"Keypad out of range" base station and keypad 5 feet apart

I'm getting a keypad out of range display everytime I try to access anything on the display.

Tried numerous outlets and base station distances as low as 2 feet from keypad and still get "keypad out of range" everytimeI try to do anything on keypad. I'm guessing I have a problem.....................?

You may want to check that

You may want to check that your keypad is correctly programmed into your system. Launch the easy setup wizard software on your keychain remote and check that the serial # listed there for your keypad matches the serial # on the bottom of your keypad. If not, that's your problem! You can just update it, save, and sync to the base station.

I just received the hardware

I just received the hardware today. I have this problem too. I checked the Sensor # of the key pad matching to the software settings. I still have the "out of range" problem. Unless your guys have the sensor # wrong on the key pad.

Sorry to hear about this --

Sorry to hear about this -- it sounds like there may have been a problem with fulfilling a few orders recently. Customer support will follow up with you to fix these problems. Please be sure to contact us if you're running into any issues like this.


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Height sometimes plays a

Height sometimes plays a role in this with mine... My base station is maybe 8 feet away, but if it's on the floor, I would get the keypad out of range message (even though there's a clear line of sight to it). But if I set it up on a table, then it's ok. YMMV but give that a shot...

I got this too, and then

I got this too, and then moved the base station to the same room/vesttibule entrance. Not ideal for security, but it works now.

No, you shouldn't need to

No, you shouldn't need to put the Keypad in the same room as the Base Station. Depending on the construction of the home, you should be able to get 50-100 feet separation, even through walls. We have plenty of customers who put them on separate floors of their house without problem. I'll ask customer support to follow up with you, as it sounds like you've had a couple issues with your installation.


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I, too, just received my

I, too, just received my system and only see a "keypad out of range" error message. I don't even think the base system is working properly. It is plugged into a functioning outlet, yet there is no blue light, no voice commands, nothing... Please advise!!!!!!!!!!

If you're not hearing any

If you're not hearing any voice prompts or seeing a blue light, the Base Station probably hasn't powered on yet. It needs to receive power from the power adapter to start up (after that it can function on the backup batteries, once they're charged up, for several days). If it's plugged in to a working outlet (not on a switch!) then there might be a problem with the power adapter. If that's the case, please contact customer support so we can get you a new one ASAP.


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Is there a way to increase

Is there a way to increase the range of the base station, such as an external antenna option? I'm having a hard time getting all my sensors to respond reliably ever since I ordered a bunch more sensors from you... It's usually one or two that's always just out of range (they will trigger chimes, but often the base station can't detect when they're closed or would give the occasional "sensor is not responding" error). I move the base station around, and those are within range, but then another one would be out of range... Sometimes the sensor can be just a few feet away and it would give that error too until I move the base station around.

There are some odd locations in the house that seems to work better, but they're not in the most ideal locations.

Any suggestions?

I am getting the out of range

I am getting the out of range information... the base station is working but when i went to activate it states incorrect serial number.......I am leaving on a 3 week trip out of state tommorow morning.... Is there anything I can do?

I got the "keypad out of

I got the "keypad out of range" message twice. But then I figured out that both times I had my keychain in my hand as I was pushing the buttons on the keypad. On my keychain is an electronic access fob for my gym that I go to. It's probably an RFID tag. If i put down the keychain with the gym fob then I never get the error. It must interfere. So no big deal; i just keep other electronic tags away from the keypad. Seems if it's within a couple of inches, I get the error. Nothing wrong with the system.

I have been getting the

I have been getting the "Keypad out of Range" message a lot more often lately. And my keypad/station have not moved one inch at all in months. :-(

I noticed if my arm is "between" the keypad and the base station (in the direct line of site from the two) while I am using the keypad, I get the error almost always. But if I make sure there is nothing in "line of sight" between the keypad and the base station, it almost always works fine.

They are only 5 feet apart. Is the signal that weak that it cannot penetrate my hand/arm if it's "in the way"?

