How to reset?


We get an alert that an entry sensor is open, but it does not indicate which one. (I think it's a false error message.)

How can I reset the base station?


@ siouxstoeckle Thanks for

@ siouxstoeckle

Thanks for posting! You can use your Online Command in the Alarm Settings page to determine which sensor is open as the Keypad will not report the number. However, if it is a false message, resetting your Base station is done by unplugging the unit and removing a battery from the bottom. This will completely power it down, then just put the battery and plug back in!

Ryan K.
SimpliSafe Wireless Security Systems

I had the same problem. I

I had the same problem. I tried setting from off to home and then off again and that didn't clear the message on the keypad. However when I switched from off to away and once it was in away I went to off. The message on the keypad no longer showed.