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Is their an iPhone application for SS2?

[Moderator's note]: iPhone, Android, and Windows phone apps have been released and are available for download in their respective stores: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone

@ cs Thanks for posting! We

@ cs

Thanks for posting! We do not have an official application as of yet, however, it is in the works so stay tuned!

Ryan K.
SimpliSafe Wireless Security Systems

Wow, that's disappointing.

Wow, that's disappointing. When I spoke to someone and was convinced to upgrade, I was told that the app would launch at the same time as the SS2. Very disappointed. Very.

Any update on when the new sensors will become available. Was also sold on those, then found out when I received my SS2 base unit, that none of the promised new sensors seem to be for sale, yet.

Again, very disappointed.


@ JoeRekart Thanks for

@ JoeRekart

Thanks for posting! Although our official application is not available yet, if your smart phone has a web browser, you should be able to access your account and online command! The new sensors will be released this summer!

Ryan K.
SimpliSafe Buglar Alarms

We need the Iphone app. This

We need the Iphone app. This would make input and changes a lot easier. Having to go to a web page...enlarge it and navigate for something setup for a larger screen is not good. Move it up.

I agree, we need the iPhone

I agree, we need the iPhone app!

I agree as well this was

I agree as well this was something important to me and my business strategy as I look at upgrading.

I agree - need an android and

I agree - need an android and ipad app.

No app for SS2 is super bad.

No app for SS2 is super bad. Part of the reason I agreed to invest in the upgrade to SS2 was the App functionality. False advertising. Misleading. Your first slip-up in an otherwise flawless business model and customer service execution. Don't go all Netflix on us and really screw with your customer's expectations.

I thought that the new

I thought that the new upgrade had the Iphone app ready.. why else are we paying the $25.00 monthly fee (up from the old $20 fee)... seems kind of bait and switch to me. I know it will be coming out, but you guys should not be charging the $25 a month until all the features are supported.

Its actually not "super bad".

Its actually not "super bad".

A web app can actually be better. IOS allows you to put internet shortcut icons on the screen just like it is an app. When you click on the icon, Safari launches and takes you to the web page. If the web app is designed for IOS, it can look just like an app installed on your phone.

The upside to something like this is that since the app exists on their server you don't need to update it when new versions come out.

I haven't yet used the SS2 web app yet, I'm waiting for some questions to be answered about my extra sirens, so I can't speak to this web app specifically. But in general, a web app is NOT inferior to a standard app unless offline use is desired or highly complex functions require local installation for performance reasons.

This app would be useless if it was offline, and is simple enough so decent performance could be expected with any reasonable connection.




Is there a time frame of when

Is there a time frame of when the iPhone app will be released ?

@ cobra165 Thanks for

@ cobra165

Thanks for posting! We do not have a set release date for the application, however, we are expecting a release within the next few months!

Ryan K.
SimpliSafe Wireless Security Systems

I've used my phone browser to

I've used my phone browser to control the SS2 and its a pain in the a**. Having an app is 100x easier and the main reason i chose SS2 over the old version. This truly is false and frankly deceitful advertising. Makes one wonder what else isn't quite right. Hope there really is someone monitoring my alarms.

Someone should hire an app

Someone should hire an app developer for a few bucks and they would have both android and iOS apps in a few weeks. You can always update it with more bells and whistles but in the mean time, you gave your customers what they are telling you they want. C'mon, the tools today are drag and drop and kids are making fortunes out of their dorm rooms. My dentist has an app and my car called my app yesterday to tell me my tire pressure was low. Outsource it like product production and make everyone happy. Look at all the posts in this thread - your customers are telling you what they want so give it to them. If you can't do it in house, hire someone to do it for you and be a hero to your customers.

I would gladly develop a

I would gladly develop a basic mobile site for free and give it to SimpliSafe. It would literally take 10 minutes if I had access to the existing control panel site code. I can't imagine why that's not done yet. Standalone apps for iPhone and Android could come later.