@shawn That certainly sounds


That certainly sounds as if it's malfunctioning, the range is much greater than what you're describing. What may be occurring is that the signals are overpowering at that short range. Try further than 10 feet and see if this clears the error.

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Will, I have to keep them


I have to keep them where they are at. My phone lines/power access is at that point, no other point. If I move it further away, I'll lose dedicated backup phone line access.

I have to admit, I'm just about ready to cancel and have another company come out and install an alarm for me. I know it will cost me, but these issues are really annoying:

- Keypad out of range (all the time - works fine one time, doesn't work another).

- Sensor stickies falling off the wall - I have to super glue them to get them to stay.

- Motion Sensor defective, it picks up our two 10lbs cats, no matter what - we've tried your "tricks", no luck. (Upside down, different heights, etc.)

- Today I had to enter our Master Pin code FIVE TIMES to get it to accept it. It just kept beeping, beeping.... five times it took me entering it for it to say "Alarm Off"

Seriously, I know the price is great, but with these issues... I'm just not so sure.


I just installed the system

I just installed the system last night and had the same problem with "Keypad out of range". I tried everything above including confirming the serial number on the keypad and the wizard (it was a match). I also moved my RFID proxy card out of range and tried numerous locations and heights. I think I finally have it resolved but the keypad is within 3 ft of the base on the opposite side of the wall. Time will tell if I really came up with a solution. Regrettably, I was expecting a lot more range and a different location than I have now.

I also just installed my

I also just installed my system, and am getting an intermittent "Keypad out of range" error message. The keypad and base station are about 20 feet apart from one another, on the same floor. Please advise.

@hrh The Keypad will issue a


The Keypad will issue a Keypad out of range error when:
1) The Keypad is too close to the Base Station; try more than 12 feet away.
2) The Keypad is too far from the Base Station; try moving it closer, but not within 12 feet.
3) There is a major obstruction between the Keypad and the Base Station; try moving it away from thick concrete walls.
4) The Keypad needs to be refreshed; slide the Keypad off of its backing and remove one battery and then put the battery back in.
5) The batteries are low; have you tried replacing the batteries?
6) Somehow the serial number for the Keypad was changed; from the Manage Components screen on the SimpliSafe Easy Setup Wizard make sure the sensor number on the bottom of the Keypad matches the Keypad sensor number on the Manage Components screen.

If none of these common troubleshooting steps will fix the error than we will be more than happy to troubleshoot the error further by phone or e-mail.

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Will, Apparently humidity or

Apparently humidity or temperature has an effect too. I started getting keypad out of range issues after using it for 10 months same location about 8 feet away through two inside walls (10 feet away around the corner) with no problems until the July heat/humidity. I think it was Dave that recommended I move it further away. Unfortunately it is not in the ideal location but I have had no keypad errors since.
Off topic but I thought I would let you know my experience with backup battery.
When I lost power for 4 days I decided to replace the 4 AA rechargeable in the base before they went dead. To my surprise it would not turn on with fresh batteries. Put the old ones back in ... nothing. Had to drive to folks house who had power then plug base in at their house which reset the unit. Then I drove back home and everything was fine running on battery power for another two + days (much stronger Energizer NiMh than what comes with the unit). A bit inconvenient but it worked.

I received a replacement

I received a replacement keychain fob. I am trying to remove the old one and add the new one so I can return the old one to SImpli Safe. But, i do not know how to get the component info on to the new fob so I will be able to manage the components after I return it. If I stick the new fob into the base station I get the message to enter pin on keypad but get a "key pad out of range" error message on the key pad...

Sigh... frustrating...Any insight as to how to fix it?

I stuck a piece of mylar

I stuck a piece of mylar between the keypad and the mounting bracket and my "out of range" issues went away for the most part. I'm only about 17 feet away but it sees that my arm in front of the keypad would cause the issue. I needed to stand off to one side. With the mylar, it seems to work 99% of the time even when I stand directly in front of it. Hope this helps.

