimpliSafe Home Security

VERY ODD...... I had the best

VERY ODD...... I had the best service they have and called to change it.... took few min to get a person... told them I wanted the lowest package they offer.... They asked for my safe word and it was done.... not even 30 seconds..... I call them every now and then to say THANK YOU! there service OWNS! maby your just need to relax and waiting 3 min for a person wont kill you..........

@geachisme Thank you for


Thank you for sharing your experience! Glad to hear it!

SimpliSafe Home Security

I agree, the option needs to

I agree, the option needs to be online, especially to simply for those who use their stations for different locations and need to turn them on/off. Sure, you can upgrade no problem online, but the downgrade, you have to call? Pft.

And I don't care what ADT's cancellation procedure is, I don't have ADT, because I wanted something with no contract (check) that I could manage everything online (almost there with SS.)

Yes, I'm upset that I'm having to wait for 9am Eastern to roll around instead of SIMPLI being done by doing it online. (Punny, eh?)

@Durandal, not only can you

@Durandal, not only can you be upset, you can also post it here and SS will leave it up. That's another positive for SS. Call and downgrade, or cancel completely. And having been a former ADT customer, I make it point to make sure other people know what its like dealing with ADT. SS is far from perfect (Cameras anyone?) but a lot closer to it than ADT. Let us know how the call went with customer service..

i've been on hold for over 20

i've been on hold for over 20 mins now waiting for a live human. this is a pain

I'm a big fan of SS! I'm the

I'm a big fan of SS! I'm the chair of a very large HOA (13,000+ residents) and I have frequently recommended SS. There are a few disadvantages with SS (battery life and RF range not living up to advertised) for examples; but compared to ADT, SS is much better.

I've had SS for years, and even upgraded when they offered that in 2012.

I do want to repeat what may have said above me, and what I posted long ago (it appears to have been deleted):

Customers should be able to cancel online, its insulting to say that its for security if my 'secret phrase' is visible. I just called in and they did not try to get me to stay or upgrade, so I don't think its a sales tactic, just a bad policy.

Secondly, I spent about 15 minutes on hold waiting to speak with the customer rep to cancel my monitoring, but I spend about that long searching for how to cancel/suspend online. At a minimum there should be an easy to find button that says you MUST call in to cancel.

By the way the hours are 7days a week 9-6pm eastern standard time.

I really like SS, but I've

I really like SS, but I've been on hold for 20 minutes (no exaggeration) now trying to cancel my service because we moved. Come on SS, please staff your support team appropriately, this is not a new trend based on these comments.

This is ludicrous that I can

This is ludicrous that I can not cancel monitoring online. I think I may have to return the alarm just due to that.

Furthermore, it's ludicrous that it's not stated in the online portal to CALL in order to cancel. As stated on other posts, the reasoning behind this extra level of security are plain false.

@CueBall101, I can't agree

@CueBall101, I can't agree with you after being under a ADT contract and cancelling ( even after fulfilling the legal requirements you go through a hassle.You can search the forums and get the full story if you want.)

You call SS and ask them to cancel it. Big deal. You do make a good point, however, that SS could disclose exactly what the procedure. Melinda, here is the marketing copy for you:

Simplisafe monitoring, without any contract! Simply cancel at any time by just calling us!

There you go Melinda. Now customers like CueBall101 are happy with just 14 words.

With that addressed, SS can move on and get back to working on the software updates and cameras.

Hmm... The point is that the

Hmm... The point is that the process to cancel is unnecessarily laborious. I called in yesterday morning, waited 20 minutes on hold, then eventually left a message since I had to go to church. 5 hours later I finally got a call back, fortunately I was free at the moment to take the call.

SS should make it feasible to cancel directly online and also start staffing their call centers more if they want to make cancelation this archaic and manual process. It also makes me think twice before re-activating my service when I need it, as I do not want to find 30+ minutes simply to cancel service.

Point taken, CueBall101; I

Point taken, CueBall101; I agree SS needs not to have the SOP buried in its term of service but to clearly have it posted on the website. Automation of the process would only be better and cut down on a lot of calls, but, remember at least with SS you can do it; with many other companies like ADT you wouldn't have any flexibility or options.


QUICK PHONE CALL -- yeah right. I've been on hold for 09:45 mins and counting.

I still stand with my

I still stand with my comments posted on August 24th. The good: Simplisafe allows you to cancel. The needs improvement: ability to cancel or modify your plan on line. ADT was terrible. Simplisafe is much, much better. (Not perfect)

@sandra.ann.thompson Thanks


Thanks for writing in! It looks like you were able to get this sorted out. Please let us know if there's anything we can help you out with!

SimpliSafe Home Security

I just cancelled my

I just cancelled my monitoring as my place will be rented for a while. Had to wait on hold for about 10 minutes. So not the end of the world like some people are making it out to be, but not convenient. Everything else is online and easy--this is the reason your customers signed up in the first place.

SimpliSafe you can do better. You stuff works great, it's affordable, you seem like a company that actually cares about your customers...

BUT--People can sniff out dishonesty and it can ruin your good reputation. Claiming you need the customer to provide a safe word to customer service to cancel is 100% dishonest and you know it. If I've hacked an account I have the safe word. No other details are asked for except for the account number or phone number, so you are protecting NO ONE by making us call in.

Please just admit it: Your company is choosing to make cancelling at least not 'super easy', though certainly not too difficult. You even make people search around thinking they are idiots on your site in the settings trying to figure out how to suspend or cancel monitoring--wasting our time and disrespecting us. If it was truly just a 'safety' thing for your customers you would at least provide a notice in the areas people are searching letting us know we need to call to cancel. Obviously since there is no mention you are just trying to make it a little bit frustrating for customers to cancel, in the hope that they will say 'why bother' or 'maybe next month I'll get around to it'. It is a well-researched and intentional business decision to make customers go thru extra and unnecessary steps to increase your bottom line, so why don't you guys just own it?

Lying about our 'protection' is just kind of sad. Most people aren't stupid... Save the propaganda Kelley--nobody is buying it! Thanks for listening!

PS As Cueball above mentioned--it will definitely make me think twice about restarting service knowing that is quick and easy yet cancelling is nothing like that at all. Maybe time to reconsider the policy.