The downside to a mobile

The downside to a mobile friendly site is the amount of data that has to go back and forth to your device. Witha dedicated app, you're sending small packets of data, not loading an entire webpage and if it's a well designed app, you could put a lot of functionality into a very low byte count set of packets. It's an apples to oranges comparison. A dedicated app is way better in virtually every way than banging up against a server based control panel page and can be made inherently more secure. And besides, they promised us an app.

Hey SS, think you should ramp

Hey SS, think you should ramp up the priority on this one, should not take to long to get us a basic version 1.0, its not like a new sensor or other hardware...we'll tell you the bugs, suggest fixes, we wont hold the flaws against you, Promise ;-) by version 3.3 it will be all good.

I am going to have to agree,

I am going to have to agree, in this day and age when you can do everything from ordering a pizza to buying movie tickets from a smartphone, I really see no reason NOT to have at least a first version basic alarm on/off status app available now. every day thousands of people utilize their phones for banking transactions and stock trades. come on simply safe, release an app. in the interest of full disclosure, I am very happy with the hardware and service, I really can't believe that there is not a real functional mobile application other than the web app. let's get on this Simply Safe.

Anyone having any luck

Anyone having any luck getting the lower rate for SS2 until they deliver on promised technology (mobile app, fire sensors, ect)?

Wait, there is now App yet???

Wait, there is now App yet??? What the heck! I just installed this whole system and now I don't have the App they show on the webpage?? I agree, lower the price until the App is out... what exactly am I paying $10 more for right now if all I am getting is something that SS1 has but for $5 less? This is annoying... better not be a sign of things to come guys. Take it off your webpage if it isn't available yet or refund us $5 until it is available. This is not good advertising at all.

@ zenobiaflex Thanks for

@ zenobiaflex

Thanks for posting! The features for SimpliSafe2 are available currently, and you shouldn't have any trouble operating the new Online Command right from your smart-phone's browser. The native app will make navigation a bit easier and strip out some features that you won't need at your fingertips 24/7, and will be coming soon!

Ryan K.
SimpliSafe Wireless Security Systems

I too am disappointed that no

I too am disappointed that no app is available for the iPhone. I think the picture of the iPhone and and the "fake" app running on it showing remote access from your smart phone should be removed. I just spent the past 30 minutes searching for it only to find this forum. I would be ok with a safari shortcut for now but the page doesn't load after I login and tap the monitoring button. Is it flash or something?

Forget Safari. Download the

Forget Safari. Download the new Chrome app and it works fine with Online Command. Agree, however, with everyone an iOS app would be much better.

they NEED at lease a mobile

they NEED at lease a mobile web based app with nice big arm and disarm buttons, its a nightmare trying to navigate the main site and log in from an iphone. come on guys , this is why we all upgraded, don't make us downgrade

Yes, I strongly agree they

Yes, I strongly agree they need a app for smartphone, but Google Chrome app on my iphone works well. Simplisafe should provide a discount until all fuctionality is available fire, water, smartphone apps, etc. List to your customers, since your surviva depends on it.l

This should be easy. I would

This should be easy. I would love to have a SimpliSafe app for my iPhone. When it is released, please, please don't release some watered down crap. Ensure the app has all of the functionality available we are getting today with just the web site.

Enable\Disable the alarm
Sensor configurations
Alerts and logs

Advice For SimpliSafe

Advice For SimpliSafe

Please take down the pictures of the iPhone with the yet to be released app

or put some sort of disclaimer** saying this would be a cool idea....; but please do not put a release date if you are not going to meet it. I am a brand new customer as of today and after purchasing and logging in to the web control panel went to the app store to look for the app. I ended up at this forum to read all of these negative reviews. I read some of the previous reviews about the release dates being pushed back on the other sensors like water, fire, glass break ect. I think that whoever is in charge of marketing really needs to coordinate better with the development and operations team. It is very misleading to display a picture of something like the iPhone next to the system you are purchasing with an app if it is still in development. You are a security company that cuts out the middle men and the dealers. Your most valuable asset is word of mouth and online search reviews by your customers. Your customers should not have to tell the company common sense things like don't mislead your customers because trust and honesty go hand in hand with security. If your customers feel like they have been decieved even a little bit then you have failed.