@ 2avoidspammail Thanks for

@ 2avoidspammail

Thanks for posting! We apologize for any frustration. When the keypad is asking for the pin number, have you tried walking around with the keypad entering in your pin number? If not, try it out and see if this helps you out.

If this doesn't seem to work, call us at 1-888-957-4675 so we may further troubleshoot over the phone.

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What about for those of us

What about for those of us with Macs? The software on the keychain is PC only. To which I add, "Boo on that!"

@ info_391 Thanks for

@ info_391

Thanks for posting! The software on the keychain also runs on MAC operating systems. If you are having trouble getting it running properly, give us a call and I'm sure we can help get it resolved!

Ryan K.
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Check for other wireless

Check for other wireless transmitting items in the home. After 3 months with the S2 error free, I began receiving Keypad Out of Range errors. I tried every possible solution I could find on the web and worked with customer support with no success. After doing some research on my own within my home, I found my 2-way radio set on the base charging but all lights on ( appeared to be transmitting). I turned off the set and that resolved the problem. Not sure if it's a good thing that I found the issue, or a bad thing that something so small could cause an issue with a home security system. Nevertheless, all is working now. by the way, the " Audiovox Two-Way Radio" was the component.

@dw1696 Thank you for


Thank you for sharing! Glad to hear you were able to find out what was causing the interference and get it up and running again!

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I had the exact same issue

I had the exact same issue with an Audiovox FRS charging station. Fortunately the sensors were still communicating properly, it seemed to only affect the keypad.

Just got my alarm and was

Just got my alarm and was really excited about it, however as soon as I installed it I got this key pad out of range error. I live in a condo, everywhere is within range. Then I called for some tech support and the company is closed, I would think that an alarm company would have people available 24/7 considering its for people's safety and VERY important to them.

I am also a chromebook user and the fob remote is incompatible with it, also very disappointing.

With a name like Simplisafe I would think it was simple and safe, but after purchasing and attempting to install the system does not seem simple or safe. My old alarm company was only 5 bucks more a month but had to be hardwired, I went with this when I moved thinking it would be a better option but so far I am not impressed. Not to mention the troubleshooting suggestion is a joke, I moved it all over my house and it still does not pick it up.

Please fix this issue.

@flip1788 Thanks for writing.


Thanks for writing. I'm sorry to hear that you're having difficulty with your installation. We'd be happy to help you get up and running! Please give us a call!

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i had this issue and it

i had this issue and it turned out to be a defective keypad. simplisafe sent me a new keypad and after resetting the base (as mentioned above) upon installation of the new keypad, everything works great.

I'm having the same issue. I

I'm having the same issue. I got my new alarm system today, plugged my base station in and that is working fine. Then when I went to power up my key pads both are saying "out of range." I have tried everything from unplugging the base and removing the batteries, removing the batteries in the keypad, replacing the batteries in the keypad, checking to make sure the serial # matches. Everything! I bought this system so I could install it myself and it works with the Nest Protects and Thermostats I have in the house. Please someone help!

@leanne.fortune It looks like


It looks like you were able to work with a representative regarding this matter. Please let us know if you need any help and we'd be happy to help you out!

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Having the same problem.

Having the same problem. Tried moving the keypad around, batteries in keypad and base station, power cycling. Nothing. Searched on google and it seems that a lot of people are having or have had these issues? What gives?

@andrew_72 Thanks for writing


Thanks for writing in. Every customer's set up is different, due to their individual houses, the construction of their homes etc. where they position their systems, etc. Consequently, some may see this error, though many do not. We're always happy to work with you to figure out the best place to keep your keypad so it meets your needs and communicates with your system. I would recommend giving our customer service team a call so we can work with you to quickly get this sorted out!

