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Is motion sensing incompatible with pets?

First, is there no forum search function?

I can find no guidance on configuring the two motion sensors I have for small kitties. I called technical NO support, but was only informed my cell signal was low. Why the heck do I have to call to find this out, the phone app should display this information along with WiFi signal strength, but I digress.

As a SS newbie coming from a traditional alarm system I find many SS features and behaviors a welcome technological advance, both with regard to the hardware and user interface. The apparent total lack of truly informed technical support, and a technically bare web site suggests a company unfortunately focused primarily on slick marketing.

Maybe I just don't know were to look. Please SS, direct me to the proper locations. Is your system with motion sensing pet compatible??


Welcome to the dysfunctional

Welcome to the dysfunctional no-forum-search-option forum and non-existent online support manuals/chat/FAQs section!

The search function was removed a year+ ago and despite our begging, pleading and screaming, we're reduced to using the following - go to google and type in the search box:

site:simplisafe.com/forum motion sensors and pets

If you have SS3, the motions sensors seem to be even more sensitive to pets' motions/actions than SS2 sensors. Users have generally discovered that placing them upside down on the wall at least 5 feet up (may need to be higher in specific situations if your little ones like to jump up onto things) - and setting the sensitivity level button to low or medium and testing them before you set them to arm. Another option is to temporarily set them to "secret alert" when testing them for a few days so that you only get SMS/text messages if they trigger an alarm - no dispatch will be sent. Some users opt to purchase the simplicams so that if they get a secret alert, they can check their cameras to see what caused a trigger and if it was in fact a pet.

The reasoning of positioning the motion sensors upside down: the view angle will be outward and upward to detect a human but not a pet at floor level. They are "heat sensors", but they will detect heat signatures from nearly any size pet and of course, their motion.

If you place them upside right, the view will be outward and downward, so you'll get a ton of false alarms when the kitties have their jolts of crazy when you're not home :)

You can check your WiFi strength using your keypad: Go to Menu > (enter your PIN) > System Settings > scroll to Diagnostics > scroll to WiFi (ex, RSSI - 65db). When done, press the Menu button to exit, your base station will announce "Off" (if you have voice/sound enabled on your base station).

If you find that your sensors are slow to react, or any other issues, your cell signal may be weak or there could be interference with wiring, other gadgets, etc in the environment - in that event, try moving your base station slightly, make sure it is close to a window (but out of sight), or call SS to troubleshoot. Lastly, if you have SS3 and were sent a Vodafone base station module but think Verizon in your area might have better coverage/signal strength, call SS and ask them if you can get a Verizon module to replace in your base station.

Thank you, that's all very

Thank you, that's all very useful, especially the base station info!

I do have SS3 sensors and will play with them some. I was hoping a more tech based system would include some smarts to learn and eliminate pet triggers. I'm not familiar with what the motion sensor output looks like, but have played a bit with machine learning/recognition in video feeds. Maybe video is a better motion sensor in the end. I do have one camera in my SS system, however I get the impression it's not as tightly integrated as are the other sensors.

It's not a forum if it's unsearchable, more of a tech support chat function, which would be fine if there were technically descriptive documents with both basic and power user topics for specific issues.

Thanks again for your post!

I have some IP security

I have some IP security cameras with various detection schemes...motion, tripwire, facial recognition, etc. They cost quite a bit more than a SS camera and certainly are not foolproof in regard to detection of unintended targets.

Frankly, while unintended alarms probably can be reduced with the suggestions given, the point of motion detectors is to detect motion. If you make them blind enough, so to speak, to eliminate all unintentional triggers my concern is whether they remain capable of doing their intended function with high confidence.

If you make them blind

If you make them blind enough, so to speak, to eliminate all unintentional triggers my concern is whether they remain capable of doing their intended function with high confidence.

You bring up a good point that I had not previously pondered. At what point do the Motion Sensors, because of installation/placement modification, become unnecessary (due to trying to make it work with pets and a lack of reliability as a result)? In such instances, it might be better to focus on a different configuration of sensors to rely upon and rule out Motion Sensors.

I suppose it all comes down to how accurate they become after making them work with members of the family with four legs. I have a family member (a different household) with a cat. Although they have motion sensors, they only arm them when the feline is not at home (e.g., periods away such as getaways or vacations). Otherwise, they rely on layered sensors of all types minus the motion due to the possibility of false alarms (and subsequently, fines). Sure they can configure them to [maybe] work, but it also may not be successful.

Some users never have issues - I honestly have had very few over the last 4+ years with both systems. But due to the posts with problems you see appear every day, I stay away from the cameras (I have a different brand, independent of the system that has been reliable for years). And if I had a pet/pets, I would not have my Motion Sensors. I would try to make them work, and if I continued to leave and get the number of false alarms some report, I would remove them/disable them from my system. They would only become active when the pet(s) was/were away.

Some of you have great patience.

(Who am I kidding, if something does not work, I do not give up until it does. Sort of like resetting the Base Station at nearly 4 AM this past Saturday morning)

Hello everyone) There is a

Hello everyone) There is a simple but dumb question. Is it possible to trimer for a dog (on the website it is written that for a dog) can it be used on a cat?
I have two pets, a Labrador and a Turkish van.

The motion sensor is more or

The motion sensor is more or less a heat detector. People, dogs, cats, sunlight, etc. all create heat that may trigger the sensor.

The basic premise for pets, dog or cat, is you have to mount the sensor in such a way and lower sensitivity of the sensor so it does not "see" and react to the unintended source of heat.

There are many suggestions on the forum, unfortunately lack of a good search tool makes it harder than it should be.

I suggest using Google's advanced search with simplisafe.com/forum specified as the URL/site to search.

Remember, the differences

Remember, the differences between your pets. Your lab might not be too rambunctious in your home while you're away, but if your kitty (beautiful breed, by the way!), is young and energetic, as most cats will, they'll bounce on the furniture, look out windows, jump and climb on things when you're away - it's for this reason that many users put the motion sensor at least 5 feet up the wall, and turn it upside down, so that the sensor's "view" is at a 45-degree angle, straight outward and upward. If you put the sensor right-side-up, then the view will be 45-degrees, outward and downward. Use the upside down option for pets.

On the other hand, your lab might be a rambunctious pup, or, lab and kitty are best buddies and strive for crazy throughout the day together (play/activity, etc) :)

Either way, test them first via user-initiated tests from your keypad.

We have a dog and two cats

We have a dog and two cats and although we mounted the sensor fairly high, it does pick the dog up sometimes and if the cat jumps on the counter in the right spot, it has been triggered. We just use it on secret alert now so it basically gives our Simplicam a wider range of detection since they’re in the same room. All windows and doors have entry sensors so we aren’t relying on motion to detect an intruder.

I think we all just responded

I think we all just responded to a spammer or troll (his/her embedded link). If not, he/she has the opportunity to deny it and then I'd apologize for assuming.

I'm not a spammer =c

I'm not a spammer =c

Hah...I didn't follow the

Hah...I didn't follow the link until now. Presumed it was "trimer" in regard to trimming/tuning to work for dog or cat and that the link would just go to the sensor information, not literally to a trimmer/clipper, LOL.

bugetdzhukovski, if you're

bugetdzhukovski, if you're not a spammer, what's your question(s) regarding simplisafe? SS doesn't sell pet hair trimmers.