Please Ryan K or whoever else it is from SimpliSafe that actually reads these, let your upper management know that there are some serious issues with false representation and promises for FUTURE features.

Even though you do not mention the app specifically there are definitely 2 very clear pictures of it when I made my purchase. To find out it does not exist yet does not make me


happy, in fact it makes me

crazily disappointed

It seems like everyone of your customers is pulling for SimpliSafe to be successful. Hopefully you listen to them and are....

This is a bummer, I just

This is a bummer, I just dropped 500 buck on this system because it was iPhone integrated as advertised...come on Simplisafe. I hope this first impression is a one off

Guys, I think "WE" as

Guys, I think "WE" as customers should talk action, simply complaining here is not having any affect on simplisafe. Let's combat the false advertising by complaining on BBB and other places. Also let's reduce the monthly payment from 25 to 20 until the mobile app is made availalbe. It's not fair for simplisafe to charge us for something that was promised and not delivered. Asking us to use the browser on our mobile phone is simply-stupid and a lame excuse.

Call to action - Everybody who agrees to paying 20 instead of 25, please put your names down below....

Thank you everyone for

Thank you everyone for posting your frank feedback! We understand the confusion caused by the image showing large buttons for remote management, and the frustration caused by the current lack of a native app.

The web-development and marketing teams have updated the pages that include the image of a phone with large buttons with a disclaimer that informs readers of a native app coming soon, and current web-browser only management ability.

For now, using the web-browser to remotely manage your SimpliSafe alarm is the best option if you would like to use a mobile device. If you're having any trouble, just make sure to give us a call and we'll be more than happy to help maximize the utility of the current page on your phone. I personally use my Droid Pro with a saved log-in to arm and disarm my alarm when away from home for extended periods, and would be happy to walk anyone through the process!

The apps are near completion and a beta version should be released in the coming weeks. The first release will include system status, arm/disarm, and event history. Settings configuration will come later with more features to follow, so stay tuned!

SimpliSafe Home Security

Will, better...but still not

Will, better...but still not so clear. I had to search to find where the * described the disclaimer. You still might get new frustrated customers as this is not a very clear description that what you see is not what you get. After clicking the Shop Now button there is still a larger picture of the unavailable native app with no disclaimer. I agree with khader.mohn it definitely seems like a sub-par attempt to satisfy your customers and we might be better off going to places like the BBB to make our complaints. Why not put a screen shot of the iPhone with the browser that you currently have available????? Probably because it would be impossible to see because the user interface is so small....

I agree to the 20 instead khader.mohn. But doubt that will happen. I think making official complaints with the BBB and returning the product seem like the only way to catalyze true action to this misrepresentation. Everyone here should post on Facebook their dissatisfaction with the misrepresentation.



Well, I got here in the same

Well, I got here in the same way as everybody else. I was looking for the app and could not find it anywhere. I just installed SS2 and the iphone arm/disarm capabilities were the major player in making me choose the alarm system. Using the browser is definitely not an option for me, since I would have to enter the house first to take my reading glasses to use the browser. I was really hoping for an app with basic ON and OFF buttons to make my life easier, not having to use the browser. As for now, when I enter from the garage (which is also pretty dark), I have the basic 30 seconds to run up 2 floors to where the keypad is, which I mostly never make it being also 8 month-pregnant. So, I agree with the false advertisement and am really not happy about how the development is going.
I really thought simplisafe was a cool alarm system and started recommending it to my friends, but I just stopped doing it and actually started complaining about it. I'll give it another couple of week to see if they make it change my mind, but then I think the BBB complain would be a must.

I might be spoiled by SS

I might be spoiled by SS after coming off 10+ years with Brinks and ADT but SS2 works fine (tough start but fine now) and OLC works as advertised. Chrome on my iphone is not perfect but works and some of the statements here seem a bit extreme. If its such a deal breaker, return the system under the 60 day warranty - or wait for the iphone app like I will.