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I have the same issue with

I have the same issue with anyone else. 2-3 weeks ago I get a message in the keypad "No Link to Dispatcher" this is like an intermittent issues then this weekend i started to get another message in the keypad "Keypad out of range" until right now.

Tried all the options to fix it but no luck. This is getting frustrating, considering if you are paying for the monitoring.

Also, send an email to Simplisafe Support to no reply until now.


@talledors It looks like your


It looks like your email was responded to on the 11th, but it doesn't look like you've called in quite yet. For issues like this there could be several factors causing you trouble, so we always recommend giving us a call to troubleshoot. You can reach us at 1-888-957-4675.

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Tried everything. They sent

Tried everything. They sent me a new keypad free of charge and shipping. Same thing keypad out of range. What a waste of time. Tried unplugging wifi taking out batteries from both base unit and keypad and replacing... nothing. Nothing has been moved, no obstructions have been added. Keypad and base station just "randomly" shortened their range and failed to communicate. Fix this! What did you do to the base station simplisafe??? Fix it.

@sangalange I know you posted


I know you posted this in several places, so I want to make sure you're able to see my response. I am having a supervisor reach out to you to resolve this.

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Can someone over at

Can someone over at simplisafe please send another base station to me?

I called many times and only got one pickup after a 25 min wait. none of my emails have been responded to as well.

I've been given an RMA since I kept getting keypad out of range after walking 10-15 feet away, even in line of site from the base station. The same with all the sensors and they wouldn't communicate after that range.

In any case, instead of returning the whole thing, I figure I'd give it one last shot with a new base station..if only they would respond! Seems like this company is just like their sensors...always out of range.

@dancowen I'll have a


I'll have a supervisor reach out to you to help you out.

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I, it seems, like many others

I, it seems, like many others have issues with the keypad not accepting the master code. It's kind of like it is asleep. A single entry was usually the case. Now, however, it seems like we need to enter the master code multiple times. New batteries and the system is sync'd. What gives ?

Just got my new system and

Just got my new system and its saying out of range. I changed the batteries and still nothing... how can tech support for an alarm company be closed? Im off to a bad start and Im so ready to say to hell with it and get my money back. I better get a call ASAP or you can have your system back. Very Very Very unhappy NEW CUSTOMER.

Oh BTW I use Chromebook and guess what its doesnt seem to be compatible...

All tech support for all

All tech support for all alarm companies are closed off shift. SS has the longest tech support hours in the industry.

I'm getting the same thing.

I'm getting the same thing. Keypad out of range regardless how close the keypad is to the base station. I've changed batteries without seeing success. Brand new customer and system. Not impressed.

@jwmcpeak SS now. They are

@jwmcpeak SS now. They are open until midnight M-F eastern and are open right now. Have my system 5+ years and works fine. Also use the search tool to find posts to assist and this thread.

Boy did I goof up. Installed

Boy did I goof up. Installed system right out of box 4 weeks ago and almost everything worked great - except Keychain remote would not arm or disarm remotely. Simplisafe sent new keychain remote. Installed it and have received Out of Range Message on Keypad every since and nothing works. They sent me a new keypad and I installed it today. Still Out of Range Message and nothing works. Have tried removing batteries to reset base station, re-entering serial # of components, removing batteries from keypad. When I put keychain remote in base station, it says it is a new keychain remote and to enter my passcode - I do, but it goes back immediately to Out of Range. Have moved the keypad around, the basestation around - still Out of Range. I was so impressed 4 weeks ago, that I ordered extra components & now I think I have made a big mistake. Can't get through to Customer Service - have waited and waited.

@josweitzer, whenever i read

@josweitzer, whenever i read the "waited and waited" comments in the forums, I often pick up the phone to try myself. In this instance, 25 minutes after the hour and waited, according to my non Gucci watch (a no name brand) about 45 seconds from the time I hit #2 for support and heard "Hi, my name is Domenic at SS, how may I help you?"

Try phoning again. They are open until midnight tonight, eastern.