I want a mobile app just like

I want a mobile app just like everyone else, but the BBB threats are a little harsh. Keep in mind that this is a small company with a solution that enables the consumer. It is nice to have a option like SimpliSafe versus the cheap box store alarm solutions or the expensive traditional alarm company solutions. Writing complaints to the BBB just damages the reputation of a great startup trying to compete with the giants in the alarm industry, who have been jacking their customers for years.

I do agree the phone image on the web site is misleading but I do not believe this was intentional. I am looking forward to an app for my phone and I am disappointed there isn't one yet, but my satisfaction with the SimpliSafe products and service out way my disappointment with not having the app.

You should also consider that the fact that SimpliSafe has NOT removed the complaints listed in their forums. Do you think any of the other companies would let customers openly complain about their products and services on their web site? This forum is open to anyone on the web to read which tells me they are not trying to hide or mislead anyone.

Last point, if you are trying to use you phone's web browser to enable and disable the alarm, in lieu of the keypad, you should get one of the keychain remotes instead.

It was the picture of the app

It was the picture of the app with the SS2 on the comparison chart that led me to purchase it. I setup my alarm system today, and no app. Whomever created the image on that page with the big button controls on the iphone had the right idea.

Is there the ability to have

Is there the ability to have additional email logins and passwords tied to the account for multiple smartphone users since the app is not available?

Same for me. Sounds like a

Same for me. Sounds like a broken record. I saw the big buttons, made up my mind, ordered, PAID FOR IT, received, installed, found out no app.

SAD.... Only mistake so far with a perfect plan, execution, everything.


My View of Everything:

My View of Everything:

Wow, everyone is harsh. I did start this thread because I was upset about the lack of an app but it has gotten quite angry. I am not trying to let SimpliSafe off the hook but remember must of us have systems with them because ADT and other companies were absolutely horrendous. Remember the three year contract at $45 a month plus the over priced cost of extra components and features.

Yes, I did upgrade with the understanding that the next day I was going to be able to download 'an app for that'. As we all know that did not work out as any of us has hoped. That being said we seem to be allowing one negative outweigh a lot of positives and the good will SimpliSafe has provided its customers with. I looked long and hard before choosing SimpliSafe a few years back and I can tell you no other company comes close to the reasonable pricing for components and monitoring in addition to the 60 day return policy and 3 year warranty on components.

While I am not sure about other companies customer service has been nothing short of amazing; no long waits or complicated automated menu systems to speak to a live person from the US and not India. Also when there is an issue they attempt basic trouble shooting and if that fails they typically overnight a replacement part at their expense. No I am not trying to say they are perfect, but so far they have been quite impressive.

I think part of the issue is, we as the consumer, want more features/products and when we get a glimpse of them we want them as soon as possible. In an otherwise flawless launch of a product upgrade, they did make it clear that the additional features will roll out over the rest of 2012. I think must of us, like myself, want everything now. We do have to give SimpliSafe some credit for the plethora of positives as opposed to launching attacks and treating to call the BBB or take other unwarranted actions due to a few predictable and forward negatives. After all if you are unhappy you have 60 days to return the system for a full refund.

Finally, no I do not work for SimpliSafe nor do I have any connection with anyone there outside of being a customer for a few years. I do feel somewhat reasonable for opening a thread on this form that differs so greatly from my view of the company.

People need a little cheese

People need a little cheese with all their whine. I have no problem temporarily using my mobile browser to access the Control Panel for a few months while an application is in development. Big deal. Compare SS to any of the "big" companies and you all would have a lot more to complain about if you were stuck in a contract with anybody else. Reminds me of many of the "Kickstarter" projects I've backed over the past several years. People coming out of the woodwork to whine/complain anytime something isn't right on time or absolutely perfect. It's a wonder how they make it through their daily lives...

I could have not said it

I could have not said it better myself. Bravo Tim!

Hey, they are working on it.

Hey, they are working on it. I came here too becuase I couldnt find an APP for my IPHONE4S.

I'm sure the APP won't be too far away. You can just use your browser until then, not really a big deal.

I am happy with the system, just got it installed tonight.

They beat the competetion hands down so far.

Waiting to see how the monitoring works next.

Has anyone at SimpliSafe

Has anyone at SimpliSafe actually tried to use the web interface on a mobile device? It's horrid. (The PIN entry, for example, is a game of hide-and-seek.) C'mon, if you can't cough up an actual app, at least make an effort to make your website more mobile friendly.

@ bb_1 Thanks for posting!

@ bb_1

Thanks for posting! Our application for the system will be released soon! Stay tuned!

Ryan K.
SimpliSafe Buglar Alarms

Do we know yet what devices

Do we know yet what devices the apps will be made available for yet? I'm hoping for a windows phone 7/8 app and a windows 8 app.

+1 for the Windows Phone /

+1 for the Windows Phone / Windows 8 apps.

I'm pretty sure everyone here that wants a smartphone app would at least settle for an ACTUAL mobile website, not just logging into the clunky desktop website on a mobile phone. That's not an acceptable solution and SimpliSafe shouldn't pitch it as such. Actually on that note, there was a reply earlier that suggested you log in to the desktop website using your mobile phone and saving the password in the browser. I would REALLY like to stress to people NOT TO FOLLOW THAT SUGGESTION! There's a HUGE security hole in that method!!

Say your phone gets stolen and someone looks in your browser bookmarks. What's that? Simplisafe? Even better... the username and password are cached. If they log in they can see your safe word in case the alarm trips, or even see/add/change your pin numbers. On top of that, your address is right there at the top! What are the chances that something like this happens? Probably pretty low, but at the same time it is a pretty glaring security hole and I SimpliSafe should not recommend that method to users.

Finally, I just recently bought a SS2 system thinking it would have some sort of smartphone control. Let's be honest here - there is no acceptable solution. Logging into a desktop website is a hack at best. I've since been reading around in these forums quite a bit and there's evidence of SS reps saying "coming soon" 1-2 YEARS before a product is actually released. We're being told that the smartphone apps / mobile website are coming soon. As a new customer, how can I believe that when there's no track record to back it up? I've got about 30 days left in my trial period and I'm in the middle of looking into alternatives, as the smartphone control was a big deal for me (especially with the keypad not being able to tell you that the "Front Door" sensor is open and not just "Sensor 12345A" is open).

I understand that development takes time, but is there any way we might be able to get any sort of assurance that this product will actually be released in a timelely manner (and by timely I mean within the next 30-60 days)? I'm okay with waiting a little while longer, but I'm really tempted to take my money elsewhere if "soon" actually means 18 months.

I just got my system up and

I just got my system up and running today, and was very happy with the ease of setup. But I have to say that I was genuinely disappointed as I tried in vain to find an app that I was certain already existed. It was the whole reason I opted for the SS2 in the first place. And I agree with what's been said above... in that trying to utilize the website on my phone to control the system is awkward at best. Please please give us something soon.

I was surprised to not find a

I was surprised to not find a SimliSafe app as well. I saw the picture of the iphone with what looked like a custom app. I see that back in June, it was estimated that it would be a few months...well, it's been a few months...is it releasing in August? Last update I see is from July 27 saying "soon".

I did the online chat

I did the online chat recently (was the week of August 13th, but don't remember the exact date) and here is what I was told:

Android App is due out by the end of the month
iPhone App to follow "later"

No word on Blackberry or Windows Phone apps, however I was told that they were HTML5 apps so "they should work." Not sure what that means with regards to actually having something published to either of those app stores but hopefully it means that Simplisafe is at least creating a REAL mobile website.

We've got 2 weeks left in August - let's see if they can deliver.

It'd also be awesome to be

It'd also be awesome to be able to arm or disarm the system via sms, but first things first i suppose. Hopefully the android app comes out sooner rather than later.